“You should take 70 Orc Killer and 30 normal bullets!” Isabell suggested, I nodded and asked the man responsible for the bullets.

The Orc killer bullets are the special bullets that are very harmful to the Orcs, just like the Silverbane to the vampires, once it entered inside one’s bloodstream it will not only weaken one immensely but also will give one torturous pain and if it hit on the critical spot then the death is guaranteed.

After getting the bullets, I get out of the armory with Isabell. I now have everything I needed and just have to refine my mana completely to become ready for War.

Soon we reached the retainers wing and like yesterday Isabell dropped me off to my door but unlike yesterday she is a lot more composed today but I could still see her blushing a little when she said goodbye.

In my room, I first took a shower and then ate dinner before going to the practice room.

I wanted to use my Battlesuit, experience its amazingness myself but I controlled myself as I know once I distract myself with it, I will not be able to put it away before I got fully satisfied with it.

It’s the same with my new weapons, I had decided to stay away from them till I finished with the refining.

After entering the practice room I got completely naked, be it my body refining or my energy refining both are messy, so it is better to go completely naked before the practice.

I called the box from the corner of the practice hall with my telekinesis and took some items out of it. There are only seven parts of Peak stage body refining materials that have remained and I planned to go over them as soon as possible, so I will have a strong body that I need to practice my Body Refinement.

I drew the formation and placed the things in their right places before drinking the solution of the concentrated Blood.

The intense pain hit me and small whimpers of pain started coming out me but there were no screams this time. I had already experienced such pain and now can tolerate it without making much sound.

The Body Refining took little more than an hour but I had felt a visible change in my body, my skin had become even snowier and my body even stronger.

Carl and Isabell had noticed the snowiness of skin and complemented greatly but they both think I only at the Initial stage of 1st level of the Arctic Snow Body Refining Method.

The snowiness that my body is showing could be seen when cultivated to the Initial stage but I have practiced it to the Peak stage, it's all because of my Bloodline, is eclipsing the effect of High-Grade method.

I think only the Peak Grade method would be able to show its clear effect on me, even high-Grade method would not be able to pass the suppressive effect that my Bloodline put.

After I finished with the body refining I immediately started on refining and immediately took the three-times more than last time for refining which is on the boundary of my limit.

If the amount of energy would have been a little higher, my veins and body would have been burned apart by the fire energy, no matter how fast I am refining the energy.

I refined and refined till the evening came and I stopped, I stopped it because I wanted to refine my body again. With a few hours of refining, all the extra materials that had been lingering inside me had fused completely.

My plan is to refine my body with body refining method three times a day, so in this way, I would be able to fully refine my body by the day after tomorrow which will really help me in refining my mana in the next three days.

My plan is very good and if everything went according to it then I am confident that I will be able to refine my mana before I leave for the north.

I refined my energy till the evening and went out of the practice room for dinner after I returned I refined my body again before I started refining my energy again.

I stopped at midnight and again refined my body before showering and sleeping tiredly but despite working so hard, I wasn’t able to meet the target I had hoped for, if I would have had a strong body, I wouldn’t have had to face such a problem.

The next day I repeated the same process as yesterday but before sleeping, I had refined the last two parts of the Peak stage of the 1st level of Arctic Method and the pain I had experienced was hell like.

The torture was soul-crushing that I had nearly injured my soul, if not for the Cosmic Tower protecting my soul, it would have been injured and I would have turned vegetable.

I would have really underestimated the effect of those two parts but with that done I had finally finished practicing the 1st level of Arctic Snow Body Refining Method.

That day I had slept in the practice room as I was so tired mentally to move even an inch.

The third day was completely different than the two days, in the first two days I had limited by my body but on the third day, the opposite happened. I got limited by refining ability and my pain tolerance.

The more mana I took for refining the more pain I will feel due to the fire energy and more difficult than it will be to refine the mana.

It is like acupuncture, you know it will be very good for your body and you have the ability to pay for it but the fear of pain and needles stop you from getting acupuncture.

During the third day, I refined energy and each time I would take mana double than my before for refining and the result is very unexpected as by late midnight I had nearly finished refining all the mana I had.

Currently, it is late midnight, the dawn isn’t far and I am circulating the last round of the energy after this last round all the energy inside me is going be purified.

Which means I have a whole day that will come for myself, I planned to get familiar with the weapons and if I still had little time, I would like to see the city as ever since I had entered this world, I had never properly roamed this city.

I circulated the last round of energy with great ferocity, even if my mind extremely tired, I still did and finally able to circulate the last of the mana fully and able to see the sequence of refinement.

37th Sequence of Refinement, as I’ve had guessed I was really refining under the Viscount Sequence, this means I have a basic level of energy to reach the Viscount level but I know with much purity of energy, it is simply impossible to reach the Viscount stage.

Coming here my horizon broadened quite a bit and I know there are many people at the knight Level who had better mana purity than me, that is why I had already decided that I would only level up from the Knight Level when I will refine my energy to the 72nd Sequence.

Now the important question is whether I should level up or not with such purity of energy, I can now level up to the High stage of Knight level.

Finally, after some thinking, I had decided to level up and my body shook a little as the level up started.

I would have liked to reach at least 50th Sequence before leveling up but I will be leaving tomorrow morning for war and there I will need every ounce of strength I could get to survive.

The level up started to make the changes in my body, I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger while my mana storage also increased little by little.

Ten minutes later the level finally completed and I could feel the obvious advancement in my strength and increment in my mana storage by 25%.

After leveling up I got up and walked toward the shower, though the level up had elevated my tiredness a little, I am still feeling quite tired by the constant refining and training of these past few days that I was barely able to get the sleep of three hours a day and now I just want to sleep on my comfy bed.

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