A huge gasp came out of my mouth when I looked outside my window. Below me is a huge city, a city that seemed to stretch forever. I have been to the Capital of the kingdom before got very awestruck by it but this city I am descending to is bigger than capital, almost double size.

Hell, this city is much larger than any city on earth. From the above, the view of the city looked beautiful. I could not see the building well from top but looking at their structure, I could see that they are very beautifully built.


I said loudly when I saw a man riding the fat winged beast, looking around I found many people riding the beasts.

The Tamed Beasts! And in such huge numbers. It is very hard to tame the beast, especially the space beast or the beast that is related to Space beast or have Bloodline of it.

The Seer continent really lived up to its reputation, in the kingdom it is very hard to find the tamed beast but here they are everywhere, many people could be seen Riding them.

Not only the beasts but small and big size airships could be seen streaking through the sky of the city, this Blacksaff city seemed way more developed than I had previously thought.

I thought the city would be smaller than the capital, at most, it would be the level of Sable but it seemed like I was utterly wrong.

The airship seemed to be descending toward the huge mansion, I thought when airship reached close to the ground. The Mansion is very huge and beside it is the Hanger of Airship where there already more than twenty Airships could be seen.


The airship descended on the hanger with a thud, just as it did few maintenance guys came running toward it.


I was just looking outside the window when Richard came into my room. “Let’s go!” he said.

I nodded and both of us walked out of my room, this is my first time getting out of my cabin suit. I have been trapped into the cabin for more than a week, I hope this Master would give me some freedom than just keep me locked up in the room and coming to me whenever he needed to fuck.

By the exit of Airship, four people were already waiting, three of them were the same people I saw when I entered this Airship first time, as for the fourth one, he is a man who is bounded in the Runic chains that Richard had attacked the passenger I was in for.

“Let’s go, Master must be waiting for us!” said the beautiful women to the Richard, she took a good look at me before opening the door of the airship and walking out.

The Mansion is bigger and more beautiful than I had expected, It is a simple white color and had a soft design that is very pleasing to the eye which gave one a sense of calm.

Looking at this building, one could easily able to tell that it is the home of the Vampire and not human as such elegance structure could only be choice of Vampire, if there had a human who made this Architecture, it would not have been this simple, there would be some ostentatiousness in the simpleness.

It is much better than the gaudy and overly extravagant building of the Capital.

I look around as we walked toward the Mansion and surprised to find that there are many people are around the Mansion and all of them seemed very busy in their tasks.

There are not only Vampires but many humans also, which is a little surprising to me, seeing the humans is not a big thing as they will be present whenever the vampires are but seeing them in such numbers is a great surprise in the estate of the Vampire.

Richard seemed to notice my surprise as well but he didn’t explain as he continues walking toward the Mansion.

The inside of the Mansion is even more beautiful, everywhere I eyes fell I see Art, be it paintings, statues, weapons are hanging by the wall, I wanted to take a good look at some of them but sad I was able to as I have to walk behind the Richard who’s smile getting bigger and bigger as we climb the stairs.

I am not the only one who noticed that those who are walking around and those who greeted Isabell and Richard on the way also noticed it but Richard didn’t seem to care about it.

Soon we reached the fifth floor and where security seemed very tight and atmosphere little serious, we walked for minuit and soon we come across wide space where two Mid-Stage Viscount (Level 3) were guarding a door.

This is likely that Master’s office, two Mid-stage Viscount Guards and the office that is protected by power Runic formation could be used by Master that Richard often mentioned.

“Mr. Richard and Ms. Isabell, Lord Ramon is waiting.” said one guard.

“You stay here, I will call you when the master asked to see you.” Said, Richard as he, Isabella and the chained man went in while I, Karen and that young man stood out.

“Richard and Isabell, you have done a good job.” said the man behind the ornate table as Richard and Isabell gave him a full summary of their mission.

“Thomas, you have made a huge mistake in running away, that secrete is not something you can keep for yourself.” said the man behind the table.

The chained man did not say anything except for fiercely glaring at the man behind the table.

“I have to spend quite a fortune to find you but its all worth it now you are here”

“I’ll be frank you with Thomas since I know torture won’t work on you, as long as you tell me the location of that place not only would I take you with me but I will also release you with all the gains you will get from that place.” said the man behind the Ornate table.

“You think I am an idiot Ramon, very few people know you better than I do.” Spat Chained man in his raspy voice.

“Hehe, I know you would not believe me but you would believe if I take the Blood Oath right?” said the man behind the table.

Hearing the word blood Oath, everyone’s expression changed especially of the chained man.

“Give me some time to think about it.” said the chained man after some time.

“I’ll give you some time to think about it but don’t take too much time Thomas, as you know I am not a very patient man,” said the man behind the counter.

A few seconds later, a man came out from the left door and took the chained man away.

“So, tell me, Richard, why are you being so excited? you are so excited that you are barely able to maintain the straight face.” Asked the man behind the table.

“Master I’ve found the treasure, the treasure that no one our city has, I dare to say that in a few years her value will far surpass the secret that Thomas holds,” Richard said.

It is a big statement that it had instantly changed the expression of everyone’s faces dramatically as everyone clearly aware of the level of secrete that Thomas knows.

So when Richard said that treasure he had found will surpass in the future, everyone became very very curious as they know Richard wouldn’t dare to make such a statement, especially in front of Master.

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