“You have truly piqued my curiosity, tell me more about this treasure?” Said the man behind the table.


Richard became instantly happy, he had been waiting for this moment for days.


“Master, I have come across her when I went to apprehend Thomas on the intercontinental airship.”


“She has High-level Carnal Bloodline, it is very powerful enough to induce the strong lustful emotions from Viscount while being at just Early-stage Knight,” Richard said and stopped.


When he looked around, all the people in the office have an expression of shock, even Sir Aeron’s who always have a stoic face no matter the condition now has a shock written on his face as well.


One can’t blame them from feeling shocked, the Carnal Bloodlines are always been very rare and now coming across High level it is a shocking thing, Richard very well knows how important the Carnal bloodline is to the high-level powerhouses.




Richard couldn’t help but laugh internally when he saw their faces if they are shocked by hearing just this, then I wonder how shocked they would when they heard my next words.


“She had gained two very strong Bloodline abilities one Carnal type and other is Soul type.”


“The Carnal Bloodline ability is powerful enough that it can make Elite Viscount like me forget the sense of self when it was activated during the intercourse,” Richard said. When he said that a dazed look couldn’t help but appear on his face as if still remembering the feeling of extreme orgasm.


But soon he recovered from the daze and continued as he felt the frightening gaze of the monster at him.


“Her Soul type ability is telekinesis and it is very powerful that she was able to completely activated Isabell’s Grade 1 Telekinesis Artifact with ease,” he said.


“What?” said Isabell, the complete shock could be seen written on her face.


Isabell clearly remembers when Richard came at her asking for her Grade 1 Telekinesis Artifact to give it to his little lover. She didn’t want to give to Richard first since it is her first Telekinesis Artifact and holds special importance to her.


But she gave him her telekinesis artifact finally after Richard promised to give something better in return, now looks like life if I would have asked more in return Richard would have given me unhesitatingly.


After all, that girl is bound to rise with her high-level Carnal Bloodline and powerful Carnal Bloodline ability, and when that coupled with powerful telekinesis ability, her value because even more precious than even Master won’t able to keep her long before long it was taken by someone high in the family.


“Is what you said true Richard? You know the consequence of lying!” asked the man behind the desk. Hearing the warning, Richard’s heart shuddered as he clearly knows the consequences.


“Master everything I am telling the truth, you can verify with your own senses,” Richard said calmly.


“Call her, I’ll verify everything and if everything that you said is true then you won’t be disappointed by the reward.” said the man behind the desk.


Hearing that Richard turned very happy, as he knows everything he said is true, so he will be receiving quite a huge reward today. His dream of directly becoming Elite Count after leveling up won’t be just a dream.

Fuck! this is really uncomfortable, I could feel jealous and hate full gaze of Karen staring daggers at me while the other man is looking at me lust in its eyes.


He may look simple and cute like the boy next door but he is a very naughty boy, not only he is having lustful thoughts at me but he is also having lustful thoughts for Karen as well, the lustful thoughts he is having toward the Karen are more intense than what is having toward me.


I was just busy with my though when the door opened and Richard walk out with a very bright smile on his face but I could still few traces of worry hidden in that bright smile.


“Lilith come, master wants to meet you,” said Richard as he asked me to enter the door with him.


I instantly noticed the change in Richards’s behavior when he talked to me just now. Before there used to be an aura of prestige in every action Richards made toward me but now that aura of prestige had dimmed down very much.


He is also way more polite than before and most importantly he didn’t touch even a bit which he used to in every chance he got.


I didnt think much and now I have a time as Richard had opened the door and we walked inside.


When I entered the room, I saw there are already three people present in the room and my eyes had instantly fallen on the very handsome young man who looked twenty-three, twenty-four years old is sitting behind a very ornate desk.


He is very handsome with dark Violet hair and deep black eyes like a black hole which made one feel like their soul would be sucked in it if they stare them too long.


The thing surprises me that for some reason I can sense his level but not his battle power as if his battle power shrouded in the thick fog. As for his level, it is very high, he is Early-stage Count (Level 4).


I was shocked sensing that, he looked about my brother’s age but shockingly he is two levels higher than him.


Behind the young man is a middle-aged man, from whom I am feeling nothing no level, no battle power. Its like this middle-aged man is a normal man who didnt practice but I know exactly the opposite is true.


He is likely a very powerful powerhouse, at least at Peak Count (Level 4) or higher, most importantly he is human, of all the Vampires present, he is only human and seeing where he is standing, he is likely the protector of the young man.


Suddenly I felt two very powerful soul senses scanning over me, they were so powerful that the defense of Veil nothing but a paper block in front of them, they tear through it.


“Take out your veil!” said the young man behind the Ornate desk, without asking back I simply removed the veil off my face.




There is a sudden sound of sharp breaths rang across the room just like it happened in the Airship when pirate took off my veil but this time reaction is very mild, here there are no low-level powerhouses, except for me, everyone here is Viscount or higher.


“Richard is right, you are indeed a treasure.” said the man behind the desk to me.


While he is looking at me, I am also looking at him and unsurprisingly I sensed no lust from him, not only him but also from the middle-aged man behind him.


Looks like my ability has a limit. I can’t sense the battle power or lust from the Count level powerhouses if their mind is protected.


“Use the telekinesis artifact on your hand!” Ordered the handsome man behind the counter, I nodded and did as he told me.


The silver-gold bracelet separated and turned to nine small knives and started to fly around me with them covered faint golden light as the inscribed runic formation lit on them.


I could feel sharp gazes of people I did that, tracking every movement I made.


“Richard, Isabell you go out for a moment, I have something important to talk to Lilith!” The man behind the desk said.


The eyes he is looking at me became deeper and a very mysterious invisible feeling started came out of him.


This feeling is very hard to describe but it made me realize that the young man behind the desk is a very frightening individual who has immense power that goes behind his level.


Richard and Isabell left after bowing to the man behind the desk, only I, middle-aged man and the man behind the desk left in the Room.


“Now Lilith let’s talk about that Bloodline of yours?” said the man behind the desk.

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