Goddesses are out of Heroes, so it's up to Me to Save an Isekai World! [Poll Story]

by Yuuji Everyleaf

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reader interactive Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Even outside of Japan no one is safe from being reincarnated to become a hero in a fantasy world. And while our hero was ready to become the typical hero he was meant to be, things start out not even close to how he would have hoped.

The story will be guided by the choices readers vote on.



P.S. Writing this story as a challenge, Expanding on the idea I read on the forum by DivineEternal1.

P.P.S. The art of the cover is not made by me, don't know who the artist is.

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Tana Nari
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Trying a little too hard to be funny.

Reviewed at: 14: The raid on Foric pt.6

To start with, this is a slapstick comedy of a story. Meta-jokes abound and the plot bounces between that "so generic it doesn't even bother to try, and instead justifies its lack of trying by making fun of itself" and "Plot? There's a plot?"

Which puts me in a bit of an awkward position... I can judge most genres well enough, but I'm terrible with comedy. I know what I find funny, but I couldn't tell you why.

What I can say is that if I were to judge this story by normal standards, it would fall flat on its face... but holding a comedy to the same rules as drama or action (or vice-versa) is just assinine. Except in terms of grammar, good comedy does not excuse poor grammar. Fortunately, the author's a proficient writer with few errors and only a small amount of redundancy, so there's no problems on that front.

That said, the best comedies also hold up well as their other genres. Futurama, Kill La Kill, Ghostbusters (the good one), Discworld- all would still be wonderful experiences even if they had no jokes. Tell me I'm wrong. And truly great comedy makes the audience think about what they just experienced as surely as great works of any other genre.

And this story is not a 'great' comedy. I laughed; in fact, I was at least chuckling through about 90% of the reading. As shallow amusement went, it delivered constantly and sometimes caught me by surprise as it merged meta and in-setting humor in some clever and fun ways.

It did not, however, make me think.

The setting is just backdrop for comedy (the idea that 'every half-finished webnovel ever is its own universe that needs saving' is especially clever), the plot is just a platform to make funny scenes happen, the characters are just pieces to be slapped by slapstick, with the main character playing the closest thing the story has to the 'straight man'. There's nothing noteworthy about them.

That being said, they are good props for good jokes, which makes this overall a good comedy, and not everything needs to be a shining icon of inspiration to be good.

If you like a constant stream of jokes making fun of Isekai, then this is a story that won't disappoint.

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Show more tell less. Recommended to isekai fans.

Reviewed at: 16: Nightmare


The premise of this story is simple. Arrogant and edgy MC Isekai'd to another world with Luck being minus 9000. At the first glance.

Similar to Tana Nari, I enjoyed the idea that 'every half-finished webnovel ever is its own universe that needs saving' is especially clever’. I wish that was a core part of the isekai novel, like the TV show Supernatural. But that’s not the case. For the plot, perhaps keep mentioning and cultivating the idea why stopping Enemy number 1 is important for saving the universe.

The main character is interestingly egotistical enough, I enjoyed reading "How did these two NPC-level stock characters manage to create such a thing that is almost as beautiful as I am?” In chapter 4. However, I feel as if the MC is slightly underdeveloped as a character, heck, I enjoyed the Sizarbob engagements with Yuusha, and the goblin character, seems like he was fleshed out better than the MC.

I think minor ways to improve this is “show, not tell.” Or more specifically, more vibrant language, to make the story less flat and empty and more alive in the reader’s mind.

The descriptive writing falls flat especially in the action scenes [re: elemental fight]

Or at least instead of:

“Sizarbob simply broke a path in the fence with his leg and walked in.”


“Smash! The paltry wooden boards crumpled among the thrust of Sizarbob’s thrust kick. Slowly, he walked, crushing the grass beneath him.”

(Just an example)

Keep up the good work 😊


P.S That skill can be way too overpowered but unsure if the MC which you have cultivated would abuse that power.