The speed of Airship suddenly increased that it made many people lose their balance, It was a good thing I quickly found something to hold on to otherwise I would have felled on the floor as some people on the deck did.

Zup Zup…...

Just a few seconds after the Airship sped up the runes sharted to appear all over the airship and they started to glow brighter and brighter and a layer of energy started to envelop the whole airship while all the door’s leading to the deck started to close off one by one.

People begin to panic seeing Airship going into the emergy mode suddenly and there could only be two reasons for it and both of them are bad.

The airship only activates the emergency mode when it either attacked by the Beasts or Pirates.

If there had been the Beast, we would have seen it as the airship and since there no Beast that means its pirates, just as I thought that I shuddered.

Pirates are more vicious than the beasts, they kill indiscriminately and looting, raping, killing, kidnapping is all very common to them.

Soon we saw three light dots coming toward us, one dot is big while two beside it seem smaller, as they got closer the dots got bigger till I was able to see the silhouette of them.

As expected they are pirates and they are speedily closing on us despite our Airship’s enhanced speed and that scared the hell out of us.

There is one Frigate class airship while two tailing behind it are the Corvette class all three of them seem to have their shields activated and guns pointed at our airship.

“Isn’t this route supposed to be heavily patrolled!” one woman screamed hysterically.

Her hysteric screams had brought me to myself and I slowly moved toward the bar on the deck and hide behind it. There are quite a few smart people already behind it but there is enough space for me to squeeze.

The bar counter is one of the safest places in the whole deck, the deck is a most lightly defensive area on the whole airship as it was made for the passengers to enjoy the scenery during the travel.

The material for the deck is quite exquisite but they aren’t much defense-oriented, despite the defensive runic formation carved on them, they won’t able to endure more than five cannon shots, I hope they won’t target the deck.

The seconds passed, the three dots got closer and closer, till every person on the airship could see the three pirates airships with more clarity.

All three airship colored in red and have black flag strung them which have the design of dagger buried in the skull, it looked quite frightening.

“Its dagger skull Pirates!” shouted a man beside me but there was fear but also some relief in his voice.

“Red skull pirates?” I question myself, never heard about this group of pirates before, well the oceans are vast and thousands of pirate roam in them and

But I didnt have to wait for long, hearing I didnt know about this group of pirates, the man beside started to tell me about them.

“Dagger Skull pirates like any other pirates are cruel and bloodthirsty and even massacred the whole ships but they have certain rules, as long as we do not put much resistance and gave them everything they need without any resistance, they will not do anything and will leave quietly,” he said, hearing that I relaxed a little.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…...


Just as he finished telling me about, the attack started and its not pirates that attacked first but we.

“Fuck is the captain a damned idiot! They have fricking Frigate if you do not have a frigate to oppose, you fucking surrender.” cursed a man beside me, not only he that many people started to curse at captain’s choice to attack.

The frigate maybe four times smaller with tiny cannons compare to that on our airship but frigate purely military airship that packed destructive power, Its power could not be compared to the civilian airship we are on.

Soon the barrage of cannons balls had reached near three pirate ship but they had nimbly dodged and one or two cannonballs that can not be dodged had managed by their shield.

This is my first time seeing the aerial combat and it is very frightening but also very awe-worthy.

Our airship kept launching attacks containing both physical shells and energy shells but pirate ships nimbly dodged whatever attack we threw at them.

The attacks felt like colorful fireworks but they are extremely dangerous, from my position I could see glowing runes on the cannons as it keeps launching the energy type of attacks on the pirates but they were barely able to hit the pirate ship’s and those attacks which were hit were able to hit, were easily defended by the shield.

The pirate hadn’t attacked yet, they were just purely following and defending. Their strategy is quite good, they want to deplete the energy of the passenger’s ships as much as possible, so when they attack they will quickly able to take down the ship.

It’s quite risky but good plan, as this plan wholly depends on the ability of captain of the ship, if he had the confidence to dodge the cannon attacks then he may employ this tactic and clearly and seeing how expertly the pirates dodging, they seem very experienced.

I watched the fight with bated breath hoping some of the cannon shots may able to breach the pirate’s ship and crash it on the ocean but nothing that sort happens.

Time passed by and the fight had been going on for two hours but not the single cannon shots could be seen breaching the pirate’s defenses, not only that, till now we had not received any reinforcement or run into any patrolling ships.

They must have sent the emergency signal but no one had come to help. Looks like we are great trouble this time, normally pirates don’t touch this route as it was heavily patrolled but the ocean is a very vast territory and even if this route is heavily patrolled, the patroling force could not be everywhere in this route.

The constant firing kept going for nearly three hours, every minute hundred shots would be fired from canons every minute. for three hours it didnt slow down a bit for a moment.

Bang Bang Bang….

Now, in nearly three hours the barrage of cannons finally slowed down a little and just that had happened, the pirated saw their chance and started attacking.

All cannons on the three pirates ship got activated and they started firing cannons.

Dhul Dhul….

Now both side are attacking each other but it is the passenger ship that suffering as it is a giant ship which had nearly no agility, it had become a very easy target for pirates to hit the passenger ship.

Bam bam….

I can see the cannonballs crashing across the shield of the airship and it seemed to hold on for now but it won’t be much longer as the pirates have fricking frigate class ship.

’Gasp….. “Shipbreaker!”

Suddenly I heard loud gasps and heard ‘Shipbreaker’ hearing that word all hairs on my body stood.

On the top of a frigate of pirates, about 5 meters long cannon started to appear and within a minute it fully resurfaced.

It’s really is ‘Shipbreaker’, ‘how are they able to get their hands on it, isn’t it strictly regulated amongst the kingdom navies’ I thought incredulously seeing the Shipbreaker Cannon.

The Shipbreaker also knew as ship hunters, they are large size cannons that could tear through any shield. These cannons are heavily regulated, that even the kingdom that I lived in did not have more than ten of these cannon’s and now this puny pirate crew able to acquire one. Things may not be as simple as they seem.

Looking at the ship breaker size, it seemed to be the smallest size ship breaker but it will still be able to tear shield of this passenger ship.

The only weakness the Shipbreaker has that if it is firing energy round then it takes some time to charge up and looking at the all the spiral of the cannon started to light up one by one and purple energy concentrating at end of its mouth, it is an energy type shipbreaker cannon.

Shipbreaker cannon is different from the other cannons, it has a spiral mouth and the shot it released is not bigger than the thumb but the destruction it brought is tens of times bigger than other cannons could manage.

It will take three to seven minutes for that Ship Breaker charge up depending on how older it’s model is.



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