Finally, Richard laid beside me a while still reeling in the aftershocks of intense orgasm.

We fucked the whole night, I don’t know how many times I have come but its definitely more than two dozen times. Richard had been fucking me all night without taking even minute of rest.

After that wave of amplified orgasm crashed across us first time, I thought Richard would too tired to continue but I was so wrong as he started again after taking bit of rest.

I had way too under underestimated the prowess of level 3 Elite Vampire and comparing it to my partner’s on earth but I am sure about one thing that only those of Level 3 are capable of having sex with me all night.

The reason is those the amplified orgasms which came whenever my partner orgasmed. It drains too much of the energy as it is very very intense, especially for my partner.

From my estimate, I think those of Level 1 (Knight) will only last till one orgasm and those of Level 2 (Baron) will last 3 to 4 orgasms and if they are elite level 2 more but despite that, they will not last the whole night before they got completly drained.

Only those who are at Level 3 (Viscount) will able to fuck me all night and not get extremly tired. The reason for all this is that amplified orgasm which lets one have a trip to heaven but it is very taxing on the body.

As the reason for this amplified orgasm and how that is not draining me whole except for making me a little sour and tired is my Bloodline.

I am confident that it is my Bloodline’s doing, as whenever Richard started to come, I felt something activating in my body and the orgasm I and Richard felt got amplified by many times.

Is this my bloodline ability? I asked myself suddenly and it dawned on me that this may be my bloodline ability, an ability that can amplify pleasure.

I don’t know what to think about this ability of mine, on one hand, I like it very much, I am like a person who the first-time experience the Ecstacy and now want to take every day and on the other hand, I am little sad as I am hoping, I would gain an offensive type ability.

Not that I complaining about this ability, I like it very much as I who had never had the sexual pleasure now had the chance to experience it and the pleasure I am getting is many time more than other’s, that other’s could only dream in their wildest dream.

If not for me being tired and my being pussy being sore, I would have asked Richard to go for one more round.

“This is the best sex I’ve had in my whole life, if not I had to leave in an hour for important work, I would have kept making love to you,” said Richard as he caresses my breasts.

I could tell he is telling the truth as I can sense the immense lust he had for me.

“You are leaving!” I asked Richard putting shy expression and little unwilling expression.

"Yes, Master had given us a very important mission, I and Isabell will be out for three days to one week," He said as he looked at my naked body longingly

“You will have to stay in your suit I am afraid but don’t worry, I will ask Karen to take care of all of your needs,” he said and I just nodded.

I did not demand anything from me as I know they will not be fulfilled as I am the Captive and extremely beautiful one which could enchant anyone with her beauty and it will mistake if they give me little freedom and I escaped.

A person like me had to be held carefully and Karen is the best choice as she is very jealous of me and likely hate me. I expect nothing from the elite Level 3 warrior who despite feeling immense lust toward me, still able to think with a clear mind.

I have to tread in this dangerous environment carefully and became stronger otherwise I will always be someone’s captive due to my beauty.

I did not sweat about it much as there is no use over-thinking about it, so it will be fine as long as I have a clear goal in my mind and I kept walking toward it without stopping. With that thought, I closed my eyes to sleep.

Knock Knock….Click!

I was awoken by a loud knocking voice and just when I opened my eyes, I saw door opening and figure of Karen walked inside the suit with an angry face and glaring eyes.

Seeing her like that, I leisurely got up so that duvet that had to cover me fell down and I appear in front of Kaaren in fully naked, I intentionally displayed my perfect body to make this bitch Karen more jealous.

She was dumbstruck for a few seconds as I kept staring at my naked body before snapping back to reality and glared at me even more hatefully.

One could tell just looking at the condition of the suit to know what happened here. There is a thick smell of sex lingering in the suit, that one sniff enough to imagine what happened in the room.

“Sir Richard had asked me to keep an eye on you, till sir Richard returned you will not able to take a step outside the suit,” Karen said as her voice was full of gloating and double meaning.

I just nodded at her expressionlessly and did not say anything which made her angrier as I did not fall to her provocation.

“Now, follow me,” she said and I started to follow her naked, seeing that she stopped on the track.

“Why arent you wearing any clothes, do you want to walk naked?” she barked at me angrily, “But you didnt give me time to were clothes,” I said innocently which made her amber eyes even darker in anger.

Looking at how angry she looked and how her hands balled into the fist, I thought she would lose control and attacked me, forgetting consequences that she will have to face later but to my surprise, she only closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, they became a lot calmer but I could still see the anger in her eyes.

“Wear some clothes.” she spat without looking at me. I leisurely started to search for my clothes while hoping they hadn’t been torn as I really like that spider silk dress.

Thank God! I thought as I looked at the dress which is perfectly fine condition except for it being crumpled which can easily be fixed with the wave of blood energy.

Though the dress survived, the lingerie had not been lucky as they were torn by impatient Richard last night.

“Let’s go!” Karen said just as I finished wearing the cloths. I followed her out of the suit and entered my suite which is just a few steps away from the Richards.

“Sir Richard has everything arranged for you including clothes which are in the closet and your lunch is placed on the table.”

“You are not allowed to get off this suit and you can’t demand anything, I will only come here two times a day to give you dinner and lunch,” She said as she left with a huff before I could say anything.

What a bitch! I cursed

After she left, I remove the dress I am wearing and walked into the bathroom completely naked and took a good shower as I don’t want to smell like sex all day.

What Karen said is true, when I opened the closet after getting out the shower, I found it full of different types of clothes and some of them comparable even better than the dress I wore last night and my veil is also present there.

After wearing comfortable clothes, I stretched my body a few times and started to do yoga to calm my mind from the chaotic thoughts I am having.

As I got into the familiar rhythm of Yoga, all the chaotic thoughts that were running in my mind started to calm down. Though yoga helps the body, it also helps the mind and it is one of the reasons that I was able to get out of the worst phase of my life.

It was nearly two hours when I stopped, I have performed half an hour more than I usually do, normally I usually do yoga for one and half hour, only when I am stressed out I took more than one and half hour.

After doing yoga I was about to start practicing my energy refinement method when my eyes fell on the crumpled dress on the bed, I decided to iron it and place it on my closet before practicing the mana refinement.


I let out a surprised sound, as I went to summon my blood energy to clean up the dress, I found that I wasn’t able to and the only thing I felt is hot in my core when I tried to summon my blood energy.

I tried again and again but there is no result, except feeling hot in my blood core, I felt no response from my blood energy and that scared the hell out me.

Seeing my blood energy is not working, I tried using my soul energy to lift a dress and it worked without problem as the dress lifted in the air.

Seeing my soul energy working just fine, I decided to check my heart space to check the problem of my blood energy.


When I looked inside my heart space, I am shocked by what I saw. The big changes had occurred in my heart space, especially in my lake of blood energy.

My energy lake which was crystal clear and had slight silvery radiance in it had changed, it is now turned red and the whole lake is boiling intensely.

My Soul Refining Cosmic Tower which had stood clearly not far from the lake had now completly disappeared or to say it is completely shrouded in the white mist-like energy.

If I hadn’t able to sense the cosmic fire clearly, I would have thought that my Soul Refining Cosmic Tower had disappeared and white mist had taken over the place.

This is not the end as there is another change that the west side of the lake that used to be empty is now had scarlet mist all over it and this scarlet mist gave quite a refreshing feeling.

As I look at all three energies and it didnt takes me long to notice the familiar feeling that all three energies giving off and that these three energies belong to Richard and now they somehow entered inside me.

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