Thud Thud!


Its half words still rang out in my ears as I saw its head and the rest of the body fell on the ground with the thud.


I have Killed a Baron! I thought as I looked at the body of the Orc lying on the ground and to be honest, I felt nothing after killing a sentient living being.


I thought I will feel terrible when I take a life first time but I felt nothing nada.


The only thing I am feeling is bloodlust, looking the Blood coming from its neck and body, I had a very big impulse to drink the blood of the dead Orc.


But I didnt give into my impulse first Isabell warned me not drink the Blood in the midst of battle, as the Battle and Bloodlust is not the good combination.


It makes one depend on one the


I looked at the body for a few seconds before I started searching the Body and felt quite good when I found the purse with quite a good amount of the Gold coins.


After I finished searching with the body, I started to remove the fangs which are a little gruesome process but I dont have to worry about getting my hands dirty like others.


It had two artifacts Gun and Ax and both of them are Mid Grade 2 Artifact, they will sell for a quite a good amount but the problem is space, it is above the limit of my dem bag, I can’t carry it with me as not only it is heavy and bi but also that I dont want let anyone know that I can kill the Baron yet.


Picking up an ax, gun, and the teeth of Orcs with my telekinesis, I cautiously walked toward the big thick tree that is not far from me and as I cover behind it, both the Ax, gun, and fangs disappeared.


In the ship or in Mansion I can’t use the space ring I have in fear of some knowledge but here is the complete wild, I won’t have to be worried about anyone snooping on me.


With two things in my storage, I walked toward the two Orcs that I had killed earlier, I was not able to collect their things earlier due to the sudden attack


I went near their bodies and collected their fangs, bags, and guns before looking at their axes, I can’t take them with me but I couldnt also leave them alone for taking, so I did what I did with the ax of the first orc that I had killed, I hid them.


The reason I didnt store them in my storage ring because after the battle is over, I could take them out openly and sell them.


I rested quite a bit and started walked cautiously while thinking about my next battle strategy.


I had thought that I should completly focus on the Telekinesis but after experiencing such battle, I think I should focus on other things too with the telekinesis as my main focus and utilize the soul power differently as I did with the ax. The star wars stuff was really cool and I want to use that move again against the enemy if I had the chance.


Bang Bang Bang…


As I was walking, I heard the faint sound of the fight and seeing the energy fluctuation, I think it is the Fight between Viscounts.


I want to get away from the fight as soon as possible as it will be dangerous if I had caught between but I found myself walking toward the Fight slowly, I wanted to stop as this is a fight between the Viscounts and any stray attack of theirs could kill me.




Still, I wasn’t able to control myself and walked toward the fight and when I reached close enough to watch the fight, I couldnt help but gasp.


Vampiric Blade!


Nigel is using a Vampiric Blade against the four powerful Orcs he is fighting against, I thought with astonishment.


This is the skill of Vampire that could make them reign supreme in the crowded battle, as long as one could draw blood in the fight, he wouldn’t have to worry about the energy.


Vampiric Blade is nothing but the runic formation named Blood Charge, it is the formation that lets using of the weapon use the blood of enemy to increse the power of the weapon, the more blood one would able to draw from the enemy, the powerful one could be.


But it is very very hard to master this formation as it came with the high risk, the blade draws the energy from the blood of enemy but if one is not careful, vampires bloodlust could draw the blood into one’s body, thus making their blood energy polluted.


That is why vampires never drink blood amidst battle as it could pollute their energy, they drink blood in a place where they know they have enough time to refine the blood they have drunk.


If Vampires could use the energy from the Blood without any repercussion then they would have been the most powerful race in the world.


Every Race has its pros and cons which they able to suppress each other, thus maintaining the delicate balance of the world.


Watching battle a few minutes, I started to walk away from it, staying here would be very dangerous and I need to earn some merit by killing a few more Orcs.


Shoooo…. BANG!


It has been a few minuits when I walked out of the from Nigels fight when I saw a Green airship crashing toward the ground and a few seconds later it crashed on the ground with the huge bang that I felt the earth shake despite the ship being crashed few kilometers away.


Seeing that, my heart started to beat faster. We are already outnumbered and now the Orcs of other ship will also join the battlefield, it will be very bloody.


The Ship had fallen a few kilometers away and would take at least half an hour, I have only half an hour piece before a large number of Orcs appear on the battlefield, just thought of that started to make me shudder in fear but there is no choice but to fight and hope we will be able to deal with it.


A few minuits later, I heard a small rustle and cautiously move walked toward it, without making any sound and soon I came to know what is making the rustling sound.


It is a team of four Ocrs and all of them are Peak Knight if it had been before fighting Baron, I would not have dared to fight against them but now I have the confidence to fight them and kill them.


Activating 2nd mode of Battlesuit I aimed my gun at them, I will only get a single chance.


Bang! Puch!


Taking a deep breath, I pulled the trigger, the orcs got startled and put up their defenses but the bullet is too fast as it directly blasts apart the skull of the Orc.


Clank Clank Clank...


The next moment the orcs started shooting at me, I did not respond to their attack, just activated my shield and started to walk toward them with saber in one hand while gun in another.


As for the Rain of Bullets, I am not worried, most of the bullets crashed across my shield but that those that could not be defended by shield was diverted by me with my telekinesis.


No bullet was able to touch me, whenever a bullet come to half a meter radius from me, it will be diverted, it feels amazing just like the Jedi Knight in the Star Wars.


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