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Celestial Grade Moonwell Method II


‘‘Congratulations Dear.” said my mother as I stood up after carving Moonwell Celestial Art.

“Thank you, mom,” I said, she and I both know that I am practicing this method because I have no choice, as soon as I found a new method that is above Basic Grade and is compatible with my bloodline with 50%, I will change this method without hesitation.

“Darling, we have to go now there is still some preparation left to made for tomorrow.” said my mother with sadness as she left with my father but stopped short before closing the door.

“Your brother is coming tomorrow.” she said, “Really?” I asked back excitedly. She nodded with a smile and close the door behind her while I left smiling alone in the room.

I have an older brother who is five years of senior and I share a great bond with him, so when mother told me he is coming tomorrow, a smile couldn't help but creep in my face.

After a few minutes, I was able to calm myself and sat on the floor again in a cross-legged position and concentrated on my blood core, a few seconds later my conscious entered in a different place.

Here I could see a familiar scene the Nymph sitting in the center of the lake quietly.

This is my heart space after I fully became a vampire, the representation of my bloodline also projected inside it.

It looked exactly the same as Bloodline Space I’ve seen during my Bloodline Transformation but with just one minor difference that is now, there is big beautiful silvery Cresent Moon hanging in the sky giving off soft silver light.

It looked like a scene come out of the dream, I thought when I looked at it.

The crescent moon is nothing but the representation of Moonwell Method, not every method can have its representation projected in Heart space, to be projected in the heart space the method has to be at least at the Peak Grade.

The methods below Peak Grade did not right to have their representation in bloodline space,

Moonwell Method is Celestial Grade and is divided into 72 Sequences, for Level 1 one has to refine Energy to the 12th Sequence, for Level 2 one needs to refine mana to the 36th Sequence and for the Level 3 one will have to refine to the 72nd Sequence.

In the Celestial Method, there is no restriction if I want to I can directly refine my mana to the 72nd sequence but it is extremly extremly difficult otherwise people would have used Celestial Method’s only.

The more purified energy one has is better, not only increases chances of level up but it also gives one’s attacks immense might and with more pure energy, one can last longer than others of the same level in battle.

The higher level the Method is, the more chances one will have to refine high purity energy.

Celestial Methods are extremly hard to practice, My father said that in the whole six months that he practiced the Celestial method, he was only able to reach 11th circulation.

Still, even if one circulated to the 72nd, he will just get below-average purified energy of Level 3 and Moon element that will present in it will only be threatening 1st level and some 2nd level warriors but never to the third level no matter how weak that warrior is.

At one it is extremely difficult to practice and even if one does, what one gets is below average result that one gets using the Basic Grade practice method, that is why many people say that is a joke created by ancient practitioners for fun.

But the Celestial Method’s are very miraculous and those who are able to open the real Celestial method could see that.

As for what opening real Celestial Method is that after one circulated whole 72 circulations, this method has 72 Sequences which can only take one to Level 1.

There is a big chasm that exists after 72 Sequences which said to be a hundred times harder to cross than circulating 72 circulations but once one able to cross that chasm, one will get a completely new Celestial Method.

This new Celestial Method would directly be comparable High-Grade Practice Method.

High-Grade Practice method is very very rare that they could not be found or brought outside, those who practice High-Grade Methods are very powerful, not only they have very pure energy but the type of energy also extremely powerful, that every attack launched through it create the devastating effect.

In the whole Kingdom, only the Royal House (Family) have this method and only direct descendent are able to practice it.

Father said that many people were able to open the real Celestial Method and I totally agree with it as it is simple math.

This world is hundreds of times bigger than earth and had an immense population that is hundreds of thousands of times more than the earth, The Celestial Methods are available in every corner of the world and even the poorest of the poorest people could buy.

So with all these people, no matter how impossible the method is some people sure have been successful in opening real methods and going beyond that.

The best thing about the Celestial Method is that it had no limits like other methods, be it a Basic Grade or Peak Grade method all have the limit on purity.

Every method has a certain purity limit be it Basic Grade or Peak Grade all have purity limit, once they reached that limit they refine (Purify) their energy and it is difficult to refine further unless they level up but Celestial Method doesn’t have such restriction.

With the Celestial Method, I can gain the purity of Level 3 or any other level while still being at Level 1 as long as I have the capability to refine it.

It is said the limits are put due to the body not being able to handle any more pure energy but Celestial Method’s defy that limits and lets its practitioner have as much as pure energy as one has the capability to refine it while not damaging the body single bit.

