As The World Catches Fire

by carlyn_a

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Ruling Class War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

In the world of Itrera, the human nations protect themselves by bonding daemons to their souls. Rozin Kain, a young soldier with a difficult past, has hated the daemons since they stole her life many years ago. So when she is forced to bind herself to a High Order-a cruel, beautiful daemon so powerful that she cannot be contained-Rozin finds herself on a path she never wanted. A path she must follow, and may not survive.

A map of Itrera and a list of the coalitions can be found here, or at the head of every chapter.

[DOES contain: WLW/lesbian romance, political drama, sexual content, diverse cast, enemies to lovers. DOES NOT contain: sexual abuse/assault etc, graphic depictions of gore, homophobia, or sexism.]

I plan to follow a bi-weekly update schedule. Chapters may be posted early if I have large events coming up!

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A true fantasy story is a rare thing on Royal Road these days. The site tends to be saturated with litRPG and GameLit stories that tend to be the same retelling of the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound with a different gimmick. That's not always bad, but sometimes you just want some good pure fantasy.


If you agreed at all with that thought then this is the story for you.


The writing style is impeccable, using a few words to evocatively describe even the most intricate of scenes, the words painting images in your mind no brush could hope to compete with, it's really well done.


The story this far is phenomenal, the setting is unique and interesting, a world split between humans and the strange and powerful daemons, with humans gaining their power through forming a bond, wiping away the mind of the daemon and gaining a perfectly loyal slave. The concepts laid out in the early chapters promise a rich and fantastical world to explore.


The grammar is impeccable. No more needs to be said.


The characters we have met this far feel well fleshed out, interesting, and they seem to have properly developed histories and thoughts, which seems to be a rare thing in today's Royal Road.



Give it a shot, you'll get hooked by the first chapter.

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I've really enjoyed this story so far.

And as Michalhenson said it is a true fantasy.

This could easily be a published work.

This isn't your usual fare, that you'd expect to see on RR. The author has created a unique world with it's own history and life. We've had hints of various cultures from the story telling of a sage though as of yet none of this has really filtered through in story. The characters feel real and truly alive, each with their own wants, likes, dislikes, thoughts and motivations. The dialogue and character interactions have been realistic and logical.

The plot itself has been interesting so far, introducing our mc and her very unique bonded demon, though I expect this is just the prologue, an introduction to the world. We've had short introductions to some of the worlds factions with hints of more to come. Giving a bit of insight as to the likely plot of this story given the political tensions hinted at.

All in all the story has proven to be very comprehensive and entertaining so far. I found myself engrossed quite quickly and binge read the 13 chapters released so far.

Definitely recommend you give it a read. I have a feeling this one will make it's way up the best rated rankings quickly.