When I get out of the room I found there are two people were waiting outside one is Isabell and the other is Nelson, he is one of the retainers of Ramon and also one of the three humans.

Isabell didnt look happy or I might even say she look very unhappy waiting beside this nelson guy.

“You must be Lilith I’ve heard so much about they are right, your beauty does outshine the Moon,” he said in a very smooth manner. If I had been eighteen years old girl, I would have been over the moon hearing such praise from the handsome man like Nelson but unfortunately, I am not.

I have heard many such pickup lines in my life, some were even smoother and cheesier than this and sensing immense lust from him, I know very well that he is praising me to get into my pants.

I find nothing wrong as it natural due to my bloodline, even with my charm confined I know I am beautiful enough to attract people and induce lust in them but lust I induce is not this intense.

But this guy had more lust than a normal person would have toward me and seeing how smooth he was with the praise just now, I sure that he is a serial dater or I might say a serious fucker.

Its good that I found him if I really in need of fuck or energy, I will have to say few words and he will more than ready to fuck me.

“You are praising too much!” I said while putting little shy expression, “No, its not praise but reality.” he said while directly looking at my face, facing his eyes I shyly looked away.

“You ladies must have some important things to do since we are leaving in four days,” he said suddenly when I thought he would say something even cheesier which was a little surprising.

“Lilith we will meet again?” Nelson said as he left.

Wow, this nelson guy is really good! He knew when to advance and when to retreat. He first made a good impression by giving elegant praise but did stick around thus creating a profound positive impression of him.

“Dont fall into his trap with that smooth mouth of his god knows how many girls he bedded,” Isabell said suddenly bringing me out of competitive state.

“He is like that?” I asked innocently with the hint of anger while conforming to my earlier conjecture about him. If he was back on the earth, he would have had no problem picking girls daily with that mouth of his.

“Yes he is that type of man, you should be careful of his advances,” Isabell with anger and jealousy apparent in her voice.

“I will!” I said while putting a strong face, this seemed to relieve Isabell as her expressions softened a little.

“I am sorry but I will have to cancel your training tody, with announcement master had made, I have to make some preparations,” said Isabell with her beautiful face lined with slight regret.

“It’s ok, I’ll also need to make some preparations,” I said. The preparations I saying means refining my Blood Energy. I have only four and half-day and in four and half-day, I had to refine the energy that is three times hotter than before.

I have practiced the body refining but I dont know how much it will help, I will only be able to know when I practiced it.

“We will meet tomorrow ok!” said Isabell as she dropped me off by my door, I could tell with the slight twitching of her hands that Isabell wanted to say something but couldnt seem to form words in her mouth.

Seeing Isabell’s behavior and I couldnt help but remember some memories of my teenage years where I used to stand in front of my crushes awkwardly.

Isabell isn’t only having lustful thoughts toward me but she had also formed a crush on me, it sudden and unexpected but crushes are always like that.

Finally, Isabell wasn’t able to bear her awkward behavior and ran redface but not before softly touching my hand.

“Bring me lunch!” I said to the guard after Isabell left my door.

“Yes, ma’am!” Said the guard as he left his post to bring me lunch, closing the door lightly I directly went to the bathroom to take shower.

Half an hour later, I got out of the shower wearing only a silk robe and went directly to the hall where I found the lunch cart is waiting for me.

There are many types of food in the cart, I was only able to identify two of the dishes while the others are relatively unknown to me.

I use my telekinesis to put the dishes on the table and started to taste them one by one, all of the dishes were very tasty that I had a hard time deciding what to eat, so I eat a small portion of all of the dishes.

If my mother of this world or one I had on earth had seen me eating like this, completely opposite to the manners they have taught me, they would have sure compared me to some animal of their choice.

After I finished eating, I have asked the guard to bring me dinner in the evening before I walked inside the training room.

I untie the sash of my silk robe and let it fall on the floor, fully naked I walked in the center of the hall and sat cross-legged, it is now time to refine some energy.

Taking a couple of deep breaths and closed my eyes, in my heart space I could see the Lava is bubbling continuously with intensity, despite heart space being only a representation, I could feel an extreme heat through it.

From heart space, I moved my focus to my core on which I could see the circulation map and like before I could not see what Sequence I would be refining my mana under, I will only able to know that after refining my mana lake completely.

Calming my mind, I started to pick up a few strands of my blood energy only to find they are heavier than I expected and I could barely able to shake.

I started to apply more force on the strands of blood energy but they had only budged a little but did not move from their place. I too did not let them go and started to use the full force of my willpower to lift them.

Slowly but surely I was finally able to lift the strands of the Blood energy, this was the easiest part and now it is time to do the hard part.


I took the strands of Blood Energy and moved them out of the Blood Core and next moment I felt like I had poured the hot oil in my veins, it’s damn painful.

I could see the smoke coming out of my body and my skin started to redden, seeing that I heaved a sigh of relief.

I had thought blisters would appear as long as I took the strands of my blood energy into my veins but there is only red skin, look like the Arctic Snow method is better than I expected.

Seeing that there is barely any damage, I started to circulate the strands of blood energy according to the circulation map.

I started to give my all circulating the strands of my blood energy, I have a little more than four days to finish this refining and these strands of energy are nothing more than a few drops in the lake that I have to refine completely.

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