There was only one day left to go until the tournament was underway and Baron, Roxi, Yue Fei, and Guan Yu felt like the best way to use today was for them to all take a trip to the hall of records once again to learn about some of the enemies that would pose a problem to them in the competition. Of course, they knew that even though they had gotten a serious upgrade with the arrival Roxi, they would still be hard-pressed to make it even to the top 10 at the end of the tournament. That is just the truth of the matter since that was how competitive this was. Even then it was still going to be a miracle to survive past the first year of the tournament since they had made quite a name for themselves during the aerial portion and now there would be people who would come to take them out.


Baron and the rest of his team already knew that this was how the system worked. New and promising young talent would be targeted if they were not under the protection of someone very powerful. They were all safe during the naval portion since they were under Madam Zheng, but now that they were here, Madam Zheng had virtually no influence. This did not phase them though as they were going to be under the care of Meng Wu and some of the rest of the Men Of Meng faction.


They entered into the hall of records and spent a few hours going through some of the highest level simulations that they could find ranging from Middle Earth factions’ inner circle to the few times that Li Guang participated together and analyzing them meticulously. After that, they all went to go review a few that they were all personally interested in. Speed was key and all combined, they went through a total of 15,000 simulations that day alone.


In the grand scheme of things that wasn’t even a fraction of what the entire hall of records contained. To watch all of them would take decades at the least even while skipping the majority of events. Not to mention that there were tens of thousands of simulations being completed every day that would be added to the collection. They finally decided to take a break from all of that to head back to the HQ to make some lively conversation in preparation for tomorrow.


(BM) “Brother Guan Yu, do you know if we can take a look at the other records if we were to go to another community?” Baron asked curiously.


(GY) “Since hardly any elders that I know of have actively traveled around, it would be hard for me to answer that question. However, I have overheard from Li Guang who had spoken to a Sun Alliance inner circle about this exact question. This was quite a long time ago, but I assume that it is still the same now as it was back then. Apparently, you would have to get a high ranking elder from that community to let you inside.” Guan Yu responded.


(BM) “Li Guang is a curious character, now that I think about him. He seems to be the face of the Sun Alliance, yet he is more than capable of being one of the inner circle in terms of strength from what I have seen in the records.”


(YF) “You’re right, I have heard the rumors of him being the sole choice of becoming the next leader of the Sun Alliance. I’ve no idea how reliable that Intel is since it came from who knows where.” Yue Fei added.


(RB) “Why wouldn’t the current leader just hold onto his position and let Li Guang take over the mantle of second in command?” Roxi asked.


(YF) “Are you aware of Taoism, Roxi?”


(RB) “I have heard of it but never got to actually learning about it.”


(YF) “Well, one of the most important concepts of Taoism is that the start of something, a dynasty, a faction, a friendship, starts off bright and brilliant. However, this will not be the case forever, and its end will signify the start of something else.”


(GY) “What he’s trying to say is that it might be time for Sun Tzu to give up his title as the most influential person in Chinese history soon. Li Guang might be the one to start another great era for the Sun Alliance, or, it might just go under when he is in charge. Who’s to say?”


(RB) “Wow, how insightful. Would Sun Tzu even want to give up his position though? I feel like he wouldn’t just hand it over willingly so easily.”


(BM) “That is another mystery. He has not been present in the Chinese community for quite some time now. I believe he is with some of his most trusted allies either in the United States community, or the Korean community as we are so close to them both physically and relationship-wise.”


(RB) “Ah, when will he be back then?”


(GY) “He has to be here for the Death Match tournament faction selection process so at the latest he will be back in 300 or so years.”


(RB) “That long, huh?”


(YF) “I’m afraid so, it seems as if now that they are gone, and the second most powerful faction’s leader, Wu Qi, mysteriously disappearing, the chaos around these parts are starting to get worse and worse. Especially the Vesper faction.”


(GY) “It’s almost time to go, guys, we cannot miss the tournament.”


(YF) “Right, let’s go.”


All 4 of them made their way to the area where they would be able to enter into the mega simulation that was going to be the land-based simulation only to see that there were already at least 50,000 people in front of them. What was surprising was not that there were already so many strategists in front of them, but rather that there were a dozen more rooms in the same situation and that was not even counting the ones who have not made it yet. This was going to be one epic battle!


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