Bai Qi was finally brought down, but the costs associated with this achievement was massive. Even going by a conservative estimate, Baron’s group had lost even more than what they had originally guessed. Nearly 80% of their soldiers were killed during this endeavor and their air force was pretty much non-existent at this point. The worst thing about this situation was that there were another two armies with the same amount of soldiers and resources as the one they just finished off.

Had they reserved some of their forces in such a situation like this they might have still been able to continue to fight on for just a little while longer. However, the truth of the matter was that there were only three notable strategists under their banner at the moment, close to no more soldiers to count on, and if they did try to salvage the situation it would lead to nothing more than ceding a huge portion of their land to their enemies in order to continue on fighting for scraps. Their chances of making it any further into this tournament would be nothing short of a miracle. Heck, even making it this far was something that most people could only dream of.

So, Yue Fei, Meng Tian, and Baron made a unanimous decision to just end their tournament run at this point. It was agreed that trying to push further into this tournament was no longer in their best interests and that it would be better if they ended the aerial portion of the tournament on a high note with Bai Qi’s death. The three of them went to the simulation system to announce their decision and soon enough they were transported out of the sim and into the area where the strategists went once they had finished their run of the tournament. Sort of like an end result screen waiting area.

There were quite a few people in this large hall and the very first person to take notice of them were Bai Qi and the posse of his most trusted retainers. He scoffed at them and signaled for his group to leave. Only Baron had taken notice of Bai Qi’s strange behavior but he paid no attention to it. Out in the distance, a voice rang out.

(MY) “Brother!” Meng Yi shouted out loud.

(MT) “Ah, there he is, let’s go.” Meng Tian said and the rest followed him to where his brother and Guan Yu were.

(MY) “Guys, I can’t believe you managed to take out Bai Qi. That was amazing, there has been no shortage of rumors going on after you guys finished the deed. Hehe.”

(BM) “No doubt, it is pretty unprecedented for a new group such as us to appear on the scene and be skillful enough to upset the normal flow of events that usually occur. Although, I suppose the Bair fighters are beating us on that front.” Baron said.

(YF) “That was an exhilarating experience, I never thought that this type of tournament would be able to get me so hyped up to such a degree.” Yue Fei said with a big smile on his face.

(BM) “I had suspected this would be the case, there are multiple big names in attendance after all. However, the excitement, the thought of risking everything to win, all of it was something next level. You guys just do what you have to do, I need to go ask Madam Zheng a few questions.”

(MT) “Sure, just make sure that you get back here before the award ceremony begins. We made it pretty far into this tournament and I would not want you to miss out on something as big as something precious from the Sun Alliance treasury.”

(BM) “You got it.” Baron said then turned around to head to the private room that Madam Zheng was currently residing in.

The others just decided to witness how the end of the tournament would go down. The tournament simulations were a bit more special than the average sim. For one, making a huge tournament like this was possible, and the other thing that makes it stand out from the regular sims was that the sim time to planet 4 time was 30:1. This meant that for the most part, a month inside the tournament was pretty much equivalent to a day on planet 4. The regular sims were about 4 times as slow at 7:1 or a week inside the sim being 1 day on planet 4.

Inside the simulation, a bunch of new events was unfolding. With the disappearance of Baron’s group, there were now only 3 groups left to vie for the title of the winner of the aerial portion of the tournament. The Bair fighters were still not making a move, so the Yellow Wang group and the Sun Alliance elders started an all-out war with each other. This sort of conflict was long overdue, both sides wanted to prove their strategic acuity and with the Bair fighters being inactive they thought it was the best possible time to find out which side had the edge.

Thus, a nearly year-long conflict between the two groups erupted and there were no shortage of epic battles, major upsets, and a whole lot of showing off on both sides part. However, the 3 remaining co-leaders of the Yellow Wang faction as well as Wang Yi, and Eumenes of Greece got the upper hand and ended up being able to oust the elders of the Sun Alliance. Now there were only 2 groups left in the ring. Yellow Wang and the Bair fighters.

It was then that leader of the Bair fighters finally came out and made his intentions made clear. He announced to the members of the Chinese community that they did not enter into this tournament to win prizes, but rather to get their name known. They released everyone that they had collected, minus the ones that Baron took then proceeded to kill them to make a statement. He mentioned that the Bair Fighters would also be participating in the land portion of the tournament. Then the 5 of them forfeited making the Yellow Wang faction the winners.


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