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Celestial Grade Moonwell Method I


“All the Energy Refinement Method here are Intermediate Grade which relates to either Water element or Earth Element, there are three Blood type Energy Methods there as well.” Mother said with little sadness.

I can understand why she is sad, before becoming the Vampire, I was using the Intermediate Grade Refining Method but now I was going to choose a Middle Grade.

The Method is very important as this is the thing that helps to refine the Energy (Blood Energy) and help quickly level.

My mother had brought three types of Energy refinement methods that are Water Type, Earth Type, and Blood Type.

Water type because the Nymph bloodline I had is that of a water nymph and even after merging the water affinity is still present. The Earth type because Gem is a variation of Earth element and could get high compatibility with my bloodline.

And last is Blood type because I am a Vampire and the blood type energy methods are said to be the best energy method for the Vampires and probably that's the reason why it is the most widely used Energy Refinementd type amongst the vampires.

The first Energy Refinement Method my mother gave me is a Medium level water type method called Raging Rain Method, this method will purify my blood energy and make it like Raging Rain.

Now, I just have to see if it is compatible or not with my Bloodline, the refining method have to be compatible with the Bloodline, only then one can gain maximum benefits from it. If there is no compatibility then the speed of progress could be slowed down to 5 to 10 times.

I did not expect any method here could have whopping 71% compatibility with my Bloodline as my old method had, my minimum requirement 50% compatibility, I will practice any Energy Refinement any type of method here that have 50% or more compatibility with my Bloodline.

Checking the compatibility is simple, I just have to envelop the Runic Digrame of the refinement method with my mental energy and I will instinctively know about its compatibility with my bloodline.

I opened the Runic Diagram of this method and covered with my mental energy and just as I fully covered the diagram, I got the response immediately.

I shook my no to my mother, my bloodline has only 43% compatibility with this Energy Refinement method.

“No worries, try another one.” Mom said while handing me the book of another method.

River Sword Method, this method will give my energy a sharp quality. It perfect energy for those who used the blades weapons.

I covered its Runic Diagram with my mental energy but results were more disappointing than the last time, this method is not even 40% compatible with my bloodline.

I shook my head and my mother handed me another practicing method but like the last two methods, this method is also not compatible with my bloodline, not only these methods but all the water elemental methods that checked after are also not compatible with me.

I am not surprised seeing this, finding a method that is compatible with one's bloodline very hard, sometimes it even takes years.

Some very unlucky people never able to find a method that is suitable for their bloodline, they either had use method with low compatibility or use one of the 12 dead beat methods who give over 80% compatibility.

The people who face this sort of problem are very very few as one would normally find a method they are compatible with.

The Energy Refinement method that my father, mother, and brother used are passed down from our ancestors and I would have also used the method provided by my mothers family if not me being lucky enough that gather’s best friend had a method that is more compatible with my Bloodline than the one provided by my mothers family.

“Try this Earth-type Energy Refinement method, it may be more suitable than the water type method.” said my mother.

I nodded and directly opened the page where its Runic Diagram is drawn, I was disappointed many times by those water type methods that, I did not bother reading its description, I will only read the method description when it has 50% or more compatibility with my bloodline.


“What happened? Is this methods compatibility is very high with you!” I asked my mother in happiness as she heard a surprise sound came out of my mouth.

I laugh mirthlessly at her while shaking my head, “Exactly opposite this Earth grade Method have lowest compatibility with my bloodline, less than 5%.” I said.

Soon after that, my mother gave me other Earth-type Energy methods but the result still the same, all of the methods have less than 5% compatibility with them.

“It seems like our earlier conjecture about Blood Red Octagonal Gem Bloodline having the trait of Earth Element, is very wrong.” said my father from the corner chair he had been sitting on.

My mother and I nodded at the same time hearing this, the look of bloodline tell a lot about its trait and abilities and seeing how Blood Red Octagonal Gem and crystal tentacle look we all thought it had the trait of earth element.

Not only just look but it also gave many indications having Earth elemental trait-like not even feeling scratch when Nymph attacked it with water blades and the biggest indication is giving me enhancement in defense and strength.

This all led up to believe that my Bloodline has Earth element but now it looks like we were very wrong and now it made me think that if Blood Red Octagonal Gem didnt have Earth trait then what it is that trait which gave me huge strength and defense enhancement.

I am really curious to know that as I know these two enhancements come from Blood Red Octagon Gems Side.

