Crack Crack…..

Thin Ice started to break away from my body as I stood up, through the refining process quite a lot of ice had accumulated over me and when I make movements it started to shatter it with the crackling sound.

I moved my telekinesis power all over my body to remove the ice and the remains of dried blood that is covering my body.

Standing in front of the mirror of the training room, I looked at myself carefully observing any change in any part of my body.

To be honest, there was barely any change, those unfamiliar with me would not notice this change only those who are in daily contact me like Richard will able to notice this change.

From what I have read, the outer change would have been quite obvious. Arctic Snow Body Refining Method is Beautiful Body Method but it is barely showing any change in outer appearance.

This is likely due to my bloodline, my bloodline is specialized in beauty and now merging with Blood red octagonal Bloodline, it had become a powerful Bloodline, so it is likely such level of progress would show any effect on me.

Looking away from the bloodline, I used my telekinesis to move the Spear in my hand. This spear is the heaviest weapon in the practice room, it should weight least a hundred kg, it should be enough for testing my strength.

I started to practice with the spear to see what extent did it able to increse my strength.

Despite being about 100kg in weight, the spear only felt slightly heavy, I am able to move easily after putting some efforts, my moves were quite clumsy at first but as time passed they started to become smooth.

Due to my father’s intense training, I have Basic proficiency in all the weapons, including spear. I may not be good as a pro but I could still fight the real fight with it. My movements became faster and faster until they became smooth and elegant

If anyone looks at luna now they will be mesmerized by her. She looked like a goddess who is beautifully gracefully dancing with the spear in her hand.

I practiced for more than half an only stopped when I gained the deepest understanding of the enhancement that this Method had provided me.

The initial stage of the 1st level of the Arctic Snow Body Refining Method had provided me with about 15 to 20% increse in overall strength, which very little.

Normally it would have given a 50% increse but my body and through refining mana, my body was already quite strong and that is why these materials use in an initial level of refining were not able to provide me much boost as I expected.

I am not surprised by this, as I knew with an already strong body, the initial stage of Body refining would likely give me any boost and that is why I had already decided to go with the middle and even high stage if my body allows it.

I decided in the material of the Middle stage of body refining into the three parts, the material used for mid-level of body refining are grade higher, I dont think I or my body will able to bear it.

After dividing the materials into three parts, I started the process again. The process is the same again just material quality is higher and the pain that came with it is also higher.

Thank goodness I had activated the isolating formation before I started this round of practicing because just as I drank the concentrated Blood, I screamed. I screamed loud enough that if there was no Isolation formation, I would have woken up the whole wing by my screams.

The pain this process has given me is way higher than before, at initial level refining, I was able to hold of screams but this time, I am screaming my lungs out.

The process lasted for little more than an hour, after finished with the first part of Mid-stage refining, I had started on the second level of refining.

I had divided the material of the Middle stage into three parts, so I will not get up until I finished refining my body with all three parts.

I continue with the second part of the materials after I finished with the third, the pain was the same but I was bearing little better seeing I’ve had experienced it before.

The process went for an hour before stopping finally, like last time I only rested for fifteen minuits before starting again.

To be honest I would have liked to practice the Body Refining Method with the time intervals but I have to refine the mana inside me and to that, I will need the strong magic veins to bear the pressure.

That the only reason, I am going through this torturous practice if not then I wouldn’t inflict this self-torture on myself, I am not a masochist!

It took me fifty minuits to finish refining the last part of the middle stage and I could feel the obvious increse in my body, I am sure my strenth would have increased quite a bit.

I took the spear and again practiced with it and half an hour later I got a clear estimation of the enhancements I have received through the Mid-stage of 1st level Body Refining.

About 30% increased to my previous strength about half of the normal people would gain through this method.

Now let’s see how much the strength the High stage of refining could give me, I thought as I divided the materials needed for the into four parts.

Like I had guessed, my body had not reached the limit, to normal people this would have been their limit while being at the Mid Stage of Knight level but not me, my body could still take it.

I divided the High stage body refining materials into four parts and started refining with the first part.


I AM IN HELL! This is the feeling I got after drinking the blood of the Baron level Searing Rhino. I feel like I a burning into hell, I had expected that I will feel more pain than the last time but I did not expect that it would be this much.

I screamed and screamed till my throat became dry, even screamed with the dry mouth, if I did not have the vitality, I am sure that I would have been very seriously injured by this blood that I had drunk.

No wonder this method is strictly for the vampire, vampires have a high affinity with the blood, it is literally their food. If it had been human in my place they would have burned to the ashes by such contracted blood.

The concentrated Blood continued to wreak havoc in my body for about fifteen minuits before freezing cold mist became effective enough to counter it.

After that half-hour went between hot and cold, it was uncomfortable but not painful. the pain started when the coldness started to gain the ground.

The coldness was very painful that I felt like my soul will freeze up, I wanted to scream but I couldnt, I had completly frozen up by the coldness that is tearing my cell’s apart and stuffing itself inside, if not for me having the vitality of the Elite Viscount, I would have been finished by now.

In the sidenotes, it is clearly written that I should go through the High stage of refining through the 16 sessions at the very least, but here I had divided in four parts and planning to finish with them all if my body will it.

This torture went on for more than half an hour before mist completly disappeared inside me and I was able to move.

I rested five minuits before starting on the second portion of materials of High stage, this time also I have experienced hell and thanked the god I have lots of Vitality in my body otherwise I wouldn’t have survived.

My body had literally reached its limit and was on the verge of breaking apart, if not for the vitality which is healing all the injuries I’ve received, my body would have been lying on the floor broke in various icy pieces.

Though it was a close brush-up with death, it’s worth it as now I am feeling the immense strength coursing through my body.

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