This is the 4th day and each day I make several times more progress than the previous day and I started to notice several things which made me ecstatic.

The first is that my mental fortitude is increasing constantly due to me challenging my mental limit constantly at every turn and because of that not only I was able to take more Energy for circulation but can also endure more pain.

I don’t know if it’s true or not but ever since I started this crazy refining, I also steadily advancing in the telekinesis that my control over it getting better.

I did not think walking on a tightrope of mental breakdown would give me such amazing benefits.

But they are not the only benefits I’ve received, with the cycles of constant refining from Level 3 fire energy and Healing from Physical energy, my body and magic veins started changes.

They have started to become very tough and resilient, though I still very injured during the circulation, its due to my refining hundreds of times more mana than I started.

If I were to circulate the same amount mana I had circulated the first time two days ago of Level 3 Energy Refinement, my body and magic veins would not be get affected even bit, that’s how big the change is.

It is because of the constant refining and healing of my body, my body goes through this torturous cycle every second for fifteen hours every day and due to it, it had become very strong and resilient that I am confident that my body had become stronger than those who refine their bodies with Basic Level Method and moving toward those who Refine their bodies with the Intermediate method.

My body had been already strong due to boost from my bloodline and now through this crazy refining, I am confident that my current body is stronger than the Level 1 (Knight) Vampire who practice Basic Grade Body Refinement and I am at just Early stage of Level 1.

The fifth day started and the benefits I got while refining kept getting increased because of my mental fortitude and every cell of the body being strengthened.

The only thing I have to do is to bear soul-crushing torturous pain and kept challenging my limit at every circulation as long do that then I will be able to finish the challenge within the time I have given to myself.

Of all previous days today I am most injured not only I am bleeding through eyes, nose, ears, and fingers but blood also seeping through the various tears formed on my skin.

The fire energy is rampaging through my body, burning every obstacle it comes across, if not for me having physical energy then it wouldn’t have taken me one minute to die under the rampage of this energy.

What I am doing is extremely dangerous but I have no choice, whenever I thought about what I experienced in the pirate ship and my current condition, my blood started to boil.

I don’t want to be helpless, weak and forever in captivity, I don’t want to become just a vessel to vents their lust. Because of my beauty, I know what will happen to me if I always remain weak, I’ll always be a playing of the stronger.

That is why I have to become stronger and to become one even if I have to experience ten times more torturous pain this, I am ready for it.

Time passed and evening came and that is when a small smile formed on the corner of my lips, my bright red blister skin started to return to normal shade and sizzling smoke also stopped coming out of it.

The challenge I have given to myself finally completed, I have refined all the blood energy from the lake, now lake became crystal clear again and excluding faint moonshine.

The lake even if it imaginary is the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen especially when nymph could be seen playing happily in the lake.

Of the three energies, I got from Richard, I’ve had refined Soul energy and Blood energy, and now the only one remains is Physical energy. Its size had greatly diminished compared to five days ago, due to healing my injuries every second only about 20% of it Physical left.

As I was checking my heart space, I suddenly remembered an important thing, I quickly withdraw my conscience from my heart space and looked at my Blood Core to know at which Sequence of refinement I was circulating Mana under.


17th Sequence! My mind is completely blown away, I had expected my refinement to be above 10th, likely to be 11th or 12th but I had never expected it to be above 12th as after 12th Sequence, the purity of energy entered Level 2 purity.

That means I have gained one of the basic requirements to level up to Level 2. Though the current Celestial Method is comparable to the Basic-grade method means

That means even if I somehow level up with this purity to Level 2 (Baron Level), I would be the weakest Level 2 warrior that even some slightly strong Level 1 warrior could defeat.

I had already decided that I will only Level up to Level 2 when the purity of my energy will reach Level 3 (Viscount).

There is a total of 72 Refinement in the Moonwell Celestial Method, 1st to 12th refinement for Level 1, 13th to 36th for Level 2 and 37th to 72nd for Level 3.

The Sequences for Level 1 is further divided theirs divided into four parts, such as in Level 1st to 3rd Sequence for the Early stage of Level 1, 4th to 6th Sequence for Mid-level of Level 1, 7th to 9th Sequence for High level of Level 1 and 10th to 12th Sequence for Peak level of Level 1. Other levels are also divided into four parts similarly.

I took a deep breath and prepared to level up to Mid-stage of Level 1, I had sensed it when I finished refining my mana.

The leveling process is very simple, I just have to drive my energy in a certain way in my blood core and the level up process will start automatically.

I did just that and started to level up, each level up to advance one in every aspect. As I was leveling up, I could feel the change is happening in every part of myself.

Energy, Soul, Body everything is advancing as I calmly felt the changes happening in me. The changes kept happening in my body for about ten minutes before stopping.

After leveling up to the Mid-stage of Level 1, I looked inside my heart space and I felt that it had gotten slightly bigger and there is even a change in my energy lake.

My energy lake became a little deep and now it could store 10% more energy.

From what I know, every level up between stages will increase the size of the lake by 10% of the original and when one level up between stages the size would increase by 70%.

After observing the change that my level up brought, I walk toward the bathroom for the shower as my I am still caked in dried skin and blood.

After a long shower, I got out of the bathroom and stood completely naked in front of the full-length mirror observing the changes the level up brought to my body.

Mother was right, I do become little more beautiful as I level up to Mid-stage of Level 1, my mother said that every level up will increase my beauty even more.

The change is minor but clearly noticeable those who had seen me before. I had become more beautiful, I wonder if my charm had also increased as well, that will be very helpful, I thought.

I wore another exquisite underwear and laid on the as five books came floating above me.

I am feeling very tired after the hell-like refinement of today and just want to sleep but I didn't, practicing telekinesis is just as important as refining energy, no matter how tired I am I will at least practice for an hour before I could allow myself to sleep.

My control has increased quite significantly that I can perform complicated moved with them without making them fall on the floor.


I heard my suits door opened only to see Karen entering inside, I was hoping it was Richard so I can have some fuck, I had been craving that wonderful feeling of orgasm for some time.

Well, one can't get happiness always sometime one has to bear the disappointment.

"You level up?" Karen asked as she put away my dinner on the table, "Duh!" I said like a valley girl.


I could feel her glaring at me but I didn't care and seeing that she left angrily while closing the door with a bang.

I practiced for two hours and ate dinner after that, by the time I finished dinner I wasn't able to control the sleep in my eyes.

In the middle of the night, I was in deep sleep when I felt hands on me but I did not wake up thinking it is one of the wet dreams that I am having but sometime later, feeling of pleasure spread through my body like a firework and I knew it was real and when I opened my eyes, I found Richard is hungrily feasting on my pussy.

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