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A clear change had appeared on the Sir Aerons face, unlike last time where one has to look carefully to see the change in sir Aerons face, this one simple look would be enough.

Ramon is very clear seeing a clear change in Sir Aeron’s face, not only Sir Aerons face is Marquess but he is also one of the people he knows who could conceal their emotions best but he is still being affected.

The change is not on his face either but below as well, one could spot the clear swell in the pants of Sir Aeron.

Though there is a physical indication, there is not a slight sound that came out of Sir Aeron. It is clear that he is still very much in control, just that the feeling of extreme orgasm is a little overwhelming and quite enjoyable if he could open his eyes and act normal, the orgasm he is feeling will not have much effect on his thinking.

“Your right, her Carnal Bloodline is really powerful. No one below Count stage could think straight while having such an orgasm.” Sir Aeron remarked as he opened his eyes. The changes had completely disappeared as he again gained his poker face.

“That was the half-power the Extreme Orgasm, I was only able to record the Bodily Pleasure, the one came from the soul is too difficult for my current ability,” said Trevor.

A change of expression occurs on the faces of both Ramon and Sir Aeron’s face, though it quickly disappeared, one could still see the shine in the Ramons eyes.

“How’s your trauma, did the sex helped?” Ramon asked seriously, this is the main question that he had been wanting to ask. The High-level Carnal Bloodline is known for healing emotional trauma.

It is this ability which makes them so special, if not for it they would be just very very good whores.

“The sex helped a lot, especially that extreme orgasm it had drowned that trauma which had been impeding my progress.”

“I am now confident in Leveling Up to Count,” said Trever, a very big smile had appeared on his face when he said that.

He had been plagued by the trauma for years, if not for that he would have been in Count Level. Unlike the Viscount level where one’s energy has to be pure enough to level up, it is very different when one has to reach the Count Level or above.

Not only one needs very purity of energy, one needs to have emotional stability among many other things and one has to meet all those conditions before one could initiate level up to the Count or above levels.

“Thank You, Trevor the information you provided would be really helpful,” said Ramon.

Hearing that Trevor knew it was his time to leave, he wanted to ask for one more night but he didn't dare to. He is getting one chance is more than enough, not only he got his trauma resolved but he also got to record extreme orgasm.

With the extreme orgasm recorded, he won’t ever have to worry about satisfying any woman anymore, instead, women will come to him once they tasted the extreme orgasm, Trevor thought happily as he left the Cabin.

“The Bloodline is more powerful than we have imagined.” Said Ramon, there is happiness in Ramon’s eyes but there is also little worry that could be seen in his eyes.

“You should inform your father and also work hard in your progress, only then you will be able to keep her.”

“The girl door to the wealth and power but you have to be powerful enough to keep her otherwise someone in the family will take her from you,” said Sir Aeron.

“I know uncle Aeron.” Said Ramon.

This is the second day of the refining and the result is a little satisfactory than yesterday but still falls short on my target.

We will reach the Northern Command by late morning tomorrow and I want to refine the whole energy by then but my current speed is lagging. If I kept refining in this lagging speed then I may not be able to refine the energy whole before we reached the Command.

So, if I have to refine it in the time, I will have to bear the torture that is above my limit, it will be like walking on the edge of sanity.

If the walking edge of sanity will require me to finish the task in time, so be it. I will walk on it and finish it in record time.

Gritting my teeth I started to collect the energy and did not stop even when I had reached the limit and kept collecting, I had kept collecting till I had collected the double of what I can handle.

Damn heavy!

I thought as I started to lift the big ball of energy, it was damn heavy that I was barely able to lift it a little. Seeing that I started to apply more and more force than external I started bleeding from my eyes and nose.

I was finally able to lift the ball of energy and now slowly moving it towards my magic veins.


I screamed loudly as I finally was able to make the ball of energy reach my veins and just as I did that I felt one of the most intense pain I’ve ever felt, I had nearly lost my consciousness after feeling such torturous pain.

I quickly got hold of myself and started to circulate that ball of energy before it started to do irreversible damage to my magic veins.


I circulated while kept screaming in pain, it was a good thing there was an Isolation formation in the cabin otherwise I would have woken up the whole damn airship with my screams.

If one could take a look at me now they will find thousands of thin bloody lines appearing on every part of my body before all of them got healed but only to appear next moment again and the weird thing about all this that no a single drop of blood flowed out of the thousands of wounds.

Time passed by and from the morning night appeared and then late night, this time I had not taken a step outside my bed, I kept crazily refining and finally able to refine all the mana when there was barely an hour to dawn.

“45th Sequence of Refining!” I muttered as I finally opened my eyes.

Now with the purity of Energy that 45th Sequence gave me, I become capable of using the 2nd mode of Battlesuit without straining myself and now if that Elite Knight Orc came in front of me, I have more than fifty percent chance to kill it.


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