by tahu653

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Tragedy Female Lead Grimdark Low Fantasy Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Slice of Life Supernatural Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

People have spent centuries perfecting the indoors. separating the comfort of the living room from the wild of the forest. However, when forces from beyond their comprehension start rising, bent on destroying all they know, the only thing that could stand up to them is the power of nature itself. Will humanity tear down its walls and let nature in, or will their pride and greed leave them isolated until it's too late?


Natalie is a wildlife conservation officer who just wants to spend time with animals, helping them grow, heal, and live happy lives. But when given the option between trying to maintain her old life and living a new one with wild predators, what will she choose as the world she knew falls around her?

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Allister Hale
  • Overall Score

Other-kin vibes, not for me. Nearly a good read though.

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

The story is engaging enough as is, though there are some issues with the tense shifting mid paragraph and occasionaly mid-sentence. The disgusting neighbor and bad co-worker are cartoonish and for the setting unbelievely so. I also got a strong sense that the better co-worker is a secret asshole, but i could be wrong.

Taste wise the wolves are overly expressive in an anthropromophised sort of way. I would go as far as to say its bad writting as giving a more alien sort of expression to the wolves would make them seem more majestic and better show the MCs connection to the wild.

I also get the sense that the writter doesnt have much if any knowledge of the outdoors, theoretical or practical. The MC as a conservation officer didn't know the proper name for a snare, and thought that for some reason the wet ashes of a doused fire would be blown away by a heavy wind.

Aside from the grammar issues the other flaws only make the story a little cringy and should little lasting impact.

  • Overall Score

Check your perspective!

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

 I wish I could read this, I really do. The perspective and tense is all over the place, to the point it's unreadable as of chapter 2. The concept sounds great, and it looks like you're a committed writer with consistent releases. The lack of editing kills it for me. It's 1st person present, then 1st past, then 3rd past, 3rd present, and it's all jumbled together. 

  • Overall Score

Odd Combination: Cutesy + Rapey

Reviewed at: Chapter 61

This post-apoc story is almost good.  It is really cutesy, which isn't a bad thing on its own.  The MC (and anyone else that tries) can have animals jump into their spirit-space, and they can thereby become an infinite item generator by bringing in items, and bringing out copies.  Since MC was a park ranger, she bonds with wolves.  The animals become smarter and can talk.  So yep, cutesy.  

While cutesy isn't bad per se, the plotting very much isn't taken that seriously.  For example, a bunch of tiny 3 foot goblins somehow cornered and trapped an entire pack of 7 foot high wargs.  And only the MC can rescue them!  And once she does, the ones that join her are super bad ass!

To this cuteness, we add bad humans that can get the goblins, hobs and perhaps other monsters to hop in their soul space, becoming anti-druids.  And these humans, and their monsters, are very, very rapey.  I don't exactly understand the mechanics of the 3 foot goblins raping human females, but apparently they really enjoy it.  Its a super odd mix of cutesy and rapey.

The most recent chapter made me quit and inspired this review.  The MC barges in to a lair of anti-druids and fights 11 of them without any real plan.  She wins without getting hurt!  The bad guys literally poop themselves they so scared!  Typos, typos and more typos for distraction.  And at the end of the chapter, she rescues her best friend who has been raped for days and days, and says "I guess we are even now" before passing out.  

I dunno, the author has a nice sort of flow and with some improvement and additional attention to detail (proofreading and plot) could write something that would suck people in.  But this one has too many problems for me.  It probably doesn't deserve 2 1/2 stars, but I read a ton of chapters and can't deny that the cutesy works to some degree, at least at first, so it wouldn't exactly be fair to give it one star either.  

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

There's barely any grammar mistakes that I notice and the author likes wolves, it's about nature and that already makes it one of the best novels to exist. But guess what? The MC is also pretty fleshed out! I think I know more about the MC than I know about myself...