I am blazing like the heart of the sun. My body radiates heat at an incredible temperature. I can't even see myself through the white hot glow that surrounds my body. It burns me, yet I don't burn up. I'm lost in the movement, in the purpose of going faster. I am the one who runs through infinity.

I see something in front of me, I try to focus on what it is and I realize that I am approaching way to fast. I try to slow down but I stumble, my momentum carrying me further. I fall down and am I carried forward, rolling haphazardly. I don't know how fast I was going but I feel my bones breaking. I hear my neck snap and my legs moving in ways they shouldn't. My face is beaten in by my elbow as I tumble on top of it and I feel teeth coming loose from an unhinged jaw. I try to scream but I can't breathe in. Panic grips me as I keep rolling forward breaking more parts of my body, each broken part and rapid tumble enveloping my mind with pure pain that numbs my thoughts.

At last I hit something solid and I feel my skin rupture and my insides moving out to give way to the rest of my body that presses against it. Red streaks of blood fill my eyes before I pass out from the pain and everything turns black.


I open my eyes and stare up at the white nothing above me. A frown builds on my face, something seems off. I sit up rapidly as I remembered the fall and check my body hands touching every part to see if everything is in order. Letting my hands glide over my face I feel that everything is normal again, as if the tumble never happened.

I look around and I see a large red smear pushing against nothing. I stand up and approach the smear cautiously. Little bits of white flake and undefinable dangly things are stuck in the red smear. I touch it gingerly with my finger and feel the slickness of it. I rub it between my fingers and see how it spreads over my fingertips. This must be my blood and my entrails. I look down at my body but everything is all in order again. I shudder at the memory of falling and breaking what must have been every bone in my body. How was I not dead?

I wipe my fingers absently on my body as I study the red smear in front of me. It's basically nothing holding up my blood. Gingerly I reach out and touch the part that isn't covered with blood and discover that it feels the same as the floor below me. A memory came back to me. I had seen something before when I was running, but now I wasn't seeing anything, just nothing, I couldn't get through.

I decide to take a few steps back and try to see what I saw before. Keeping the red smear in sight as not to lose my bearings. The red smear grew smaller and smaller as I moved back until I saw something again. Small colored things moving slightly above the nothing. I couldn't make out what it was from this distance, but it was definitely there.

I walk back tot he smear I had left on the invisible wall and studied it. I breathed in and stuck my hand in the smear and got my palm covered in blood. Then I moved to the right, trailing a red smear on the wall. When my hand didn't leave a trace anymore, I repeated the action, continuing where the smear had stopped. The iron smell coming from the blood made me nauseous, but it was the only thing I had available to be able to discern where this wall was.

After a long while of walking back and forth along the wall, marking the wall I rediscovered the red smear in front of me. The wall must run in a large circle, as I never encountered a single corner on the wall, but I could see the red spot and the streak extending from it clearly. I walked to the smear and completed the encircling streak of blood.

I took a look at my blood covered hand and wiped it on a piece of uncovered wall, leaving a messy jumble of red smears. Not all blood would come off and I sighed.

"Maybe it'll dry and I can scrape it off later"

I start walking the circumference of the wall again, trailing my hand against an clean part of the wall under my bloody smear. It feels like nothing is pushing against my fingers. The feeling is similar to the  nothing under my feet, but is certainly giving hold under my feet. Suddenly I feel a slight bump under my hand and I stop. I look at the spot where I think I felt the bump and see nothing. I let my hand glide over the spot, feeling a distinct bump there, like an edge. I look at the blood smear above my hand and also see there a very small vertical line between the horizontal streaks my fingers have traced.

I try to scratch it open with my nails, but nothing really happens, I can't get a proper hold on it to be able to pry anything loose. I take a few steps back and run at the wall, shoulder first. Nothing happens, except that my shoulder, and something in my back, now hurts. I must have pulled something. As I stand, hands in my back, the pain fading slowly away as my body knits itself together again, I start to think about this single, almost impossible to detect line.

"If there's an edge, there is a weak point."

I punt the edge with my shoulder again and again, and again. Trying different angles without giving up. It wasn't as if I had anything better to do in this white void. I bend down through my knees and tried an upwards punch against the wall and suddenly I stumbled forward and landed on my face.

As I collected myself and looked up I saw myself surrounded by all kinds of colored circles mounted on gray plates, circling me in mid air. Sitting there, looking at the amazing display of colors in this white nothing I just sat there, the pain in my face fading away fast, enjoying the change in view.
A deep choir like sound surrounding me, coming from nowhere, giving the floating rows of buttons a sacred kind of feel. I just sat there, letting the deep singing fill me and the colors floating around me flood my mind with their colorful intensity.


About the author


Bio: I'm a coder at heart, but I also like other creative activities. Here on royal road I try my hand at writing. I'm not the best at it, but that's a hobby for you. I hope you will like my writings.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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