The Chronicles of Kevin's Mistakes

The Chronicles of Kevin's Mistakes

by Commander Kane

Since the times of old, the Six Towers of Valdir have stood tall in their respective kingdoms. Always, it is has been six. Six Managers, six Cores, six hoards of treasure.

But times are changing.

The fearsome Managers that history has come to know, hate, and respect, all the same, are about to get a new Manager in their ranks. They await to see who governs the seventh Tower on the banks of the Yearning sea, just as the adventurers, kings, and peasants alike are trembling with dreadful anticipation. Some want a newbie who's worth the extra space, while others want someone who'll keep with the status quo.

Instead, they got Kevin.

~Expect an update on a Friday~

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Well, it certainly can't be said that Kane doesn't know how to write a hateable character. Boy, do I hate Kevin in the beginning. But, and this is as of chapter 7, I'm growing to find his antics more entertaining. It's a bit rough to like him, but if you read the story like it's meant to be read, with him as the protagonist, you can kinda accept that he's a jerk, and move on. Though he perceives his situation as naught but a dream for a while, I'm convinced he's become aware that it's his new reality, and that he's merely protecting himself from that harsh truth.

Grammar is okay. There are some mistakes from time to time, as well as a harsh jump from past to present tense narrative, but I'm discussing it with Kane and it will hopefully be amended.

I like the story, though I may be biased because I know a little more of the world than anybody reading it right now, but since it will all become clear eventually, I'm going to use my knowledge to rate it. I give it five stars for the interesting lore and unique Tower Core idea. The way it's written has you asking plenty of questions, and while it answers some early, the big ones are keeping me locked in. Can't wait for next chapter, that's for sure.

I gave this story a five star in character score because of how well the interaction of Jeffery and Kevin is written. Kevin perfectly reflects a real Kevin I know, and Jeffery is such an innocent little guy. Poor thing has to suffer like this. But I'm sure the two will become better friends, as is inevitable in situations like they're in.

Style-wise, I think Kane keeps to the narrative format fine, and his story's quite humorous, so I won't knock any points off here.


Overall, if you're struggling to get through the first couple chapters, or don't like Kevin, keep in mind, he's an idiot. Enjoy the ride.


Kevin is a bit of an Idiot, but that's OK

Reviewed at: Mistake #9: Luxury

This is probably the most realistic isekai depiction I've run into yet, where the person in question is a leisure-obsessed slacker with no real motivation other than to be left in peace.  No convenient knowledge of tropes, no inexplicable and sudden drive to conquer the world - he just wants to relax.  

I identify with this character.

There is of course an onrushing conflict with the broader world that is coming regardless of his lacksidaisical attitude, and I look forward to seeing if Kevin (unwittingly) and Jeffrey the screaming ball of frustration can navigate their way to a peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world as they now know it.

But somehow, I doubt it.

Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Summary- This is hilarious.  Kevin is put in charge of a Tower (dungeon) Core and basically just acts like an idiot.  Whatever decision is to be made, he will pick the wrong one while Jeffrey, the core itself, futiley tries to rectify the situation.  My main concern is that the story is too short to get a proper feel for it.  That said, I have enjoyed what I've read a lot.

Chapters are a bit short, but they're fast and flow smoothly.  A couple too many POVs but it isn't distracting.

One or two minor errors.  Enough that I noticed but not enough that Ir eally cared.

There isn't much story right now.  It's really just a comedy/slice of life as we learn what's happening in this kingdom and that is A Ok.

Kevin is kind of a jerk/incompetent, but it's turned up to eleven so I'm ok with it.  The adventurer party seems interesting but we haven't seen enough of them yet for me to judge.


Best 'Average' MC portrayed on this site.

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Ever been reading a story and gotten confused if it was litrpg or Mr. Magoo?

It can be difficult to distinguish after the 37th time a protagonist blindly walks into suicide only to come out the other side blithely unaware of surviving through sheer improbable luck.

This story is the antidote.

An accurate portrayal of an MC with more than his fair share of luck and the consequences of incompetence.