Bang Bang Bang…

I could hear the deafening sounds of battle despite being far away from it, it had been ten minutes since I had walked way away from the main battlefield but hearing those sounds made me feel like I am very close to the battlefield.

Five minutes later after leaving the main Battlefield, Isabell has come across the two Elite Orcs who have the same battle power for her which now left without any protection.

I am now on my own if I came across any strong Orc then I would be finished without having a chance.

Rustle Rustle…

Suddenly I stopped as I heard the rustle in the bushes and hid behind the tree. A few seconds later I found a two and a half meter ugly orc Knight coming toward me with the ax in its hand.

Seeing it is Knight I felt excited and anxious. I gripped the gun hard and waited for it to enter my range, I can operate the telekinesis with the ten meters range.

As it came closer to my range, I mobilized all my nine tiny knives, as long as it entered the center of my range, I will attack it.


I said in my mind and attacked the orc with all sides, not only my knives targeting its head but also targeting its chest, crotch and other areas.

Clank Clank! Puchi.....


It fell on the ground with an expression of unwellness while I looked at its dead body dumbly, it took me quite a while to come back to myself and remember how I killed it.

It's very simple how I killed it, seeing the enemy I had used my soul power completely without holding anything back.

I practiced, I only used 40% of my soul power and despite using less than half both Isabell and Ramon complimented me on having a strong soul power.

So seeing the enemy, I had unconsciously used all my soul power without holding anything back which made my knives faster and stronger.

It was able to defend against a few of Knives but it wasn’t able to defend against the one that came top of which directly pierced through its unprotected head.

Walking closer to the Orc, I quickly searched its body with my telekinesis and took out its purse and removed its fang. It's a good thing I have my telekinesis otherwise I would have had to use my hands to take out its fangs which I never want to do.

That fang’s of Orcs is not only the proof of me killing the Orc but is also important material that is used in the alchemical purpose and worth quite a bit.

It is regretful that I couldn't take an axe with me, not only its heavy but it is also very big, heaviness is not the problem for me but its large size which is why I had hidden it in the bushes, I will take it out when the battle is finished.

With everything done, I walked forward but suddenly stopped when I two Orc from a distance and they saw me. Distance between us quite far if it had been near I would have been able to sense them and hide before they could notice me.

“Brother look, this little vampire is wearing a battlesuit, if we are able to kill her and take that battlesuit, not only we will gain the merit of killing the elite but selling that battlesuit will also give us huge money!” Said the one Orc to another as they pointed their guns at me started to shoot as they came closer to me.

Bang Bang Bang…..

Under the cover shield, I walked toward them while shooting blasts through my Gun, there is no use in taking cover and firing at them as it will take me quite a while whittle away their energy.

They seemed very happy seeing me coming toward them, even seeing the knives floating around me they seemed to no fear the knives floating around me, all their focus on the battle suit I am wearing.

If this had been an anime then dollar signs could have been seen popping out of their eyes.

“Be careful of these knives, they are dangerous!” said one Orc to another as they wore the helmets that are hanging by their waist.

We both continued firing at each other in the cover of the shield as we came closer to each other; when we’re just fifteen meters away from each other, the two orcs put away their guns and used their full speed with shield and axes in their hand.

Seeing that, I became very happy and continued firing at them. Even if my guns were not able to hit part of them, I do not feel any need to put away as I do not need the hands to use my telekinesis.

15 m, 14m, 13m, 12m, 11m, 10m, I did not attack them despite them coming to my range, I want them to come a little closer.

Knight level Telekinetic has a range of five meters and that for peak Knight, that is why Isabell had been very surprised when I told her about my range.

If I had her about my range of ten meters, she would have been shocked out of her wits.

The power of telekinesis depends upon the purity of soul energy, one’s control over it, its rang and the telekinesis method, all these factors decided the power of telekinesis and not all who have the telekinesis could become Telekinetic masters.


As they entered my ten meters range, both of them suddenly shouted and started to run toward me with their full speed. Seeing their sudden move, I was very surprised and about to jump back instinctively seeing the two orcs coming at me but I didn’t.

I crushed that incentive feeling of fear and mobilized all my nine knives into them before they could come closer to me.

Clank Clank Clank…..

A sudden attack of my knives stopped then on their tracks and they started to focus wholeheartedly defend from the knives.

Earlier Kill has given me confidence and Isabell had said that the soul power I had shown to her is more than enough to normal Knight and that is why I am fighting with 40% of my soul power and if they got too close to me then I would use 100% of my power to kill them.

Clank Clank Clank….

“Fucking telekinetic!” cursed Ocrs, they tried to defend against my knives and gun round that I am firing regularly.


Seeing the chance, I used three knives as a decoy and used one pierce the small opening on its neck below the helmet and then drive that knife into its brain.

The helmet is not the Graded artifact but it is very solid that my 40% soul power, barely able to put a small dent in it.

Clank Clank Clank...

Puchi! Puchi! puchi!….

“Brother!” A big orc shouted loudly seeing its brother dead and came at me with without caring for the attack of knives, I got startled and used my full power and used all the knives to attacked its head and to my utter shock, all my knives pierced through its head breaching the defense of the helmet it was wearing.

I am shocked to see this because I did not expect that my full power will able to breach the defense of the helmet so easily.


I still have much to learn, I thought seeing how I became startled seeing its range and used all my powers.

With the sigh, I started to check its body with my telekinesis when I belt intense danger, I have never felt so much danger before and instinctively, I used my shield to cover myself from the life-threatening danger that is coming toward me.

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