Baron made his way to Madam Zheng’s private room where they were spectating the aerial portion of the tournament. At this point, they had been watching for several weeks since that was how long it took time on planet 4 to aire the broadcast. By the time that Baron had reached them, the tournament had been at the point where the Sun Alliance and the Yellow Wang faction were having an all-out war with each other. Baron had no idea of the situation since he was making his way to Madam Zheng.

(BM) “Madam Zheng, tell me, have you ever heard of Biao Gong being active in the Chinese community?” Baron asked.

(MZ) “I’ve got no clue, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this fellow.” Madam Zheng replied.

(BM) “It’s odd, he should’ve died at about the same time as the 4 co-leaders of the Yellow Wang faction. However, he seems to be on a whole other level compared to them. The only reason I can think of for this to be possible is that it is connected to something along the lines of this.” Baron said and handed a piece of paper that he had traced from memory that Biao Gong had handed to him back in the tournament.

(MZ) “This is, an interesting piece of symbol that you have here. Did this Biao Gong say anything about it when he handed it to you?”

(BM) “Only that I would need to be vigilant for the time when they decide to contact me.”

(MZ) “Well, though I shouldn’t tell this to any outsiders of the top (MZ) 0 elders, this symbol only matches one group in my mind. The symbol of a very secret, very elite, very powerful faction within the Jordsand community.”

(BM) “Jordsand? The community that has won the Death Match Tournament consecutively in the last (MZ) 0 or so times?”

(MZ) “That would be the one yes. If they have shown themselves to you then it can only mean that their invasion has begun. I don’t say this lightly, but that group gives me more than my fair share of nightmares. They have infiltrated the top ranks of many of the other communities, and now it seems like they have finally begun with us.”

(BM) “How are they allowed to do this?”

(MZ) “Heh, well, this is the underworld. There aren’t exactly rules down here is there? Except those made up by each community I suppose. Junior Informant!”

(JI) “Yes, ma’am. What can I do for you?” A person standing idly by responded.

(MZ) “Ask around our faction as well as all of our allies about Biao Gong. Someone has to know something about him.”

(JI) “Your wish is my command.” He said as he left to go carry out her wishes.

(MZ) “I don’t know too much about this group as well. There are only snippets of information that they pass down to me. If you wish to get more information about the dealings with this group then you would have to either get Sun Tzu or Wu Qi to tell you about it.”

(BM) “It’s so top secret that only the great elders know about it? This is some serious stuff then. There is something else that I would like to ask you.”

(MZ) “Go for it.”

(BM) “I had forgotten this fact until now, but isn’t there a reward for winning the deathmatch tournament?”

(MZ) “Yes, I believe so.”

(BM) “So who gets to decide this reward? Or does everyone on the winning side get to choose?”

(MZ) “Well, don’t get your hopes up. Only the Jordsand community has won in the past few thousand years. However, I have been told that the one who contributed the most to the victory would get to decide the wish. That or everyone in the winning side chooses who gets to make a reality-bending wish.”

(BM) “Interesting, do you know what the winners of the last few tournaments have wished for?”

(MZ) “You certainly are asking the right questions aren’t you? However, I have no clue, I have also asked about this before but it doesn’t seem like the Jordsand players have made their wish public. To us outsiders, it is impossible for us to guess. No matter how you look at it, it seems like them wishing for better weapons, and better strategies might be the most likely explanation.”

(BM) “I wonder…”

(MZ) “Well, how about we continue watching the broadcast? I believe it is almost over by this point.”

Baron, somewhat satisfied by the answers that he had been given, decided that he would watch a bit before he went back for the award ceremony. He turned his attention to the screen and saw a familiar face on the screen. It was Li Guang, one of Li Xin’s descendants and one of the rising stars of the Sun Alliance. They were narrating the tournament like a commentator.

(LG) “Looks like the all-out war between two out of the three remaining groups has finally come to an end. That did not as long as some of the other conflicts during the tournament but that’s that folks. Hmm? What’s this? The Bair fighters have finally decided to make their move?” Li Guang said.

This was the point where the Bair fighters made their announcement that they would forfeit the tournament making the Yellow Wang faction the winners. Then, they would sit and observe the naval portion of the tournament, and finally dedicate their all into fully winning the most important part of the tournament, the land battles. Baron left at this point so that he could make it in time for the award ceremony.

(LG) “It seems that the Bair fighters have no use for the rewards that lay within the Sun Alliance’s treasury. This must mean that this new group must have some really powerful allies if not even we can interest them. These people are really not as transparent as they were first introduced. Who knows? They might even be able to win the land portion of this tournament as well. Now wouldn’t that be a sight to see? Hahaha.”


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