Sweat rain down on my naked body as I put the spear back in its place. After I am finished with the refining I picked the spear and had been completely lost in its rhythm.

I was never a danced ever before in my like, the most dance-like things I have done is Zumba but somehow this time I had picked up the spear, I had completely lost in its rhythm that I had totally forgotten the passing of time.

It likely because of the tension I am feeling for the last few days, I have been very stressed and tense, worried about what I will face when I arrived at the Blackstaff city.

After seeing everything today, I felt a little calm and safe enough that I had let myself go completly and practiced wit spear for two straight hours.

The two parts of the High stage refining gave me a 50% increse in strength which is quite a big boost as there are still two parts of the High stage is remaining.

With today’s refining, my power had doubled and that’s just physical strength, I do not want to test my Healing and Defence as it will require me injuring myself which I really want to do today.

As the snowiness of my skin, that increased slightly but it still could not be compared to the normal people get after they practiced the initial stage of the 1st level while I practiced it halfway through the High Stage.

I packed the stuff back in the box and place in in the corner as I will need it soon enough.

I picked my clothes with my telekinesis and walked toward the bath. I have been practicing from the late afternoon to midnight and because I am feeling tired in both body and soul.

I just want to sleep but my body is filthy with the sweat and dried blood that I had pasted on my body, I will take the good shower first only then I will sleep.

I walked into the spacious bathroom and press the tap for the shower and next moment I found warm comfortable water cascading down my body.

I started to apply the soap on my body that smells really really nice. After washing and drying my body thoroughly, I walked into my bedroom and laid on the bed to sleep.

‘I can finally sleep naked’ I thought as I laid on the bed, I like to completely sleep nake which I hadn’t able to do for various reasons.

When I woke up the next day, I found it was early morning, after being getting the sleep of five hours, I felt quite refreshed.

“Bring me breakfast!” I asked one of the young men who were guarding the door while keeping myself out of his view. If I am to show myself to them in what I am wearing, I dont think they will be able to control themselves.

“Yes, ma’am.” said young man, I close the door after he left and walked toward the practice room for yoga.

When I returned from the practice room one and half an hour later after doing yoga, I fount scrumptious breakfast waiting for me on the table. I did not wait for anything and started to dig into the breakfast.

Last night when I came out of practice room, I had noticed the dinner cart was in the hall but I was too tired to eat it but when I woke this morning, I was feeling very hungry.

The breakfast was quite sumptuous work of three to four people but I alone ate about half and only then I felt my hunger satisfied.

Knock Knock!

I just finished my breakfast when the knock sounded on the door, I did not get up instead, I opened the door with my telekinesis.

“I am really jealous of your Telekinesis Ability, it makes a lot of things very easy,” Carl said as he entered inside my room.

I can understand how he feels, when my mother used to use telekinesis for little things I would also get little envious and wished, I too have the telekinesis ability.

I could just smile at him understandingly, “You should change into something less flimsy, otherwise all would just stop training came at like animals in heat and I dont think I would be stop them.” Carl said jokingly.

After waking up I had just put, I had put the first thing that came out closer and it turned out very flimsy babydoll and top of that I am not wearing anything under it.

“Are we going to training now?” I asked, “Yes!” he said. “Ok. I’ll go and change.” I said walk toward my room while thinking about what to wear.

I dont have anything suitable that is for training but there are some leather pants and a shirt. They will have to do it for now, when I have the time I will buy something suitable.

“Let’s go!” I said after I came back wearing leather pants and a loose white shirt.

“You should buy some training clothes,” Carl said after taking one look at my training clothes. They do not look like training clothes at all, they looked like they are expensive and fragile cloths and would tear at a single movement.

They may look fragile but they very tensile and would not lose to the training clothes in any way.

“Let’s go, we will train in the open field.” said and we started to walk and on the way, many people stopped to look at me.

I could hear their soft whispers as I walk, they seemed to be very interested in talking about me and some even tried to follow us but then Carl gave them a glare, they shrank back and stop following us.

“I will train you in the convention weapons while Isabell will train you in the telekinesis,” Carl said.

Conventional weapons?

“Didnt sir Ramon told you that I am solely want to focus on the telekinesis?” I asked, I solely want to focus on the Telekinesis and want to ask for the telekinesis method from Ramon after I fuck a few people for him.

“Master ordered me to specifically to train you in conventional weapons.”

“Telekinesis is not omnipresent, your soul power could run dry in a fight that time only use of the conventional weapon would able to help you,” he added and seeing there is no choice I just nodded.

“Have you trained in any convectional weapon? Know any of them?” he asked as we reached training ground behind the mansion. His face clearly showing that he wanted me to have some basics otherwise he will have taught me from scratch.

“All of them,” I said to his quickly, he nodded but suddenly his expression changed and he said, “ know all the weapons?” he asked with little astonishment.

“Yes, I have Basic Mastery in every weapon,” I said flatly while enjoying the look of utter astonishment on his face.

I could still remember the hours of practice and that old Ruth went through with varies instructors and father himself, who trained her till she collapsed from exhaustion.

“Is then any weapon is your favorite?” he asked finally after some time. “Yes!” I said and used my telekinesis to take out a slim saber from a long weapon rack.

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