Completely naked, I took the crystal chalk from the box and started drawing Runic formation. Some Body Refining Methods need the help of the runic formation to completely assimilate the various objects into the refiner’s body.

After completly drawing the runic formation, I took the Palm-size bottle from the box and I placed it outside. There are a total of eight different materials

Inside it the bottle, a thick Icy blue liquid could be seen. This Icy blue liquid is Concentrated Blood of the Knight Level Blizzard wolf.

All the Blood that Knight level Blizzard wolf has been concentrated into this small bottle and now I have to spread it all over my body.

“Fuck Cold!”

I said out loud as I started to spread the Blood over my body, this blood of Blizzard wolf is freaking cold, I felt like I am covering my body with thick ice.

I did not stop and started to spread the blood over my body thickly while bearing the cold. If others had been in my place, they would have only taken a fifth of Blood from the bottle to spread over their Body not all at once.

While spreading this concentrated blood all over my body, I did not feel any blood. I have known that vampires only liked natural blood, anything that is processed even a little would be lost allure to them.

In the Body Refining Method, the Vitality played a huge part in it. So when people practice body refinement methods, they need five to six sessions to complete one minor stage of body refining.

If there would have been any other person in my place, they would have needed five sessions to complete the Initial stage of the 1st level of the Arctic Snow Body Refining Method.

But I dont have that problem, I have the immense vitality of the Elite Viscount Stored inside me, today I not only plan to finish of initial stage but I will also try Mid-level and if my body able to bear it then will go even further.

Currently, my body is in no condition to refine that bubbling mana in the speed I want, If I want to refine my mana in a quick speed then I will need stronger body and even stronger magic veins.

After spreading concentrated Blood completly over my body, I somehow sat on the floor in the center of the runic formation. This blood is so damn cold that it had me a popsicle, if I did not have the strong body, I would completly turn into the popsicle with the amount of concentrated blood I’ve had spread all over my body.

After the sitting center of the formation, I placed one thousend year deep arctic ice in front of me and placed four different Ice attributed herbs on my left and right side.

The formation had a specific space for all the material, a simple misplacement could bring me disastrous affected that is why I am extremely careful and double-checked everything.


After that, I took out another small bottle that had faint red liquid, I pour that red liquid into the cup and added a white flower inside it and the next moment sizzling sound could be heard from the cup as the flower completly melted in the red liquid.

The red liquid is the concentrated blood of the Lava beast of Knight grade while the white flower is Healing medicine.

Hearing the sizzling sound, I immediately gulped the whole thing while same time activating the formation. I hope this blood which is not tingling my vampire senses won’t give me too much pain.


The formation made the buzzing sound as it activated but I am no mood to hear that as currently, I am feeling like I have eaten the lava and it is taking my all to not scream top of my lungs.

This is fucking painful.

I am feeling pain, extreme pain as the lava-like blood started coursing through every part of my body, even the freezing cold blood I spread all over my body is taking no effect to lessen this raging lava coursing through my body.

Fuck! Why I had overestimated myself, if I had done this is in sessions, I wouldn’t have to experience this hell-like pain.


Minutes passed and the pain reached my limit, I was just about to scream when I felt slight coldness against my body. First, it was just slight but as time passed it kept increasing till it is able to equate the lava coursing through my veins.

My eyes flew open as I felt little reprieve from pain only to see I am completly covered in herbal smelling icy fog and this fog slowly seeping into my body.

This fog not only extremely cold but it also has a very thick herbal scent, one didnt have to be genius to know where this came from even if one covered in very dense fog.

This Arctic Snow Body Refining Method is quite good, it used the blood of the lava beast as the balancing ingredient against the coldness that will refine my body.

So, the icy fog would only strengthen my body not freeze it. If not for the Blood of the lava beast, it would simply freeze my body like the ice.

As the hot and cold started to clash, vitality came down and started to merge with them and also healing all the wounds my body getting during the refining process.

Every ingredient has a function, they work flawlessly in refining my body.


Time passed by and I quietly watched and experience the process, not only I am seeing every inch of my body but I am also keeping an eye on the vitality in heart space.

I will need a lot of vitality to heal the injuries I will suffer during refinement of that bubbling hot blood energy. So, I was worried about the amount of Vitality I will need for this refining process but it looks like my worries were unfounded.

The vitality I have is that of Viscount Elite, so the fraction of vitality would be enough for the refining. Till now the process hadn’t even taken 1% of the vitality I have.


I sucked the sharp breath as I felt in immense coldness creeping inside every cell of my body.

First I had only felt the intense pain during the start of the refining but when the coldness seeped in, the pain is negated by the opposite effect as there hotness and coldness at the same time but now Coldness is clearly whittling away the hotness bit by bit.

This coldness is not freezing but sort of tearing every cell of my body before stuffing itself inside it. This process is extremely painful, a similar level of pain as earlier.

As for the hot energy, it is melting whatever harmful cold energy spreading in my body.

Time passed as I bore this extreme pain with gritted teeth, as I know after this process is done I will become quite strong, so I kept enduring the pain with the biting coldness.

As the refining going over my body, a thin layer of ice had formed above my body and this thin layer seemed to have no effect on the white fog as it continuously seeping through it my body without a problem.

Dont know how much time later, I felt the fog surrounding started thin out and the biting pain also started to lessen.

“About two and a half hour!” I said as I looked at the small watch in the training room. The whole process took about two and a half hour and I could feel my body is brimming with strength.

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