I shake my head, and snap out of the trance I had landed in. The colored circles rotating around me, the constant background hum around me had put me in a trance. I've stood there, staring for who knows how long, lost in the moment, the blissful break in monotony.

I walk closer to the wall of rotating circles and study them closer. They are more like plates mounted on a gray back plate, rotating in a circle around me in a never ending loop. I feel the trance coming over me again as my eyes try to track the colored dot I was examining. The hum seems to fill my body, I feel it in my bones, through me, washing away thought, washing away curiosity, all there is are the colored spots washing my vision, and the low hum vibrating through my body.

With effort I hit the wall in an attempt to break out of the lethargy coming over me and I hit one of the colored circles. It depressed and turned dull. I stare at it blankly as it rotates away from me, following it. I then it another circle and see how it depresses and turns dull. I start hitting more and more circles, and I realize that they are buttons. Every time I pressed one, I heard a click.

I kept pushing the buttons, feeling a sprinkle of satisfaction each time heard the click and saw the button turn dull, losing it's bright luster. I kept pushing and pushing the buttons, turning them all dull. It was without meaning, without purpose, but it was so satisfying to do something that had an effect on my environment, after the monotony of the white. I let the button pushing overcome me, lost in the movement of the buttons, the humming rattling my bones, the soft click, click, click of the buttons I pressed, the change of colors.

Suddenly there was a voice, a posh English male voice that spoke to me.

"Who are you? You are not part of the story I am narrating. I need you to be gone from here. So if you could just go away, that would be terribly kind of you."

I ignored the voice. I didn't want to go from this place that was a break from the white room I was trapped in. I kept pressing the buttons, one after one as they moved in front of me.

"You remind me of the main person of this story. But since you are definitely not the main person of this story, I need you to go now!"

I let my hands glide over the buttons. Depressing all rows that moved in front of me whilst ignoring the voice. I really didn't like the voice. I didn't like to be told to go away from here. I felt at peace here. That voice could take a hike for all I cared.

"Alright, since the main person of this story will come soon, I need you to now. Stop pushing those buttons, and just go out. If you look to your left there is door. You could simply step through it, and you are away, and I can go on with important matters"

I looked left and saw a door, opening into an office hallway. I turned back to the buttons and kept pressing them faster and faster, turning everything from bright to dull in front of me. The row of unpressed buttons never seemed to cease. I turned around and looked at the depressed buttons, and saw they became bright again when they were further along the circle.
A smile grew on my face. I would never have to leave here, pressing buttons whenever I felt like it. It made me feel warm from inside.
An exasperated sigh sounded.

"Look, I really don't have time for this. He is at his last computer. I need you to go, right now through that door. I'll help you get to wherever you need, just go through that door now!"

The voice sounded pleading now. I walked to the door and held in front of it looking at the hallway behind it. It didn't look particularly clean or appetizing. But it did beat the monotony of the white room, even with the button pressing. I considered the proposal of the voice.

"Any time now."

The voice sounded really impatient now. I shrugged my shoulders and thought what the heck, and stepped through the door. It would be nice to have a body less voice as a companion.
As I stepped through the door I felt a change. A familiar feeling I couldn't place was all around me now. I looked down and saw I was no longer naked.

I was wearing a white buttoned up shirt and dark pants with dark shoes poking out. It felt good not being naked anymore. I looked behind me, to look back at the buttons, but the door was gone. All there was was a badly illuminated hallway behind me, the same as in front of me.


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Bio: I'm a coder at heart, but I also like other creative activities. Here on royal road I try my hand at writing. I'm not the best at it, but that's a hobby for you. I hope you will like my writings.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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