“Lilith, its good nothing happened to you, Master has asked me to look for you especially while I am cleaning up remaining Orcs,” Shiela said to me as she started to inspect on my body for injuries and was quite relieved when she saw none.

“You must have killed quite an Orc to get this much stuff!” said Shiela as she looked at the huge backpack on my back, a clear surprise could be heard in her voice. If she is surprised by seeing just this stuff then what her reaction would be seeing the stuff I had hidden near bodies.

“It was all due to my good luck!” I said as I started to walk with Shiela.

From what Shiela told me, her team is one of teams that ordered to clean up the Orcs that remain on the Battlefield.

“Shiela could you give me some people?” I asked Shiela, in her team, there are not only Barons but some Viscounts as well, so giving me a few Barons won’t hurt the power of her team too much.

“What for?” asked Shiela, “I have left a lot of heavy stuff and I need some people to pick them!” I answered straightforwardly.

Hearing that she looked even more surprised and gave another eye to my backpack, “You three go help Lilith collecting her stuff!” said Shiela to the three Peak Borons.

“Yes, ma’am!” said three of them in unison but I can tell they are not happy with the Order of following a Knight.

“Let’s go!” I said after I thanked Shiela for lending her men, I took a rough map I made started to follow its directions.

The map may look crude but it is very clear to me, here I noted every kill I made, so I could easily found the Orc bodies and their heavy weapons I had hidden.

One by one we started to pick up the weapons of Orcs that I had hidden, for some time the three Borons were quite gloomy but when the numbers of weapons kept piling up on their backs, their expression started the change.

When I had collected half what I had killed they started to act respectful and stopped showing the real an elite deserve, they may be apeak baron but it would take long for me surpass them in battle power.

With the number of resources, I am going to get after selling the stuff I got from killing hundreds of Orc, one month would be more than enough before I became capable enough to defeat them together.

Time passed by as we kept collecting the stuff, on the way we have come across tens of teams and hundreds of people who are either scourging for remaining Orcs or picking up the hidden stuff like me.

Most of the stuff I’ve hidden left where I hid them but some of them got stolen, I had hidden it quite deeply but some people were still able to find it.

As I nearly collected all the stuff and walking toward the remain few and I started to see the teams of body collectors collecting the bodies of Orcs.

In the war people will sell anything they obtained in the war and bodies of enemies are one of them. These bodies were either be turned into the feed for the tamed monster or they will either become nutrients for the herb garden or they may even sell them to the space beast.

These bodies are one of the valuable assets and there is ever demand for them to be used in the above three things. If we have lost the battle, orcs would have done the same things with our bodies as we are doing with them.

It took two full hours for me to collect all the stuff, one now could see the bulging backpacks of three Barons that looked bigger than them. Even for Boron, the weights of them are quite heavy.

On their back, there are about 146 axes, of the 146 axes 127 are that of Grade 1 while 19 of them were Grade 2 Artifacts. After I got the ability of the kill Baron with 40% telekinesis power, I have no qualms about showing me harvest.

Its not all my harvest, there is some Grade 2 Artifact in my storage ring, I will sell them when the time comes.

With all this stuff, I have no worries about getting the resources I need for the 2nd stage of the Arctic Snow Method.

Normally even being a near-elite, I would have taken at least two years to collect enough money that I need for the 2nd of Artic Method and that is when my luck is good but now I had collected all in the single battle.

There is a very high chance of dying in the battle but if one is a little strong and survived then one will able to accumulate enough money to fund one’s practice for a few years without worries.

After collecting everything, we started to walk toward the Camp. according to the three behind me, the big Camp had been set up somewhere near our ships had crashed.

Excluding the destroyers and few corvettes that are keeping watch in the sky, every ship hand landed on the forest including those who came as the reinforcements.


An hour later we reached the Camp and when I saw big it is, I couldnt help but gasp loudly as this does not look like a camp but a small toward.

The Camp is set up between the circle of twenty Frigate Class Airships, they have completly covered the Camp like a wall, one could see heavy security that even small animals find it very hard to infiltrate in the Camp.

Despite it being a late-night people could be seen everywhere, they are especially dense in the area where they are submitting the orc teeth, these Orc teeth are the proof of one merit, without it, the merit will not register in one’s name.

“Lilith, thank god you are safe, I was quite worried about you.” I heard a familiar voice say and next moment, I found her hugging me before letting go of the hug in the embarrassment.

It is Isabell and she looked very cute while embarrassed. I have a huge urge to kiss those juicy lips on her embarrassed face but I controlled myself barely as the time is not right.

“Did you kill that Elite Orc you were fighting?” I asked. The one Isabell was fighting was an Elite Orc which has similar battle power as hers.

“It took me a while but I was able to kill it,” Isabell said and her expression is very proud.

She has the right to be proud as she was able to kill an Elite Viscount which has similar power as her’s. Normally it is very hard to kill an opponent which has one similar power as one as he could easily run away when battle started to go out of his favor.

“Master has been asking about you, you should meet master before going into registering your merit,” Isabell advised as she entered the Camp with me.

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