I heave a sigh and lie down on the floor and close my eyes, allowing my breath to become normal again and my pulse to calm down. Suddenly an orange light pierces through my eyelids and my pulse shoots through the roof again thinking I've been caught.

"I won't resist officers. You can take me to a warm jail."

I mumble softly, and open my eyes. A frown builds up my face as I stare up to a white sky. Where did the dark alley go I was in before? I whip my head left and right and all I see it white. I stand up quickly and look around me with wide open eyes.

There is nothing around me! Everything is white, not a detail to discern. There are no walls, no lamps, no sky, no ground. Just plain white everywhere as far as I can see.

Goosebumps start building on my skin and I rub my arms. Startled I look down at my arms. The warm jacket I was wearing is gone, as is the comfy sweater. Looking further down my body I notice I'm complete naked. Even all the grime and dirt is gone! Yet i'm not cold, nor am I warm. There is not a breeze to feel around here except that caused by my rubbing arms.

I feel my cheeks heat up and cover my private parts with my hands, and look around nervously. Maybe I've been captured, knocked out and have been locked up here and there are people watching beyond the bright white light surrounding me.

As I look around I start to relax more as I don't notice anyone and start to move my hands away from my private parts and stand straight, shoulders backwards. They won't cower me, I'm still young and have a tight nice body. Nothing to be ashamed of, maybe it will even lure them out of hiding.

I take a step forward and feel something familiar under my feet. I bend down and feel a piece of paper lying on the ground. I lift it up from the invisible white floor and flip it over. I read the text, not understanding at first glance. I read the words out one at a time.

"You have been banned from existence."

I flip the page over, flip the page back, buy there's nothing else on the paper. Banned from existence... What did I do? Is this a prank? I rake my brain to come up with a reason why I'm banned from existence.

I think back tot the moments before I woke up here. I was in an alley reading a copy from the necromonicon I had stolen from a bookstore. Reading it aloud because of my reading impediment. It was an interesting book of fictions that I had heard referenced a lot.

But being penniless and on the streets I never had the money or chance to read it. Today it had been on sale on the outside of the bookstore I hung around a lot to warm up and to pass the time. In a moment of excitement I had swiped one copy and bolted away to my favorite alley. It was mostly dry and always had cardboard boxes from the electronics store lying around.

Sitting down on a pile of warm boxes I had started reading aloud, and had a great time reading the story. It had seemed as if it had come to life before my minds eye. Reading the parts with incantations or more gibberish had been most fun. I kept looking around in between difficult sections to check if someone had followed me to this alley with the book. Through my reading impediment it was hard to read and pronounce nonsense words, but I had struggled through it valiantly, adding to the "flavor" of the stories.

I remembered vaguely that after once such incantation I got tired suddenly, and had lied back, staring at the orange overcast city sky that was visible between the building walls of the alley. Suddenly the sky had turned green as if giant flames raced across it and a deep rumble had traversed through the ground I felt panic welling up inside me. I had then clenched my eyes shut and woken up here... I wonder what happened...


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Bio: I'm a coder at heart, but I also like other creative activities. Here on royal road I try my hand at writing. I'm not the best at it, but that's a hobby for you. I hope you will like my writings.

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