As we started to walk out of the command center, I heard swishing sound and next moment white smoke started to come out of every part of airship.

I could hear the constant sound as it started to whisk away all the fires that are lit inside the airship. I could tell this gas is not CO2, it may have the same color like it and did the same work as it but it is not the CO2, I am sure of it.

Step Step…

As we getting out of the airship, the three hundred people that are hiding in the safe area also started to come out, I could feel Karen’s particular hateful gaze on my back as she followed behind us.

Seeing there will be a battle, I took out veil from the dem purse and wore on my face. This Grade 2 Artifact will not work with me already wearing Grade 4 Artifact but I am not wearing it as the protection but as face cover.

With the bracelet’s protection, those below Marquess would not able to see use their sense on me, so even if I covered my face with the simple cloth, they will not be able to see my face when I am wearing the bracelet.

I wore the veil because I did not have anything to cover my face, I wanted to buy a few veils but I did not have the time to go shopping.


Thud thud….

Sir Areon opened the door of the airship and we started to get out it, after getting out when I looked at the airship I found it is very much burning and most of its cannons are damaged.

“There are two orc ships that had fallen, we need to be ready for the Battle!,” Ramon said as we walked out of the Airship.

The first Orcan ship had fallen before us and one that has fallen with us, there is no question about them surviving and now the orcs will be coming for us.

One group of Orcs should be coming for us right now as had fallen a few minuits before us and had plenty of time to get organized.

I could only hear the faint sound of the battle that is raging above and when I look up, all I saw faint dots.

“Let’s get into the position and finish then soon as possible!” he said and started to walked into the thick forest.

The ships had fallen in the middle of the forest and a thick one at that, there is plenty of places to hide and attack. This terrain is very suitable for us, due to our small bodies compare to the three-meter tall bodies of Orcs, we get a chance to hide and attack.

My bracelet has separated and tuned nine tiny knives and started floating around me, there is even small silver shield amid them. I took my gun in my hand and loaded with the telekinetic weapons.

Isabell had had also activated the telekinesis weapon, there are twelve knives and three small shields could be seen floating very close to her. The knives and shields are about adult palm size with the sharp metallic gleam.

Isabell is using her artifact in less than half of its capacity, her Grade 3 telekinesis has a total of 48 knives and six shields and she could use it all with the expert precious, I have seen it with my own eyes.

“It will be very chaotic, try to stay as close to me as possible!” Isabell said softly, I nodded and walked forward with her.

We walked for a few minuits before we started to take the cover under behind the thick threes. These trees are quite thick and strong, and could easily thwart the bullet from the Grade 1 gun.

Live everybody else, I also took the cover beside the thick tree and as Isabell said, I am close to her but not that close, there is little more than ten meters of distance between us.

In the battlefield, staying near the upper-level powerhouse is a mistake as any stray bullet could kill one and my this distance from the Isabell is quite close as Isabell is also telekinetic like me and I am within her range, so if any powerful orc came at me, she should be able to save me.

We waited and waited but nothing, the orcs should have come for within ten minuits but more than half an hour had passed but I could see no orc in a site, seeing I felt a very bad premonition.

Bang Bang Bang Bang……


Suddenly the hail of bullets rang across the forest, it is very fearsome as the bullets were flying from everywhere, I could see tens of bullets of flying around me and few bullets even stuck the people around me.

I saw the knight beside me shot through the bullet and now in the place of its stomach is palm-size hole, he is not dead yet but soon will be if he did not drink the potions soon enough.

‘This is real battle!’ I thought as the intense fear crept inside me but I quickly control myself and started to activated my defensive measure.

With the sudden fire, people started to activate their shield and return fire toward the direction of the incoming fire.

I added the soul energy in the tiny silver shield and the next moment the formation on it activated and energy started to spread from it, creating a half meter energy shield with a tiny silver shield at its center.

With the cover of the shield, I looked through its transparent barriers and saw orcs are coming closer toward us with the cover of their huge shields.

Bang Bang Bang…….

I quickly charged guns and started to return fire but like others, my shots were also crashed across the shields of the orcs.

Thud Thud thud…..

Suddenly orcs started to fall one after another, all the orcs that are bravely charging at the front started to fall, their shield seemed to be no effect as they fell with a big hole on their head.

“Oh, My God!” I said with the as I saw Ramon with the red sword in his hand came out with hundreds of white spindles and nine shields are floating around him.

These spindles were like a Grimm reaper, any orc that came in its way would have head pierce by those dangerous spindles. In just a few seconds, he had killed more than fifty Orcs and these orcs were no weaklings but not one of them able to dodge the spindles of his.

“There Is Powerful Telekinetic, Scatter And Fight!” Suddenly a hoarse voice boomed across the battlefield and hearing that voice, all the orcs started to run toward all the directions.

“Little bastard, you have killed a lot of my people, let’s see how much you last against this ax of mine.” said the hoarse voice and a second later a muscled Orc clad in Green Batttlesuit came out holding giant ax and behind him were two Orcs who are also clad in battlesuits and holding a giant axes of their own.

They are walking fearlessly as if feeling no threat from sharp spindles that had reaped the life of more than fifty orcs and Ramon for some reason didnt dare to attack the


I gasp loudly as I felt the raging aura of that leading Orc, I felt like my knees are buckling under such but I controlled myself and put as much as the distance between them.

That leading Orc is Marquess and quite a powerful one at that, it fearlessly came toward Ramon and took out huge battle-ax that is hanging from its back.

It is about to launch an attack with that fearsome battle ax of it when it suddenly stopped.

A second later sir Aeron came out holding a simple silvery rapier and stood in front of the Marquess Orc without any fear.

“Scatter and kill!” Ordered Ramon.

The Orc scattered earlier not only because to get away from the Range of Ramon but also to launch the attack distantly and gain the upper hand when we came to fight them.

Hering the I order, I moved away from the main battlefield in little disappointment as I really wanted to see the Fight between the marquess but I know it very dangerous and I will likely die if I stayed.

Taking a deep breath, I started to walk through the dense wood, search and kill the orc, I just hope that I didnt get killed by Orcs instead of me killing them.

As much as power matters in the battle, experience also matters a lot and compare to Orcs, I have zero.

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