When I come to myself, I found myself still pistoning inside her mouth, and she like a good little lover, still enjoying my cock like this is the only thing she needed for her to survive.

I let her have her fun with my cock before I flipped her again and now she standing in front of me, licking whatever cum she has on her lips.

Seeing her do that such erotic action, I found my cock, which had to loosen a little, became hard as a rock again. Well, it may be ready and but I still need a minuits or two before I became ready for another round.

Seeing she licking her lips again for any cum drops, I kissed her squarely on the mouth. When our mouths met, I thought as if the explosion happened inside our mouth. The two distinct tastes that were present in our mouth exploded when they came to contact with one another.

It is like kerosine coming contact with the fire, so just second after kiss started it became intense, so intense we literally pasted agast each other and started kissing her hungrily.

To get closer contact, I lifted her and her legs straddled across my waist. Our kiss became even more intense than we were literally feasting on my mouth if anyone looked at they will just cum seeing us, that is how erotic we looked.

We kept kissing without care for anything, our lust had completly overridden us and kissing is the only thing that seemed to give us any relief.

As the second passed, I could feel my cock is getting harder and now is massaging across her pussy which gave us even more stimulus to kiss even more hungrily.

We were completly lost in the kissing when she suddenly pulled her mouth apart which surprised me very much.

“Love, I can’t wait for any longer, fill my pussy with your big cock and erase all the memories of old man’s tiny cock with it,” she said.

Hearing the lined that I had so carefully written utter by erotic mouth, made my cock even harder.

“Dont worry darling, today I am going wipe all memories of Old man’s man small you have with the big cock of mine!” I said as I lifted her a little and placed my cock at the entrance of her wet pussy.

‘She is really wet!’ I thought as I saw her glistering folds, seeing them this wet I felt my confidence rise as I slowly pierced my cock into her very tight but pussy.


We both muttered in unison as my cock entered her pussy, I felt I am in heaven as the walls of her tight pussy pressing my cock in all the right places, I am sure that even if I didnt move, her still pussy could still make me cum in few minuits.

“Darling fucks me, fuck me till you erase all the memories of that old man, fuck me till I lost all sense of reality,” she said, half of the line is mine but the other half is thought by her own which I love absolutely.


Her words had a light fire all over my body, the moment I capture her mouth mine and take out my cock out of her pussy before I thurst it in a full force which lets out a big muffled moan out her.

After the first thrust, I started to thrust into her again and the pleasure I will have with each thrust will increase will give me pleasure more than before. Every time my cock will enter her, it will be pressed by all sort of places which light the spark of pleasure inside me.

Seeing the pleasure increasing with every thrust, I did not hold back and started to trust with my all and the pleasure I kept having me is heavenly.

If not for us kissing hungrily while fucking, very loud moans would have come out of both of her mouth, still they are coming out but they are very muffled.

Chap Chap Chap…

Except for muffling moans, there is another sound that could be heard in the cabin and that is hitting of flesh, which is erotic in its way.

I broke the kiss and spun her, so she is now standing on her hands while I held her by the pelvis, this is a wheelbarrow my most favorite position. For me, it is better than the doggy style.

With her pelvis in my hands, I trusted hard and like I expected my cock went deeper than before, I did not wait even moment for thrust to her my cock to get used the deepness before pulling out and started thrusting again.

Oh God Yes Yes, Fuck Me…

This is real fucking and the moans I get from her are just as satisfying, every trust of mine would go the deepest part of her lighting fire of pleasure inside her that she would have no choice but scream.

Her moans were very loud and erotic and just hearing them enough for a man to start coming, it was a good thing there is Isolation formation cast in my room otherwise with just scheme alone she would have made half of the people in the hundred-meter area would have cum with moans alone.

I felt like more my cock is getting a little bigger every moment as with every thrust I would reach more deeper inside her.

This is heaven! I thought as I kept thrusting her for every thrust I could hear the erotic moan from her, such feeling amazing and I am going fuck her till every last bit of energy got drained from my body.

I will come soon, I thought as I found her pussy getting tighter and tighter around my dick, it is like it wants to squeeze everything I have and in return give me infinite pleasure.

Harder Harder, Fuck Me, Harder… Chap Chap Chap...

I heard her say and knew that she is very close, hearing her encouragements I started to thrust harder and harder that sound of flesh smacking became louder as her moans.


We both shouted in unison as the orgasm drowned on her and lost in orgasm I started to trust even harder as I kept filling her pussy with my cum.


The orgasm reached higher and higher till reached its peak and will about star to recede when that exact moment spark of pleasure shot through my body and soul before exploding.

Feeling the wave pleasure, I screamed out loud, and that scream took last bit of sanity from me as I became completly drowned in the wave of pleasure.

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