“What are your thoughts about her uncle Jim?” I asked the man behind the desk, this time his expression quite respected.

“Most of what she said true, she may have omitted some details but one thing is sure she is no way spy.” said the middle-aged man with confidence.

“That’s the thing I am most sure about, even a Prince would not use such treasure as a spy.” The confirmed man behind the desk.

“Her Bloodline had mutated into the Special Bloodline, that gave her powerful soul which is powerful enough to destroy the restriction seal I had made,” he muttered himself before looking at the middle-aged man.

“You noticed her charm right?” as the man behind the desk, a slight trace of astonishment could be heard from his voice.


“I have come across many Carnal Bloodlines and lucky enough to come across some powerful ones too, with my experience Ramon I could tell you that Bloodline of this girl is very powerful.”

“The level of Charm she emits at Mid Knight level is comparable to that powerful Carnal Bloodline emits at Initial Baron level, so you have to be careful of such charm.”

“You can’t trust Richards word’s alone, you should let someone have sex with her to see how her Charm and Carnal Bloodline ability works. If it creates infatuation, addiction or its just create a favorable impression as Richard said, you have to be very careful when it comes to Powerful Carnal abilities.”

“They are a treasure but if handled wrongly they can turn into complete Calamity.” Stated middle-aged man.

The man behind the desk just nodded and stayed quiet like if his thinking something, middle-age man didnt say something as he knew this is his normal behavior.

“What do you think of Trevor? I think he is the best candidate for the test.” said the man behind the desk.

“Yes, he is at the Peak Viscount (Level 3) and seeing his Bloodline and talent he should have been leveled up to Count (Level 4) long ago if not the trauma he had suffered.”

“He will be a perfect candidate, not only you will able to know the true power of her Bloodline but you will also gain the favor of your father if he is able to advance.” said the middle-aged man while feeling impressed again at this young man’s intelligence.

He is wise beyond his age and very intelligent, that is why he had decided to follow him instead of his other sibling despite him having low talent and bloodline weaker than his sibling.

“Let’s make preparation and done with this soon before we leave for warzone, that’s when she will be most useful to me,” said man behind the table.

“So Carl what do you think about me, am I beautiful?” I asked a muscled man walking beside me playfully.

We have been walking silently for a few minuits without talking a bit and I wanted to break the ice of awkwardness between us as I have to ask so many things to him.

The reason I have asked this specific question because I know he is gay because I wasn’t feeling any speck of lust from him and second my gaydar is quite good.

“You are very beautiful if I were interested in women, I wouldn’t be able to resist your beauty like these idiots,” he said while looking toward the people who have stopped on their tracks after seeing my face.

Some of them would have even approached me if not for an Intimidating man like Carl standing beside me.

With Madeline’s bracelets confining my charm and protecting me against the intrusion, I see no need to wear a veil anymore. As for attention I dont feel any uncomfortable even enjoying it seeing the emotion of lust in them charging up as their eyes fall on me.

Many people wanted to approach me to be it men or women but seeing bearlike intimidating presence Carl no one dare to approach me, we have come across some viscount and even one count on the way but they just looked me but didnt approach.

I am quite shocked when I such numbers of powerhouses I have come across just walking around the mansion, the numbers I saw would be enough to eradicate the forces of my family, that is why desperately wanted to know just who he is and how can he have such powerful force in his hands.

“As you know this my first time in the Blackstaff city, even in the whole Seer continent, it would be nice if you tell little about it, so I would not make any mistakes unintentionally ?” I asked.

He smiled a little hearing my question but the next moment started to explain earnestly.

“As you may have heard, the Seer continent being chaotic and there is war everywhere?” he asked, I nodded as that I have heard. “Well mostly its true, with such high concentration of different races and lands filled with resources, there ought to be chaos right?” He said and I nodded.

“There are no Empires and Kingdoms in the Seer continent but we have a system and that is city-state states but single city stage can survive alone and that is why there are alliances, Blackstaff city is also part alliance called Six Star Alliance.”

“This Alliance has six city-states, our Blackstaff city is one of the city-states and each city-state has at least Five Prince level powerhouses.”

“Lancer City is the strongest City-state in the Six-star alliance and the Castellan of Lancer city also chief of the alliance, it is said that he had is Middle Stage of Prince level,” he said.

I couldnt help but shocked hearing this, Vampire Prince equal to the Human Demigod I and Prince (Demigod I) stage is divided into the seven parts, it is said that each crossing each stage is extremely difficult.

The thing most shocked when he said that there are at least five Prince Level powerhouses in each city.

When did the Prince Level powerhouses become so common that they could exist in every city? In the kingdom, there were only seven Prince Level powerhouses but in this Seer continent, the single city has that many powerhouses.

Looks like I have underestimated the power of one of the Strongest continents way too much.

“How many Prince level powerhouses does the Black Staff city have?” I asked.

“Blackstaff city has six Prince level powerhouses, Agustus Family and Black Dagger Mercenaries have two Prince level powerhouses while Cornelia and Gant Family have one Prince level powerhouse each.”

So his family has two Prince level powerhouses, on the way to the Blackstaff Richard had told me the name his Master is Ramon Agustus, which means that Ramon has the two Prince level powerhouses in his family.

If this had been in the kingdom, this Agustus family would have been the most powerful family after the Royal house.

I wanted to ask him another question but we have reached the place where I will be stying.

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