There are about eighteen books that came in floating in front of me, all of them have a different cover with the name of the method and their Grade written on it.

They are Energy Refining Methods and Body Refining Methods. I am a little disappointed seeing there are no combat methods or Soul methods among them but how rare are the combat and soul methods that they could be given casually.

The thing that shocked me most is that all of these methods are Advanced-Grade methods, in my family, there are only two Advanced-Grade methods but he brought eighteen in front of me and I am sure there are not all the methods he has.

I picked one book from the air and I felt no resistance from it, I felt like I have picked it from the solid shelf.

I am quite surprised seeing this because I have seen my mother do the same thing and know what level of control it requires over the soul energy to do this.

The first book I picked is an Energy Refinement Method, though I have no need for energy refinement as the Moonwell Method is the most suitable method for me.

I am just checking them to broaden my horizon and I dont want to act odd, as anyone of my place would be very excited to see and that is how acting as I check one book after another.

Soon I finished with Energy Refinement Methods and Started on th Body refinement method and again got surprised to see that all the energy refinement methods have a water elemental or its variations which is the element my bloodline had the most affinity with.

After reading all the methods, I am confident that all the energy methods would have at least 50% affinity with my bloodline.

These are one of the most amazing Body Refinement Methods I have ever seen. The only time I have seen then Advanced-Grade body refinement method is in uncle David’s collection, I wanted to browse more but my parents called me back saying it is very rude.

Of the nine Body Refinement Methods, five are Regular Body Refinement Methods while the other four are Beautiful Body Methods and all of them are amazing.

The only problem with them that all of them could only be practiced till the Viscount method, as for the part above levels I am sure he has it but he hadn’t shown it.

After reading about all the Body Refinement Methods I fell into the dilemma, all the nine body refinement methods are amazing that is had become very difficult to choose from them.

“I will take the Arctic Snow Body Refining Method!” I said finally after much deliberation.

“Are you sure you want to Practice Arctic method, this method is very hard to practice!” I heard a soft feminine voice say. When I looked up I saw it was Isabell.

While I was completely lost in studying the methods, three people had entered the room unknowingly, two of them are Isabell and Richard while other is a very muscular man with a very heavy broad and long sword behind his back.

“Isabell is right, through the Artic Snow method could be said to be the best Body Refining Method, it is very hard to practice,” he said as he took the seat.

“I’ve decided!” I said firmly as I know only this method is capable of helping.

Arctic Snow is a Beautiful Body Method but despite that, it is isn’t weaker than the Regular Body Refinement method. Arctic Method could be said to be a method that has power and defense given by regular body refining methods and beauty provided by beautiful body methods.

Practicing it, one will body as fair as snow and defense as hard as the arctic ice but the problem is it is very hard to practice and resources it required are also quite rare and expensive than other body refining methods.

Others might think I chose this method to get Body fair as slow or get defense hard as the Arctic but I know if I had wanted beauty and defense there are other body refinement methods that would have provided me something like this individually.

The reason I chose this method because it offers solid magic veins strengthening, other body refining method also provides the magic veins strengthening but their magic veins strengthening is not as solid as Arctic snow.

Richard’s fire type energy had left my energy lake bubbling that I am still feeling slightly hot because of it. If I want to practice my mana refinement swiftly then I will have to take huge mana for circulation which my mana veins are in no condition to handle despite them being intensely strengthened during my mana refining by the secondary effect of Moonwell method.

I will need strong magic veins if I want to refine my blood energy quickly, if I were to go cautiously then it will take more than a month to refine my energy and I dont have that much time.

“Since you have decided I will not say something, the resources for the 1st level will be provided by me as for resources for the 2nd level and 3rd level, you will have to acquire them yourself or you can acquire them from me after you accumulated enough merit,” he said.

I nodded happily, the resources required for practicing the Arctic Snow method are quite huge, just 1st level resources would cost around seven to eight thousand gold which takes years for normal knight grade to earn.

This cost of resources is what makes most people shy away from practicing the Body refining method.

“Your veil’s grade is too low, it could not shield you from inquisitiveness of slightly stronger soul sense,” he said and very beautiful ruby laid bracelet flew out his table toward me.

“This is Grade 4 Soul Artifact called Madeline’s Bracelet, it will not only save you from the other’s Inquisitive soul sense of others but it will also amplify soul arts,” he said as Ruby laid bracelet appears in my hand.

I am not the only one who is shocked by him giving me this artifact, Isabell, Richard and Muscular man is also shocked by this.

The Grade 2 veil I have is cost the fortune and this artifact he had given me is Grade 4 which not only interferes with other soul sense but could also amplify my soul attacks.

It a worth fortune that even my parents won’t be able to buy it even if they sold all of their artifacts.

This Bracelet is very beautiful, it is made of ruby-like gems and purple-colored metal. All over bracelet extremely tiny runic array’s are carved. Whoever crafted this artifact must be a true master.

After I wore the bracelet, I add my soul energy in it which is barely able to activate, I am able to use all its functions but not to the fullest degree. I think to fully use this artifact, I will then need to complete the 2nd level of the tower at the least.

Still, even at the current stage, it is enough to ward off the soul sense of ordinary Count level powerhouse.

“Lilith Carl will be your guard from today if you need anything or go somewhere, you can ask carl.” He said motioning toward the muscular man.

“He and Isabell will also train you for tomorrow in conventional weapons and telekinesis,” he said which surprised me but soon smiled appeared on my face.

I so much needed formal training especially in telekinesis, all my mother were able to give a few shorts tips due to time constraints.

Isabell’s face looks neutral as it is, I can’t tell if she is happy or sad except for knowing she is also feeling lust for me.

Carl nodded at me with a smile, I also returned his smile. Carl is a rare man among the vampires as vampires did not have a muscular body, their physique is always lean and toned.

Even if a fat man became a Vampire, he would have lean and tone in a few years, its just how vampires are but Carl is obviously muscular and little buffed which is different from regular vampire and there could be the only reason for this and that is Bloodline.

“Carl takes Lilith to her place and Lilith, I will call you in a few days when I have an assignment for you,” he said. “Yes, master,” said Carl and while I just nodded seeing he didnt tell me what to call him.

Taking one last look at the man behind the desk, I started to follow Carl out of the office.

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