Zhang Da Zhi knew that from what he had discussed with his alliance the previous day, that if there was going to be a breakthrough, it was going to be likeliest to come from either the North wall or the South wall. He did not trust the group of 20 or so strategists to do so anytime soon, so he knew that it was up to him to make sure to break through the walls first then destroy the defenses inside so that the other armies would have an easier time getting in. The second day was just beginning and they would be continuing this war of attrition for as long as they need to take out Baron and his group. The two weeks limit was just so that the others would work extra hard for fear of punishment.

Baron, on the other hand, was not worried about anything on his end. Sure, there was an army nearly triple his own size just itching to get in, but it wasn’t as if he was completely useless to stop them. His arsenal of ballistics, Roxi’s new weapons, and the existence of the Men Of Meng faction protecting them put him at ease. Otherwise, he would not feel so confident in facing such a promising young group, just like his.

One week after the siege began, both sides’ numbers had been slowly going down. However, the alliance had lost a lot more men than Baron, almost twice as much. Coincidentally, the alliance army on the North wall began to lose it’s patience and voted in favor of using all of their troops to rush the base and win the day. Of course, not everyone agreed to such a reckless plan and they only reached this decision due to the ones who were very vocal about this being charismatic enough that they convinced the others that it was a good idea.

Another thing that they ensured was that all of the strategists who knew how to fight would go to the front lines to make it easier for them to win in just a day or two. The alliance army on the North wall prepared their strategies for a day, and on the eighth day, they launched their all-out attack on the walls.

This wall was guarded by Roxi, Meng Wu, and nine of his men. They had perhaps had the most casualties as their opponents fought a more offensive style than the other walls, but they had one big surprise to show their enemies. On the North wall, a huge tower was built under Roxi’s command and that was where Roxi, Meng Wu, and 2 others were while they looked down onto the oncoming forces. Roxi was suiting all 3 of them up for something special, one of her own takes on weapons. This contraption included 2 Gatling guns for each man, a bunch of metal wrapped around their body and to the ground to stabilize the massive weapons, and a lot of rounds.

This was actually more of a station more than a weapon, but its deadliness can only be proven through experience. Each of the Gatling guns needed two hands to be held, but Roxi rigged it so that a metal piece would hold the front grip and the rear grip would be held to by either the left or right hand of the strategist. These stations were 5m apart and had a long length of ammo belts, around 5,000 bullets each on each belt, behind them so all they had to do was to aim and shoot.

(MW) “Miss Roxi, this contraption is your invention? It looks quite terrifying if I’m to be honest with you.” Meng Wu shouted to Roxi as the sounds of battle were still loud enough to be heard from their position.

(RB) “Indeed, though if I had a bit more time, I would have rigged up a few more so the rest of your men could join in as well,” Roxi replied.

(MW) “Well, don’t feel too down, these two beside me and myself are the only ones who have experience with weapons like these. I’m afraid if others were to use this weapon, they would end up shooting our own, hahaha. Now wouldn’t that be a sight to see.”

(RB) “Oh! Looks like the bulk of the enemy have begun to move towards us now. I’m not sure why they chose today to go all out, but it does give me a chance to see how well these work in a real-world situation.”

(MW) “Not to worry, we’ll show you just how effective this invention of yours truly is. Just one question. Is the mask really necessary?”

(RB) “It is indeed, this is my first time and I really don’t wish to be recognized. Get ready! Here they come. Fire!”

(MW) “You heard her lads, fire!”

The ensuing carnage was something that neither Meng Wu, his men, the alliance army, or even Roxi was expecting. Sure, the contraption was not very accurate, but that did not matter since as soon as the three of them pulled the trigger, a literal hail of bullets met their enemies on the front line. Some of the enemy strategists were hit by this sudden barrage as well, and even they took a bit of damage.

However, the strategists on the front lines believed that they were too close to the walls now to simply retreat, so they just foolishly continued forth. Hoping that the barrage of bullets would let up eventually. It did not, and they sustained heavy damage until they finally figured out that they had lost too many men and that victory was surely not going to come to them if they continued with this offensive as they have for the past couple of days.

In just a few hours, the alliance army stationed on the North walls suffered 8,000 confirmed deaths and even the death of one fighter strategist. If nothing else was to be taken away from the eighth day, it was that the army stationed at the North wall was so crippled that they would no longer be able to complete their assignment.


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