In the Moonwell Method, every circulation has to go through three stages, which are Neutralizing, Concentrating and Transmuting.

The Neutralizing Stage works as neutralizing all the factors present energy, as our body absorbed the energy from the world, it is not pure it contains thousands of type of energy inside them, so what neutralization does is neutralize these energies, making it truly neutral energy.

The neutral energy then moves to the Second stage Concentrating, as its name suggests it concentrate the energies as the more concentrated one’s energy is the more lethal would be one’s attack would be.

Finally, the last stage Transmuting. In the Transmuting stage, the concentrated (Refined) neutral energy is transmuted to (given trait) Moon type energy.

These are three stages that every circulation has to go through and with every circulation, the energy became more concentrated and purity of Moon element also increased.

Now, I had remembered the whole process, it is now time to refine in 1st sequence.

Every sequence had a different route which was shown on the Blood Core, only when I refine all the energy inside my body will I be able to refine my energy next sequence which will give me more refined energy than the previous sequence.

After seeing the circulation map from my blood core, I picked a few strands of energy and started to circulate from my blood core.

I could have picked a huge amount of energy to circulate so I could quickly finish through the 1st Sequence but I did not do that as it is not the normal method but the Celestial Method in which circulating a single strand of energy is a difficult task.

As I circulated my blood energy I first felt nothing, it felt like the normal circulation of energy that I felt with my past practice method but as time passed, I started to feel the energy I am circulating getting heavier and heavier.

As the first when I didnt feel much load but as the time passed I had to put more and more effort to drive the energy through the and by the time I finished neutralizing my blood energy, I am nearly using my all to drive the energy.

As I finished circulating the Neutralizing stage, I saw there is a change in the color of my blood energy, the energy which used to have a slight tint of red in have become completely colorless.

This is also a specialty of the Celestial Method. if it had any other method, there had been a small tint of the red present, even Peak Grade method leaves a tiny tint of Red in it but with the refining of the Celestial Method, it became colorless like water.

While I am circulating my energy, I am also using a strand of my mental energy to see if there are any changes happening in my heart space but there are no changes and I had expected this.

What I am using is a tiny bit of blood energy for refinement, less than 1% energy present in the lake.

I kept circulating using all my efforts despite increasing load and finally, I had succeeded and finished circulating the 2nd Concentrating stage and now only the last stage is remaining and I advanced toward it without hesitation.

With increasing load, I started to feel more and more strenuous to drive the energy through the nodes and though I am feeling tired, I am also having fun, as this is like a challenge to me; like marathons, I used to do back on earth.

No matter how difficult, I will complete it as a challenge to myself.

If it had been past Ruth, she would have been at her last leg and had given up by now but I am not her, so I will complete it no matter what.

As I had started circulating through the Transmuting stage, I noticed something happening in my heart space.

There is a small amount of colorless, barely visible smoke coming from the lake and this smoke is going toward the moon in the sky.

The moon kept absorbing all the smoke coming from the lake as the time passed one, I thought nothing will happen anymore but just as my circulation reached halfway to the third stage, I saw colorless drops of water falling from the moon and when one look carefully looked at those drops one could see very tiny bit of silvery light in them.

And when I carefully looked at the energy I am circulating, very tiny amount silvery light in them.

This is likely moon type energy though its amount is very tiny. one can still see it as long as one looks carefully.

In the heart space, Silvery moon could be seen absorbing smoke at one end while releasing drops of rain for another.

It is kept happening until I finally completed the third stage by driving the energy back into Blood core thus finishing the circulation.

In the heard space, the smoke and rain also stopped. The 1st circulation is not over yet, it will only be over when I refine all the energy present in the small lake.

It took me nearly twenty minutes to perform circulation of this little energy, comparing it to all the energy I have in my body, I started to calculate the time it will take me for to circulate all the energy I have in my body to complete the Sequence 1 of the method.

Now I have circulated less than 1% blood energy and could only be considered the size of bucket water in the small lake that nymph is sitting.

If it would have been my old Advanced-Grade method, It would have taken me three to four hours maximum to refine the whole lake full of energy.

An Intermediate Grade method would have taken eight to ten hours max while Low level would be taken a day at most but this celestial method would take 4 to 5 days at least.

I had already known something like this happens but I still chose it over using the Basic grade because Basic Grade is Basic Grade method there is no hope in refining mana though but with refining method, as long as I am willing to put efforts, I could even reach the heaven with help of it.

So, I crush all the disappointments and took about 1% energy in me and started refining.

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