Seeing its fiendish smile, I became vigilant and activated the 2nd mode in my battle suit without any hesitation.

This is a real Elite; even if it is Peak Knight, the battle power it has surpassed all the Orcs I have fought, I have to be very, very careful if I won’t survive against.

Without hesitation, I stopped confining my charm and also place my hand sword.

“Wh...what do you want!” I said little stutteringly while putting little fear on my face, this time, I did not take a step back as it is already in my range.

As long as my charm started to affect it even a bit, I will attack. Elite or no elite as long it becomes little absentminded, I will drive my knives in the gaps around its neck and kill it.


A second passed and I saw no effect on it, usually, it only takes a second for my charm to work but this Orc seemed not influenced by it as still staring at me with the weird smile.

“You must have killed quite a lot of my brothers with that charm of yours, Knights have no way to defend against it and even Baron’s will influenced by it quite much.” Stated Orc suddenly.

My heart shuddered hearing that, knights have no way to defend against my charm, only knights with the powerful bloodline or those who with Soul Protecting Artifact or both could defend against my charm.

It must have one of those things to not be affected by it.

“They are really idiots to let an owner of such precious Carnal Bloodline on the battlefield.” It said.

It Knows! I am in big trouble? I thought as I slowly placed my hand on my saber. Isabell was quite disgruntled with Ramon when he let me come to the battlefield.

She had not doubted my battle ability, she knew how good I am as she herself trained me, she was worried that if Orcs knew about my Carnal Bloodline, they would try to capture me with theirs.

As much as they are famous for their Warmongering nature, they are the same famous for their lustful nature, that is why they always kidnap a large number of people when they made a raid.

I could see clear desire and excitement in the Knight's eyes, I can clearly see it wanted to capture me with all cost.

“I’ll give you two options, either come with me on your own or I’ll make you which will be very very painful,” I stated as it came closer to.

“You are too confident!” I said as I took out my saber from my waist, it is clear that there is no choice but fight and it is not clear that I will lose if I used all my power.

“I will take you whether you want to or not.” It said and next moment, it came at me swung its ax.

Seeing its ax my heart shuddered, the attack seemed very powerful, more powerful than the attack of any Baron I had faced before.


Puh! Thud thud thud…

Our weapons clashed and I felt immense force traveling my body, some of its bore by my battle suit but more of went inside my body which immediately injured me internally that I vomited a mouthful of blood taking several steps back.

If it had been normal High Knight had been my place, it would have been very seriously injured this attack of Orc did not show any mercy, it wanted to incapacitate me with the single attack.

It looked quite surprised seeing me flying like a cannonball and crashing across the tree.

“No wonder they let you on the battlefield, even normal baron would have been very injured by this attack of mine but all you got is slight injury.” Said Orc and attacked again and this time its attack is clearly more powerful than before.

Clank! Puh...

I did not bother to wipe the blood off my mouth as I responded to its attack and it was more powerful than before but I was able to bear it, with the first attack I was able to get an estimate of its abilities and able to adjust myself for the second attack.

Carl was a very good teacher, he had explained to me quite detailedly about the Orcs fighting style, so I was bear it a little better.

Clank Clank Clank Clank…..

Its attack descended on me one by one, each stronger than the other but I kept defending against it but after a few minutes, I had really reached my limit and had to use my soul energy.

I am not using the soul energy to divert its attack, I am using it to bear it. I have created the thick cushion of the soul energy around my saber, so it could absorb some of the power of the attack and it is working.

Though I am still taking step backs and getting injured, it is still within an acceptable range.

Fifteen minutes passed by and we continued to fight and I could see the anger rising in it due to its inability to completely defeat me. It was very casual at first when it attacked me but as time passed it started to become serious and then angry.

I may not be strong as an elite but I am close to it which had let me barely defend against the attacks of the Elite.

“You looked like a butterfly that I could easily crush by the stomp of my foot but you are actually a cockroach that wouldn’t die!” said the Orc as it took back its ax.

We have been fighting intensely for fifteen minutes, so it felt quite good to stop fighting even for a second.

“You don't have to be happy, I have not used all my power in case of injuring to much but seeing how you are acting like a cockroach, I have to use my full power even if it breaks every bone of your body and leave in near-death condition!” It said.

The next moment, I felt a sharp rise in its aura and as it swung its ax, it seemed to have activated the power mode of its Battlesuit and also used whatever power it is holding back.

It is not not only one that is holding back, after sensing its battle power I too had held back something.

I swung my sword to meet it and at same time, not only I had covered my saber with my soul power and I had also covered its ax with it and I had not to hold back any my soul power.


It became shocking by seeing my soul power covering my soul power but that did not waver it as its screamed and exercised even more power on its attack.

I had already expected something like this to happen and my only focus was to lessen the power of its attack.


Our weapons clashed with the loud clang and I felt my whole body shake as injuries started to appear internally but that was all, I did not shoot out like a cannonball or became serious injuries.

Though my injuries are a little heavy, they are not enough to slow me down.

“You Bitch!” It screamed and started to the launched flurry of attacks, I also responded with the same abandon not caring about the spitting pain I am feeling due to the overexertion of my soul energy.


We both started to fight wildly not caring about any consequences, I am not only feeling the spitting pain due to overexertion of my soul power but I am also getting injured every second due to the force that traveling inside my body.

If not for me having a strong body and very good healing ability, I would have not even been able to last a single move of its crazy attacks.

Though I am getting beaten and injured in every attack, I am also learning at a very fast pace.

This is the first life and death battle I am facing and in this battle, I am giving my all earthing my hidden potential. The moves of saber that I had learned from childhood had never had a chance to go through the refinement of Blood.

Now through this battle, I am refining my battle moves, using those who are suitable while discarding those which were useless and then further polishing those moves which are suitable for me.

So every move I made will be efficient without a single wastage of the energy and this for my physical moves, I had made even more progress when it came to the soul.

Earlier my uses of the soul were very clumsy but now there is little firmness in it and that is why I am not getting as much as injured when it’s started its crazy attacking and which seemed to infuriate it as even more as its screaming louder and louder while using every bit of its energy.


We were fighting intensely when a peculiar deafening sound rang across the battlefield and hearing the sound, we both stopped.

This is the horn of Orc retreat, them blazing the horn means that our reinforcements are very near.

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