After finishing the Yoga, I used my telekineses to get the spear from the wall and started practice with it.

The spear that used to feel a little heavy is now feeling quite light, the advancement in strength quite visible. I practiced with the spear for half an hour before placing it.

If I am right then my physical strength is increased by about 80% by the two refinements, which is a huge advancement.

If I am able to complete the 1st level of Arctic Method, refine all my energy then my power would reach very near elite and if I combined my telekinesis in all these then I barely will have the power of Elite.

Before going to the War, I will have to have the power of Elite-only then I will feel a little secure going to the war.

Knock Knock!


I had just got out of the training room when the knock sounded on my door and opened it with my telekinesis, only to Carl and lady in her early forties walking behind him, holding a big box.

She is at the Peak stage of Baron level (Level 2) with average battle power and also a human.

“Lilith master sent you to practice clothes and battlesuits!” said Carl as the lady put down the exquisite clothes back.

Battlesuit! I have not throught that he would send a freaking battlesuit, I thought ecstatically.

Battlesuits are fully armor made of the special beast leather and rare metals and looked extremely valiant and beautiful, it bore 30% similarity to the Black Widow suit but it looked way better than it.

There are many types of Battle Suits they came in all types and for all preferences. The Battlesuits are a very sophisticated piece of the full-body armor that is invented by the Vampires and spread to the other races due to its usefulness in the battle.

It is very expensive but the mother had said it is worth it. My mother had one which she cherishes very much that she had never let her children touch it, despite it being too strong to be damaged by us.

“Master had sent three Battlesuits of which you can select one!” said Carl and he removed three battlesuits from the box. All three looked the same with the color being varied a little.

I float three of the Battlesuits in front of me and started to take a good look at them.

“This Black Crimson is defense type Battlesuit, the pure Black one is Agility type Battlesuit and this Black Green one isAgility Defense type battlesuit,” Carl informed me.

The defense type is best suited for the people like Carl, as for the agility type they are for those who fight with agility and Speed and the last that both had defense and agility which is used by the fighters.

These three Battlesuits in front of me looked even better than one my mother had despite their being at knight grade.

“I will take the Black Green one!” I said, Carl seemed surprised by my choice, most telekinetics would choose the Agility type as usually fight from the distance and could run if things got hard and if any long-distance attack came in their way, they could divert with their telekinesis.

The Agility Defense Battlesuits usually are worn warriors who fight in short-range and that is why it is the most common but also expensive amongst all battle suits out there.

Except for Battlesuit and Practice cloths, there is even a beautiful short green clock and backpack is also in the bag, now except for the Gun and Saber, I have everything I will need for the battle.

“After the practice, Isabell will take you to the armory where you can choose Artifact of your choice,” Carl said as if reading my mind.

I wanted to check out my new battlesuit but carls voice rang in my ears again, “Quickly change into the practice clothes, I will only have four days to teach you how to kill the orcs.” said Carl.

Time is the essence! I thought and quickly take one set of training clothes to change into while I was going into my room to change, carl lightly shouted at the lady who was looking at me with lustful eyes.

The next six hours were complete hell, both Carl and Isabell had stuffed the knowledge about Orc in my mind and also had me attack the dummy orc hundreds of times till I remembered all the weak spots of the Orc and how to effectively fight against it.

Now I and Isabell are walking toward the Armory while discussing the situation on the north which day by inching toward the war, Isabell is sure that Six Star Alliance will have a war against the northern orc tribes.

Isabell seemed fine today, there was no blush and awkwardness like yesterday but I could still see her stealing glances at me now and then.

Soon we reached the gates of the big five-story red brick building which had very tight security, guards could be seen everywhere holding various weapons.

Isabell showed her batch at the gate and we went inside without further obstruction.

“Wow!” I said when I entered the building, everywhere my eyes landed, I see weapons. All sorts of weapons placed inside their neatly with their information on the front.

I won’t have to activate each and every weapon for their information, just reading the information would be enough to know about them.

I would have really like to check every corner of this floor but sadly I don’t have much time, so I directly went to the saber section and started browsing through them.

There are many types of Sabers here, all enchanting with the different types of formations. On the first floor, all the weapons are Grade 1 as for Grade 2 and above, they are on the upper floors.

‘Who uses this?’ I thought as I looked at the Giatantic saber of about four meters long and was quite thick also, even a people like Richard would get hard-pressed using this behemoth.

No Vampire or Human able to use this behemoth of a Saber, only giants or Ocs would be able to use it.

I checked other sabers and got surprised just as I did seeing the behemoth, my father liked to collect weapons and he had many of them but he never had weapons strange as I found here and this is only Saber sections, there are many other weapon sections may also have some weird stuff like this one.

I continue scanning each saber without hurrying, I may not have much time but I do not want to make a mistake of choosing the wrong weapon.

“I will take this one,” I said pointing at the beautiful Silver Red Saber, It is the Saber from the Red Lily and series and its description said it is made by the famous forge.

It is a very beautiful Swiss-style silver red color saber, its a 1.15 meters long with a slim design and has a flowery guard that made even more beautiful.

It looked very delicate but in reality, it is made of very heavy alloy. It weighs about 160 Kg and had the cutting formation inscribed on it. I first was searching for the sharp saber with the weight formation inscribed on but seeing this Saber, I instantly fell in love with it and decided to choose it.

“You sure?” asked Isabell, her expression is clearly saying this sword is a little too heavy for me. “Yes!” I said, she wanted to say something about my choice but she finally decided not to say.

“Now that you have selected the saber, let’s get you a gun!” Isabell said, I nodded and followed her toward the gun section.

If there is any weapon category that has the most variation then it would be guns, their hundreds of types of them. In the gun section, I saw every type of gun there.

Hand Gun, Long Gun, Sniper, and some other guns which existed on earth and some that didnt exit back on earth.

I did not waste my type of other’s and went to the handgun section and within five minutes I chose the Gun.

It’s a blue color gun named Dawn 35, it is made by a famous Gun Workshop named Wave. it is a handgun that could fire solid bullets and energy bullets.

This Gun had the piercing formation carved it, the bullets that will fire through it will gain the extra ability to pierce.

“Its very suitable gun for you,” said Isabell who is beside me, my marksmanship is quite good and with this piercing formation aiding every bullet I fire, this gun will become quite lethal in my hands.

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