“Now only these last three had remained.” said my mother while giving me the Blood type Energy methods.

I nodded, I desperately hope that one method in three would be compatible with my bloodline, otherwise, I will have to try my luck on the Basic Grade methods or use one of that twelve dead beat methods.

This time also I did not read the info and directly covered the Runic diagram of the method with my mental energy and just as I did that, I come to know its compatibility with my bloodline.

Disappointed again, this method has 46% compatibility with me, the highest of all methods I have tested yet.

Shaking my head, I asked for another Method but when I checked my compatibility with it, I got disappointed again.

Finally, my mother handed me the last method book and I took it with shaking a hand and unknowingly I got to see the title of Book which Blood Freeze method.

I hope that this method has compatibility with me otherwise I will have no options to see if I could find a compatible low-level technique or use that twelve dead methods, both lead to nowhere.

Finally, I started to spread my mental energy all over Runic Diagram, hoping, praying that this Blood Freeze energy method will be one for me but all my hopes are for disappointment as this method is not also very compatible with me.

Seeing that I really want to smash something, I felt that the anger issues which had not plagued me for the past few years, I quickly squash the anger inside me before it could appear on my face.

“Sigh! I did not expect that all the methods we have will be incompatible with your Bloodline.” said my mother with a sad expression.

“Now, do you wish to try your luck with Basic Grade Methods or do you want to use one of the Twelve Celestial Methods.” asked my mother.

“Celestial Method,” I replied, hearing my answer my father stood up about to go out when I stopped him.

“Daddy, Only Bring Moonwell Method,” I said naming the Method which I liked most in the Twelve Celestial Methods.

I will not use Basic-grade methods even if they are most compatible with me, even though it will be for short while and I will change after finding a suitable Intermediate level or above compatible method.

So instead of using Low Grade, I might as well use Celestial Methods which are the highest Grade Methods in the whole Universe.

Their grade is the sky above Peak Grade methods as they are created by Celestials, the Supreme Beings that born out of the universe directly and also the most powerful beings of the universe.

It is said that Celestial Methods have no limit and could even help one became a Celestial but despite that, no one uses them or to say many people use them for a while and then quickly change into the different methods.

People even wonder if Celestial Methods are fake as It is very hard to advance single steps thorough it and the result it gave is akin to Basic- Grade Energy Refinement Method.

Still, many people use the Celestial Method as their starting point, thinking they are they who are able to open true Celestial Method but all of them give up after trying a few months or even year.

All twelve methods could be found in any part of the world and their price is similar to that of normal book that even poorest of poor could buy it.

Father said that Celestial Methods are not fake, they are a real thing it's just that they very very hard to practice.

My father in younger days also believed he could open up the true Celestial method and started practicing but he also gave up after half a year later as it is very difficult.

I do not have any grand dream about opening a true Celestial Method, I just wanted to practice it instead of some low- grade method as they both gave the same result till I find a compatible Energy Refinement method for me.

Tap tap tap…..

Soon my father returned holding a thin book in his hand.

“Moonwell,” I said as my father handed me the Moonwell method, I had already read deeply about all twelve Celestial Methods and there two that are my favorite. One is Moonwell and the other is Yggdrasil.

The reason I chose Moonwell because of all twelve Celestial Methods because it is the only method that had water elements in it.

Though Moonwell could be called Moon and Water-type method, the Moon type dominant and water could be said to have a supporting role in it.

I sat on the Floor with Moonwell Method’s very complicated runic diagram in front of. To use this method, I have will have to carve it on my blood core with my mental energy.

Normal people would have taken a day at least to carve the whole diagram into their core but to me, it will not take more than two hours.

The original host of this body had a very high interest in Runes and she had a basic grasp over it as she is studying them from childhood.

She wanted to join the Royal armory and design rune arrays for the weapons and father even affirmed it as long as she does five years of service in the Battlefront.

Though the Runes and Rune Diagram of all Twelve Celestial Method are very different from convection runes used in this world, the principle of carving is the same.

Taking a deep breath, I started to carve the Runes on the red crystalline surface of my Blood Core with my mental energy.

I kept carving Rune after rune carefully, not daring to make a single mistake.

Time passed by and one and a half an hour later, I finished drawing the final rune, as the final Rune completed, the whole Runic diagram lit up in resplendent light before dissolving into the blood core.

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