Autist Isekai

by Escribo

After struggling to make sense of the arcane mysteries of the denizens of Earth with anime as my guide to the mysteries of the universe, I attained wizardry at the age of 30— then, I found myself in a mysterious egg reborn as a girl!

What's worse, I soon find out I'm not just a normal girl...

I didn't know what to do for most on my life on Earth. I don't know what's going on here. So, same as always. I'll understand this world and reach the pinnacle! Or something! Maybe! 

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Smug Fishman

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Autist 1—An Autist Life, Death, An Autist Rebirth, and Nyarko Dreams ago
Autist 2—In Another World With My Anime Girl ago
Autist 3—Anime Girl & Logic ago
Autist 4—My Autist Isekai Was Weird As I Expected ago
Autist 5—Garfield Dropout ago
Autist 6—My Little Loafer Loli Can't Be This Loquacious ago
Autist 7—Yuru Yurusenai ago
Autist 8—Tori Kora ago
Autist 9—Cliches Are Important ago
Autist 10—i dont want this kind of villain ago
Autist 11—Go Elf Yourself ago
Autist 12—nazo o nazo o steaky dai oh ago
Autist 13—Kami no Pauzuru ago
Autist 14—Naked, Again. But this time... it's personal. ago
Autist 15—U I H A RU ago
Autist 16—Grasp Heart ago
Autist 17—The Second Loafer Loli And Scarf Were Untrained So I... ago
Autist 18—Guns, Girls, and Politics ago
Autist 19—Artist's Mount ago
Autist 20—Sweat ago
Autist 21—Brain Problems ago
Autist 22—Anime is... ago
Autist 23—Bamboo Blade ago
Autist 24—A Mild Helping of Responsibility ago
Autist 25—Psychic Ninja Tentacles ago
Autist 26 ago
Autist 27—I Am Also A Magical Girl Now ago
Autist 28—An Orbital Bombardment Is All You Need ago
Autist 29—Watering The Flowers ago
Autist 30~Small Spells ago
Autist 31~Upon Being Trained In Magic I Realized I Have No Talent So I Ran Off Like The Pathetic Wo- ago
Autist 32~Yukko's Resolve ago
Autist 33~Pillow Rat Fight ago
Autist 34~The Gathering of Wills for the Effort to Do The Thing ago
Autist 35~Guardian of the 1st Seal ago
Autist 36~えいご ago
Autist 37—Richard Feynman ago
Autist 38~「s c h o o l s w i m s u i t。」 ago
Pure Pure Precure! ago
[END] [All Fiction] ago
Re:0 ago
Re:1 ago
Re:2 Doctor Who? ago
Re:3 ago
Re:4 ago
Re:5 Tiro Finale ago

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Jean Fere

It tries to hard to be a fast paced comedy and fails too hard. Continuously repeating bad jokes, drains the reader. Whats endless repetitions of I'm pathetic and whines about things the MC can't do are repulsive 


I laughed trough my entire read of this story. Very hard hitting comedy that you rarely find nowadays. Comparable to the like of My Immortal !!!


I, as an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder, have been dealing with it since elementary school, and who has spent a lot of time in self-analysis, can say that this story is an innacurate and, to be frank, rather insulting depiction of the disorder. The first chapter alone is evidence enough of this extremely poor understanding of the condition.

I was rather excited to see a story with the Psychological tag that involved an autistic main character, but it would seem that my excitement was heavilyl misplaced.

Either get someone with firsthand or professional experience to advise you on how individuals with mental conditions experience the world, or do not use that mental condition in your work. It isn't a character trait, a personallity, or something to be taken lightly, it is a serious psychological condition, one that many struggle with. 

I recommend you remove this fiction.