Baron and Roxi were now alone in a room together for the first time in a long while. First, Baron died and that left Roxi all alone on Earth while he came to planet 4 to try and win the most important tournament so he could go back to Earth to reunite with her. Now, she was right here in front of him and he should be happy, but all he felt was an indescribable sense of disappointment.

(BM) “I am sorry.” Baron started out, almost choking on the emotions that he felt like had been absent from him ever since he stepped foot onto planet 4.

(RB) “Oh, silly. What could you possibly have to apologize for?” Roxi said with a smile on her face.

(BM) “At first, I convinced myself that I was doing going along with the crazy ways of this world so that I could be with you once again. However, I have almost forgotten about you after being here for only a few decades. This matter weighs heavily on my heart.”

(RB) “No need to be like that. I’m glad that your intentions were pure, even if you did forget about me.”

(BM) “Let’s not talk about this now, let’s get to know each other again. I’ll show you around the place.”

(RB) “Sounds like you’re trying to make up for forgetting me.”

(BM) “Is it working?”

(RB) “We’ll see.” She said as both of them walked out the door and headed out into the Chinese community on planet 4.

(BM) “Here is one of my favorite places to drink and be with my friends. Shall we?”

(RB) “Lead the way.” Roxi smiled as she gave a sly smile in the way of Baron.

(BM) “Let’s talk for a bit. What did you do after you were discharged from service?”

(RB) “How do you know about that? While my memory is still a little bit fuzzy, you should have died before I was discharged the first time.”

(BM) “I saw what happened after I died. The counter worker there gave me special treatment and allowed me to take a little sneak peek of what you were up to shortly after I passed.”

(RB) “Counter worker? What?”

(BM) “Don’t you remember? Right after you die, you line up and there will be someone who will tell you which planet you will go on. Is any of this ringing a bell?”

(RB) “No, not really. I’m trying to remember, but I don’t seem to recall. I just remember my last moments of life and then ending up here right after.”

(BM) “That shouldn’t be the way that it works. It looks like the circumstances of your arrival are mysterious. Not that I’m complaining or anything. So tell me more about what you did after that.”

(RB) “Well, I definitely took some time to think through what my next few moves would be. I didn’t really have a family that I wanted to spend time with, as you know, that was why I snuck off to join the military and that was where I met you. A few months of that and I was getting sick of it so I decided to go to a shooting range to see if I still had the aim that I used to have before I stopped training.”

(BM) “Right, go on.”

(RB) “Obviously, I was slightly worse after months of no regular training and I spent the next few months just going there and shooting my problems away. Eventually, I was scouted out by some of the people there to join some special ops group due to my amazing long-distance abilities. There was a really tough screening process but I managed to pass it and I was instated in one of the new corps that was called the MCM and my skills on the battlefield immensely improved.”

(BM) “Good for you. I’m not entirely sure you know but I want you to understand that even after all these years I don’t think my feelings have wavered even a little bit.”

(RB) “I’m not sure I want a relationship anymore, Baron, even if I do still feel the same way for you.”

(BM) “That’s what I figured, I overheard that you never settled down?”

(RB) “Right, well, after being with MCM for over a decade, I left to join a few other armies and special forces around the world. By the time I was in my 50’s, I finally decided that I was too old for all of the strenuous activities of these organizations and I reached out to some of them to fund me for some weapons development contracts.”

(BM) “Oh! Tell me more, were you successful?”

(RB) “I was, I started off by building and rebuilding and studying many types of guns from around the world. That took a few years, then I started to build my own. There were many that I made, many failures, but also many successes. I know a lot of them inside and out.”

(BM) “Do you realize how important that information is here? I always knew you were priceless, but now you are even more so.

(RB) “Heh, stop it, you’ll make me blush.”

(BM) “Come with me, I need to see just how much you know about these weapons that you speak so highly of.”

(RB) “Wait, we haven’t even ordered yet.”

(BM) “Oh, has Yue Fei not told you yet? On this planet, the top few communities need not eat, sleep, nor drink anything to survive. So in a way, we are near-immortal.”

(RB) “This world is such a mystery to me. I wonder if this is in the realm of science fiction or actual science. Hmm, I might need to do a bit of testing to test out how this planet works.”

(BM) “Good idea, let’s do that later, right now, seeing just how knowledgeable you are in modern weapons takes precedence. If you know as much as you claim to know, this might be our breakthrough!


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