I look at the blurry shapes in front of me. I've been standing here for a while now, just looking at the shapes slowly materializing out of the white nothing. I've sat down, gotten up again, tried to walk forward without being able to move forward or having any effect at all. It seems I have to wait whilst the shapes in front of my are slowly materializing in front of me.

I look at the plain white behind me. I've considered more than once to simply take off in that direction, but I didn't wish to return to a world with no reference and lose myself again. I'd rather wait to see what was in store for me in whatever was materializing in front of me. It might end up with me being hurt again, squashed under a boulder, burned or something else, but I am willing to take that risk. I'm fairly confident I'm unkillable at this moment. It just hurts like hell, but maybe you get used to that too.

I've tried calling out the the body less voices that had accompanied me in that strange building where I was squashed like a bug, but no one had replied. I wonder if what is forming in front of me is actually forming in front of me, or that I am forming in front of it.
But there's nobody here to ask, and there's no reference to see. Maybe both are true and we are forming to each other. As I'm pondering about this there's a smell starting to build up. I hadn't noticed at first because it was so faint. A metallic smell, and a whiff of something foul, growing stronger with every minute.

I'm starting to discern color now in front of me and I see large walls of what seem to be dark brown wood forming around me, but I can't discern any details on the walls or the other structures that are coming into view clearer and clearer every moment now. I see odd shapes jutting out here and there that have different colors, but no definitive shape to them.

I take a tentative step forward but I still can't move from my position, as if an invisible force is keeping me centered on my position. I look over my shoulder and stare in the white nothing behind me. A shudder travels up my spine, I feel as if something incredibly dangerous is out there. A primal fear makes me turn my gaze away from the white nothing and I return my focus back on the room forming in front of me. My back is cramping up because I've crouched over so badly because of what might be in the white nothing.

Flexing my arms and my legs to loosen up my back, I look at all the discernible details in the scene building up in front of me. The odor is turning more intense and now I can smell what seems to smell like ashes mixed in with the metallic foul smell and the colors seem to turn more vibrant shades. I close my eyes and try to discern the different smells, to see if I can figure out what they are coming from.

Suddenly there's a jolt and I'm thrown forward forcibly and I fly through the air. Before I can open my eyes, I land with my head in something wet and cold, and my mouth is filled with some foul tasting liquid as I try to yelp in surprise. I quickly pull back and free my head from whatever I had landed on. Doubled over and gagging, supporting myself with a wet hand on the floor, I spit out the liquid trying to get that awful taste out of my mouth. I can't see anything because my eyes seem to be stuck closed by something sticky. I feel cold liquid slowly dripping from my face.

Rubbing my sleeve over my eyes and face I manage the get the sticky substance that's on my eyes dislodged and I open them, blinking profusely. First my vision is clouded by tears, turning the entire world in a huge blur, but slowly my sight returns and I let out a horrified shout and scuttle back from where I was on my knees.

In front of me there is a large mass of tentacles, ripped by an unseen force from whatever had been on top of them, red blood pooled within the massive wound from which the tentacles extended. I look at my hands and shirt and see that I am covered in the same blood that is in the mass of tentacles. Hastily I try to rub off the blood from my hands, but it's sticky and won't come off properly, and my blood soaked clothes now have a few bloody stripes from where I tried to clean my hands.

I look around me and see that I'm surrounded by corpses of strange creatures that seem to have been ripped apart by a titanic force. Next to me lies a huge tongue, a bit further flakes of gray skin an huge triangular pointy teeth. A little further a green worm like thing with an eye mounted on top, and many more other curious body parts. Some parts were leaking red blood, others green and a few blue blood. But all of the body parts strewn around in this room were horribly maimed, torn apart, scorched and clawed.

A group of gigantic monsters must have torn through this place to inflict this damage to these creatures. As I stand up on the floor I notice how this is an enclosed room that's burned in many places, almost as if a huge explosion had occurred here turning parts to ash and tearing up the creatures gathered here. There seem to be remnants of benches lining the walls, each row higher than the other in front of it, giving every body a good view. Large holes and cracks run through the wood, with blood and scorch marks liberally distributed along them. In front of the benches there are two ornate tables, one of which is a charred and burned to coal mirror of the scratched and broken in two table.
I turn around and see what seems to be a pulpit. I make a slow circle and suddenly something clicks in my mind. This looks like a court room like you see in television shows.

Something pulls in my mind, wondering what a television show is, and where I get the knowledge of what a television show is. As I am pondering this I hear a loud crack, and a burned beam breaks in two, showering the scene in ashes and wood splinters. I cover my head and close my eyes until the loud noises have stopped. Unconsciously I dust off my clothes, making them even more dirty, and now my hands are covered in sticky blood with a layer of ash mixed in. I look at it disgustedly.

Deciding to explore the scene a bit more, and having a bit of morbid curiosity, I walk to the mass of tentacles I had landed in before, and studied them. It didn't look like that this was the entire creature. A bit further I see what seemed to be a humanoid dragon, torn from his legs at his waist and the eyes gouged out. Blood still trickling from the eye cavities where bits of brain tissue were poking out. The draconic form is dressed in what seems to be formal robes, he might have been a judge or lawyer here. I take a wild guess and assume that this half of the dragon belonged on the tentacles, even though I can't imagine why those two would belong together, but they both have red blood, and the same tone of skin.

I wipe my hands as good as I can on the robes of the dead draconic body and take in the massacre around me. It should fill me with disgust how all these creatures have died so violently and their corpses so desecrated. But somehow I feel more like i'm in a butcher store, looking at the wares on display. Maybe it is because these creatures do not look cute or relatable. They look like creatures spawned form a demented hell, disfigured, malformed and alien.

I make my way through the rubble and the bodies that are strewn around and try to keep an eye out for something useful, but I find very few things that could be useful. I find a few scorched books, but I can't read them, they are written in a script that's indecipherable to me. I let the latest book I had flipped through fall on the ground and it falls in a puddle of blue blood, that seemed to have come from a bird with crocodile head cleaved through the middle. The blood splashes on my pants that are already covered from feet to groin in grime and colored blood splotches. I must look pretty horrific to anyone looking at me, which is why it is a good thing that nobody is here.

A faint sound like a squeaking door starts to grow louder as I am studying the strange alligator bird creature. I turn around to figure out where this sound comes from as the sound starts to hurt my ears. I cover my ears with my hands to lessen the volume piercing through my skull. It's worse than nails on over a chalkboard. Unconsciously I grit my teeth and brace myself for whatever is coming so loudly.


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Bio: I'm a coder at heart, but I also like other creative activities. Here on royal road I try my hand at writing. I'm not the best at it, but that's a hobby for you. I hope you will like my writings.

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