The island looked very small and is inhabited, one could see the sea from any place on this Island. As we kept walking silently, I thought we would see any building or airship but I saw nothing except for low-level monsters who ran away as soon as they sensed the aura of the masked man.

We kept walking for about twenty minutes when the masked man suddenly stopped and took out a palm-size disk which had dense runes carved all over it, it looked like complex machines made of hundreds of small metallic and crystalline gears. The masked man crouched down and placed the disk on the ground, after that he pressed the switch which is top of the disk and what happened next moment utterly shocked me.


The next moment, the scenery in front of me had changed, replaced with 80 to 90-meter long airship seeing this I gasp in amazement. A Camouflage Type Runic Artifact and its grade don’t seem to low either as it was able to hide this 2x ship.

The airship looked normal passenger ship with regular cannons attached to it. if I had seen this airship in AirStation, I would see as I normal airship but I know this wouldn’t be a normal airship, something must be hidden inside otherwise it would not have been masked man’s airship.

Soon the latch of the airship opened and three people walked out of them, two women and one man, All three of them are at level 3 but at different stages and all three of them are vampires as they weren’t hiding their energy. The beautiful woman who looked to be the early thirties is walking ahead and have is at peak Grade of Level 3 like a masked man and she has similar battle power as a masked man.

As for those two behind her, both of them at the Early stage of Level 3 but the man had aura stronger than the women beside him. All these people are not normal, each and every one of them has a battle power strong enough to fight those at the level above them especially masked men and the beautiful women who have the same battle power as him.

Seeing three people, the masked man finally took out the mask, as he removed the mask I finally able to see his face and I am not surprised to see that he have a very handsome face. He looked to be in his late twenties “Look like, you finished the job perfectly.” said the beautiful woman as she looked at the Captive, then her gaze moved at me, “And she?” she asked as she looked at me.

“She is mine, for now. when we go back to Gladstone, I’ll gift her to master.” said masked man, after giving me one more look, she again looks at Masked man. “You have finished the job on time, now we can calmly do the thing that Master had sent us to do,” she said and masked nodded. Soon six entered the airship and I was right, the outside is just facade as the inside of the airship is very luxurious, much time more elegant than the passenger airship.

“Karen, take her to suite beside mine.” said the masked man to women behind beautiful women, she seemed surprised by masked man’s order, not only she but the man beside her also seemed a little surprised. “

Yes, sir Richard,” said Karen with a smile, so his name is Richard, I have been calling him masked man despite him taking off his mask. “Follow me,” said Karen with a neutral voice but I could see jealousy in her eyes. It seemed missy had a crush Richard but he didn’t seem to notice it or decided not to see it intentionally.


Walking through various parts of the airship, Karen finally took me to my suit and just after opening the door of my suit, she left without saying a word. It looks like she can’t stand me much as she did not talk a single word when we were coming here. Well, I don’t like that bitch’s bitch face either.

This suit is about the same size as the one I had in the passenger airship but compares to it, its lot more luxurious. As I was admiring the suit, I felt the airship started to lift in the air. We are starting to fly, I thought as I removed the veil and took a seat beside a large window to admire the night sky and started thinking about what I have to do next. What I experience yesterday, I don’t want to feel it again.

That pirate touched my body without my permission and I am powerless to do anything, I never want to feel such a thing again and the only thing that could help me sis strenth, only when I have strenth will I able to protect myself and would able to take revenge against those who wronged me.



I was busy with my thoughts when I heard the sound of the door opening, only to see it is Karen that entered my suit and made a loud sound of gasp seeing my face.

"What is it?" I said loudly, I don't like when someone came into my room without knocking. I wasn't able to say something to Richard but Karen is his minion, I am confident she won't do anything to me despite her being two level’s higher than me.

"You!" Said Karen while pointing finger me. "Do you need anything Karen?" I asked before she could say further. "Sir Richard had sent this Gown for you, he expecting you for dinner." Said Karen with jealousy and hate clearly written on her face as she placed a box on the table.

Being a vampire Karen is not ugly, she could be said very pretty but she nowhere near me, even the beautiful women that greeted Richard is way more beautiful than Karen. "I will come an hour later to take you to Sir Richard, be ready by then." Said Karen and about leave when I stopped her.

"Wait!" I said.

"What?" Karen barked like a mad bitch, "Nothing, just follow a common courtesy, knock before you enter my suit." I said. Bang! This time Karen didn't say anything just left in fuming anger as she closed my door with the bang.

"What a beautiful Gown!" I said as I touched the Gown very softly not wanting to damage this exquisite Gown. This is a red silk Gown and when I touched it, I knew it was made of spider silk. The gown is long and shimmery with the long elegant slit that is fully able to show off my leg and neck that highlighted my perfect bosom.

There are thousands of types of Spider Beasts but the best one produced by Pureblood Arachne which had impeccable bloodline and the higher the Arachne’s level would be. Spider silk is very expensive and rare and the cloths that made from it always look more beautiful wearing them.

There are other monsters also produce top silk but anyone able to beat them in variety and quality of silk they produced. This Gown is very elegant, it will able to highlight every curve of my body and the red color it would make anyone look hot. He not only sent a Gown but also sent shoes and Lingerie which are a perfect fit with this Gown.

After admiring the Gown enough, I went for the shower, after getting out of the shower, I dried myself and started to wore the beautiful Gown that Richard had sent. The fabric of the cloths is extremely soft, it felt more like soft caress of the lover than the Gown.

“Smoking Hawt!”

When I finally looked at myself in the mirror after wearing clothes, the only words I could say smoking hot. I look hotness incarnate, it made my beautiful self even more beautiful. After that, I wore my Veil which’s color I changed into the color my Gown234 after I added my blood energy into it.

Knock Knock!

I was just admiring myself in the dinner when I heard the knock and a smile appear on my face unknowingly, clearly understanding that tonight I will get the pleasure which I never able get in my past life.

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