Undying Empire

by Scott Edwards

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead GameLit Grimdark Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

Elinor is just a sixteen-year-old goth going through some abnormal teenage drama; her parents are involved in giving some 'unwanted' humanitarian aid to Venezuela, and they're dragging their daughter along to expand her world view ... much to her displeasure.

The jungle sucks and the bus has no air conditioning, and great, she's kidnapped ... The Oscillation happens, monsters attack ... she's a monster. Now, she's in a foreign world, fighting to survive.

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Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards


1st Anniversary
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Word Count (18)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
B1 — 0. Humanitarian Aid Sucks! ago
B1 — 1. In Death, Do We Part? ago
B1 — 2. Aren’t Undead Scary? ago
B1 — 3. What If I Get Captured? ago
B1 — 4. Birth Of An Empress ago
B1 — 5. My Secret Weapon! ago
B1 — 6. Is There Hope? ago
B1 — 7. Birth of the Royal Court ago
B1 — 8. Demon ago
B1 — 9. Coming To Terms ago
B1 — 10. The Binding ago
B1 — 11. The Cleansing ago
B1 — 12. The Great Chain In Motion ago
B1 — 13. Forged In Fire ago
B1 — 14. Omens of Madness ago
B1 — 15. Mysterious Marvel ago
B1 — 16. Rise Of The Empire ago
B1 — 17. A Fluffy Terrorist?! ago
B1 — 18. The White God ago
B1 — 19. The Sound Of Thunder ago
B1 — 20. Living Reactor ago
B1 — 21. Lich Nature ago
B1 — 22. Veil of the Witch ago
B1 — 23. The Makings Of An Empire ago
B1 — 24. The Spider Family ago
B1 — 25. The Queen's Story ago
B1 — 26. Rival Sisters ago
B1 — 27. Dominated ago
B1 — 28. Training A Warden ago
B1 — 29. Undying Appetite ago
B1 — 30. Juggernaut ago
B1 — 31. Fear ago
B1 — 32. The Light In A Child ago
B1 — 33. The Clavex Clan’s Trial ago
B1 — 34. The Delthax Clan’s Trial ago
B1 — 35. A Choice To Be Made ago
B1 — 36. Lingering Humanity ago
B1 — 37. Enemy Forces ago
B1 — 38. A Cold Heart Seeking Fire ago
B1 — 39. Supreme Chief Elinor ago
B1 — 40. The System ago
B1 — 41. Declaration Of War ago
B1 — 42. The Parting Ceremony ago
B1 — 43. Overwhelming Force ago
B1 — 44. The Religious System ago
B1 — 45. Hope For Unity ago
B1 — 46. Whom Do You Serve? ago
B1 — 47. Revelation ago
B1 — 48. Setting The Stage ago
B1 — 49. Pray ago
B1 — 50. Choices ago
B1 — 51. Foundations Set ago
B2 — 1. An Empress Rises ago

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Finally a worthy Undead Empires Novel

Reviewed at: B1 — 8. Demon

Thank you for the gracious gift of this novel. It is a shining light in a bysmal tunnel of this site. A proper undead empire novel. HA, cant wait for this book to gain chapters. Keep with it, you are doing great! 


While yes, I'm sure there's some things that Scott could work on in his writing, he always amazed me with his dedication to researching everything for his novels.


I've read up to his latest Patreon chapters, and the amount of philosophy and we'll thought out ideas impress me. These novels are not just whimsical power fantasies. They are flawed characters in unjust situations that make the best of what they've got. Well thought out in comparison to a lot of other web novels I've read. Rather than just write a chapter without much thought, Scott has been crafting a wide web of stories which obviously have a great plan to them.


I enjoy reading Scott's novels and look forward to seeing what comes next. 

Richard Dain

Started reading on a whim, liking it a lot.

Reviewed at: B1 — 8. Demon

This story has a great opening act, and everything is done very well upto this point. But we're reaching the end of the opening act, and I've seen many stories falter at that point. We're not there yet, so 5 stars. Perhaps I'll come and lower it later though.


Yep, as a story should be, intresting. 



American teen goth princess to Undead Empress

Reviewed at: B1 — 14. Omens of Madness

Grammar is good and the style is pretty proficient.
Characterization so far is pretty solid as well. The MC is progressively becoming more and more fleshed out.
The MC's actions make no sense tho. Maybe it's cause she is a teen but i found myself dreading what she will do next.

Can't properly review this with only 14 chapters.
Looking forward to reading a lot more chapters in the future.


Woah this one is amazing. I would do an advanced review but all the scores would be the same - 5 stars.

The start was incredible, the author grabbed the essence and perfectly told to interaction between the mc and her family. He showed the mc change progressively over time and it felt very well spaced. The monsters/magic/people are all fantastic and I'm looking forward to meeting new types.

We know everything about the mc and her magic, so I expecting a hard magic system but then we don't know the magic of others in such detail, which really establishes that we're viewing this from the mc.


It starts strong, with strong characters and a premise that is both distinct and well-executed.
The first chapters are tense, as we learn about the characters and the world around them there are constant challenges both emotional and physical.
Towards chapter ten the pacing slows down and then slows down some more. We get a treatise on Architecture, on Government then we get spider girls(like catgirls but a spider, don't ask).
Both tension and challenges are absent, without them character progression is limited.
It's especially jarring since the author can do better.
It seems like only the first chapters were planed plotwise.
If the author can recreate what he did in the first chapters this story may become one of the best on this site.
As it is Undying Empire is above anything else is a disappointment.


