On the first day of the Great Auction was when the most commotion could be heard. Multiple people yelling and fighting over the limited blueprints. Something to note is that although the sellers could sell an infinite number of blueprints, this wouldn't be optimal since their competitors, I.e customers would become too powerful.

Therefore, unless they really saw no value in a rare blueprint would they sell to anyone and everyone. Much like Han Xin and his Mark 1 tank.

Meng Yi would be scoping out location two where their stall is set up. Guan Yu would be trying his luck in location 3. Meng Tian and Xu Da on location 4. Han Xin would be showing Baron the ropes at location 5.

Yue Fei and Ban Chao would be manning the stall on this day and therefore earnestly did their best to attract customers. For the first few hours, they had little to no luck. Although their blueprints were considered fairly good, they could not hope to compete with these guys who have been doing this type of work for a much longer period of time. Ban Chao and Yue Fei focused mainly on going down the path of a strategist.

Even within Planet 4, not all strategists that come here will continue being strategists. Some chose to go down paths that were much more suited to them since their talent wasn't enough for them to make a living. They may be in the afterlife but comfort was still ultimately still the most desirable goal. Being a strategist was by far the most common way to make money, but there were quite a whole host of other professions.

The most sought after would have to be a member of the research and development team, followed by assassins/berserkers for hire, and next came official envoys. Research and development refer to taking blueprints and adding improvements to it. Assassin/berserkers would be hired to participate in sims and would bolster the army considerably, or just off the head of the enemy general. This is mainly used in land battles. Envoys are people who deliver messages to other communities typically for high ranking elders.

However, by far the most common profession after strategist would have to be blueprint flippers. Buying blueprints low and selling them at a higher price later down the line. Some of the more unsavoury factions would use their name and reputation to pressure blueprint sellers to lower/raise their price depending on the situation. The group that is the most well known for this is the Vesper Group. They would send the most goons to every event to extort as much as they could using just the reputation of their name.

This is actually one of the main reasons that the Forever Pirates are being suppressed by the Vesper Group. The normal peddler would have their entire livelihood destroyed if they were to cross the Vesper's. However, Madam Zheng and her two husbands had none of that and immediately defied the goons of Vesper.

Eventually, it escalated high enough for Vesper to suppress the Forever Pirates with all their might. Of course, the Forever Pirates retaliated, and now both factions are at a sort of standstill. The point is that nearly all the bigwigs on planet 4 are all thick-skinned and have egos due to their blessings and successes.

A few hours passed and they had only managed to sell 5 blueprints for a total profit of 7,000. Under normal circumstances, this would be fairly good for a day's work. However, this is considered quite lacking when they were compared to all the other stall's sales. Then all of a sudden customers began flocking to a stall that was the center of a big commotion. Yue Fei and Ban Chao went to go check what had happened.

Two stall owners were talking to a group of seven people who had thug like appearances.

Seller 1 (S1) "Come on customer Gou Shi you are only willing to pay 5,000 silver coins for my most prized blueprint? You are out of your mind."

Seller 2 (S2) "Yea that's right! Our asking price was 20,000. How dare you mock us like this."

Gou Shi (GS) "Oh come on friends. I think you are the one being unreasonable here. Since we have a bit of history together I thought that I would give you guys some face. However, now that I see that I'm not welcome I think I'll reduce it to 1,000 silver coins. What do you say?"

(S1) "No way. We wouldn't sell it to you when you offered 5,000 why would we accept when you give us an even more absurd offer."

(GS) "You misunderstand my friends. That wasn't an offer. That was an order." Gou Shi said as his face instantly turned devilish.

(S2) "An order? What kind of idiots do you take us for? We weren't born yesterday you know."

(GS) "While that may be so, you should know that I represent a far more sinister organization. Perhaps you've heard of them?"

(S1) "Humph. Not many factions can pressure us. We are from the Purple Dragon faction, and we don't take kindly to your rude requests." The seller said flashing out a purple badge with the initials PD on it.

(GS) "Here check mine." Gou Shi reached into his jacket and dramatically revealed a green pendant with the letters VG on it. Which stood for Vesper Group.

The two sellers' face instantly turned deathly pale. They knew how sinister the Vesper's plans were. The two of them didn't have anywhere near the level of backing that could deter the Vesper Group. They looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. We are screwed.

(GS) "You two are such chumps. If there is nothing else I'll take the blueprint now."

All of a sudden a voice rang out from the crowd of onlookers and a figure made their way to the front. It was Yue Fei 's nature that led him to come to this conclusion that helping out these two owners should be his duty.

(YF) "How about you guys go on your way and things won't get ugly."

(GS) "Haha, who are you? Obviously, a fool who doesn't know his place?"

(YF) "I'm Yue Fei. An elder here in the Chinese community, ranked 95. I think you should leave these people alone."

(GS) "So what if you are an elder? Just you alone won't be able to deter the wrath of the Vespers. I heard that you are one of the few faction-less elders. Are you sure you want to do this?"

(BC) "Yes, we do actually. We're not afraid of your organization. If anything, you guys are more pathetic to these owners that you tried to swindle." Ban Chao said as he also made his way to the front of the group. Yue Fei and Ban Chao were now an arms reach away from Gou Shi and his six friends.

(GS) "You guys should seriously consider the consequences of the actions that you guys will incur upon yourselves."

(YF) "Don't worry about us. We already have a bone to pick with your Vesper gang. They will regret everything they ever stood for. You included."

(GS) "Very well. However, I am getting this blueprint from these losers no matter what you say." Gou Shi turned around and demanded the two sellers give up their prized blueprint.

The two sellers looked at Gou Shi and his goons then took a quick glance at Yue Fei and Ban Chao.

(S1) "I..... I... I"

(YF) "I won't do anything if you don't want me to Mr. seller. Just say the word and you will be under my protection."

(S1) "I....I...I"

(GS) "I, I, I, what I? Make your decision now. Incur the consequences of the Vesper's or seek protection from that idiot. He will not be able to protect you for long let me just warn you. I won't be able to do anything to you for today, but you will surely get what's coming to you if you make the wrong decision today. Choose wisely. This could decide your fate within the Chinese community."

(S1) "I... elder Yue Fei! Please protect me. I beg of you."

(YF) "Consider it done." Yue Fei said with a smile on his face and immediately walked right up to within a few centimeters of Gou Shi. "You heard the man, get lost, Gou Shi. Or would you rather offend an elder?"

(GS) "Humph. Men! We're leaving. Come follow me this way. We don't need that unusable blueprint anyway. It's not even worth the 1,000 silver coins."

As the goons slowly left, the two sellers approached Yue Fei to thank him for his kindness. Yue Fei, Ban Chao, and the two sellers all went back to their booths shortly after and there was a surprising amount of customers that showed up to their stall after their encounter with the Vesper Group.

At the end of the day, they made a total profit of almost 100,000 silver coins. Quite a hefty sum for just one day of work. They were more than pleased.


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