The Fake Demon Lord

by Justin Sterling

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Horror Romance Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Secret Identity Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Lapis Lazuli Fardom, the current Demon Lord, is betrayed by her council when they establish a treaty with the Humans behind her back. Having framed many evil deeds against her, both the Humans and Demons set up an ambush to kill Lapis off. Moments before she is killed, a loyal vassal sacrifices her life to tear open a rift in space sending not only Lapis, but also the current Heroes summoned into the rift. When they are finally released, they realize they are suddenly in an entirely new world with races they'd never seen before at war. In this new world, what role will Lapis chose to take up and how will the release of an old Demon Lord into the new world affect the current balance of war?

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Justin Sterling

Justin Sterling

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An Intriguing Use of a Cliche Premise

Reviewed at: Chapter 8a: The Harder They Fall

I read the first chapter on a whim. While drunk.

Then I came back the next day to binge read the rest while sober.

Now I'm tapping my foot as I wait for the next chapter to come out.

It's not without it's flaws, but it shows a lot of potential, and the author is clearly putting the time in to help it reach that point.

For every fault I've found, there is something else that makes that fault work properly.

Some of the dialogue can be kinda vague about who is talking, but the author is excelent with speech patterns, and you can usually tell by sentence stucture alone who it is that's speaking. Really. As a fellow RR author, I can't even begin to describe how dificult recognizable speech patterns are to maintain. They're fucking hard! And this guy does it well!

The POV switches around more than it needs to, but this review is being written only ten chapters in, and I can already tell that these random people are going to be built up into a solid supporting cast. There's like... three characters I care about so far, but I expect that number to increase as the story progresses.

Character development has been sparce, but again, this is only ten chapters in, and I can say that the character building has been solid. From the first chapter or two that a character shows up, you've got a good idea of who they are, their motivations, and what they may become. So far, the characer development has only scratched the surface, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone grows.

The plot is simple. Very simple. Instead of "OP hero failing to live the slow life" it's "OP demon lord failing to live the slow life with her slightly less OP hero potential boyfriend." That still sounds cliche, but it's handled well, and that's what's important. The plot itself is already layered enough that I can tell it won't fall into reliance on archtypes. It's nice to see an author that uses tropes as a tool rather than a checklist.

It's apropriately grimdark, and the author does not shy away from that. You've been warned! There is rape and violence but it never reaches the point of gratuitousness, and is used for a purpose. It's not gore porn, and I shouldn't have to point that out twice.

Did I mention that these chapters are really long? Because these chapters are pretty long. I frikkin love long chapters. It's great when I actually have to set aside some time to actually read something. 10k+ words per chapter! And they're not vomit on the keyboard! There's actual content here!

So yah, this review is being posted after only ten chapters. I'm grading a lot of it on asumption, but I expect my expectations to be outdone, and can't wait to see where it goes.