Write MORE, SLAVE!! *Grabs Ball & Chain*

Reviewed at: B1 — 8. Demon


It's amazing (look at the stars!).  Necromancy, the Undead, Monsters, Magic, WITCHCRAFT (can you tell how much I like that part?).   Just read it and enjoy.  =))


I've been following Scott's works for a while now, and I've got to say, there are some things I like and some things I don't.  Huh?  Then why the 5-stars across the board?  Well, simply because it's that good!

Scott doesn't shy away from polarizing topics but presents it in a way that makes it hard to argue, and if you read further into it then it gets so dang complicated and thought-provoking!  ATM gets really complicated, but UE is much less so.  I've come to really enjoy Scott's way of writing ... even if I want more ... MORE!!  Still ... with so many serials and trying to live a life ... I get it.  *kicks a stone in frustration*


Scott writes in 3rd Person Limited, which gives us an amazing look into the mind and emotions of the MC's.  Now, Scott has the proclivity to occasionally move to a new POV other than the MC, which can be annoying at times, but in hindsight, it was always nice later (reading the works over again).

Italics ... Italics ... he uses italics to indicate when you're inside the character's head ... WHY HASN'T ANYONE ELSE DONE THIS?!?!  Seriously, it makes it so easy to transition.  Amazing.

*Sucks in breath* Okay ... the elephant in the room ... he goes into a lot of depth in certain areas which, yes, makes it delicious, but when you look back and see how much has happened (not as much as you might think for the word count), you scratch you head like ... huh.  Now, that's not to say it's bad, but just an observation.  It just makes you want him to write more.

Gaming System Style:

Scott uses a more semi-hidden system approach, and it's a good thing because it would be so flippin' hard to keep track of ... it's freaking complicated and amazing.  You get some minimal information here and there, a lot less than TO, but that's understandable, I mean, not much time has passed ... maybe like 2 hours max so far (chapter 8).

If you like a less bulky and more subtle seamless Game System style, then you should like this.


Now, we TO vets (hehe, I'm a vet) know a lot more about what's about to go down after the Prelude (introduction to our MC and her personality ... I'll get to that in the character score).  We know The Oscillation will happen and what that means.

We're introduced instantly to a part of The Oscillation universe that we're JUST going to see in his other serial (hype!).  Getting a sneak peek of what's going to happen is amazing and crazy!  Not saying too much, we got portal fantasy in this *****!

Necromancy, Witchcraft, Doom Guards, blood, gore ... did I mention Witchcraft (it's awesome!) ... crazy monsters ... yeah, check!


Scott does really well at fixing things when pointed out and trying to keep everything well presented.  He's above 99% of RR authors (I know, not a high bar, but it's pretty good!).

There is some cursing in it like the D-word mainly, but Elinor seems fairly chill and it's only like once or twice from what I remember (I mean, B1 of the non-clean version of The Oscillation was pretty mouthy!).

Character Score:

Okay, let me get on my soapbox here *ahem* ... this is where Scott's works shine ... like the brightest star!  He can make you love and hate a character ... the twist in ATM was pretty amazing ... like insane how he pulled that off.  I'm actually rooting for a character that I used to think was complete scum!

In the beginning, you get a really good look at Elinor and her life with her parents (teenagers, am I right?!) before things pop-off in chapter 1.  Elinor's personality starts to drastically change after ... well, it's kind of obvious from the picture she turns into some kind of undead creature *cough*

Spoiler: Spoiler


Anyways, she's a fun character to follow as she grows more cold and angry because of ... reasons >.> ... <.< eh, yeah ... she's pretty fun.

P.S. Chapter 8 gives some amazing insight into The Oscillation event and how it is that people changed ... not who did it (if anyone did it at all ... that's still a mystery ... hmm).  However, you do learn some cool aspects that our main girls in The Oscillation have no clue about.


What should i review though?
its like everything was amazingly well crafted into a truely 'edge of your seat, popcorn in hand' story.
these chapters are lenghty so ignore the low chapter count.

main character, side characters and enemies, all great.

the characters all feel alive, have their conversations flow naturally even personalities can be grasped purely from the way they talk and how others react to them verbally.

world setting is expansive with alot of potential.

the only thing i find mildly head scratching is the way gwen has been a little to calm for her situation especially after her 'reveal' i expected her to break down and poor out her thoughts/emotions quite a bit more.


This is an interesting story. Not a standard trope. The story starts with a deadly encounter. And a transformation/ class event for the MC. And there is no tutorial mode startup either, poor MC is dropped in at the deep end. Obviously has difficulty adjusting at first, but luckily she has an epic class and can summon (really good) help. The helpers are also interesting characters. 
in my opinion the first 9 chapters are basically a prologue while the new empress is making her way to her new base and getting her initial team together. Main story arc is just starting in chapter 11 or so. 
While there was a tricky startup (starting a noob MC in DOOM mode is not easy on an author) this is shaping up into an excellent story with an unusual trope.