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Plenty of people have stopped and asked what it'd be like to simply have everything, and Sylvain Henry Camille Johansson was no different. He was a man who had a lot of things going on, with a name that'd make a supervillain blush and a family who'd make even the useless of their rank into someone important. It was a shame, then, that he was slapped with a dreadfully unfortunate condition that kept him from living up to any of those already low expectations.

Stuck living a life where magic is everywhere while he's left working with nothing more than a moderate intellect, a little bit of whatever influence he could get from his family, and a lifetime's practice at making himself the ideal subordinate for his bosses' boss, Vane was still beating the odds and slowly working his way up in the world. When the cunning yes-man finally got a chance to really make a name for himself, he leapt at the offer, taking his first real step onto a road he knew he was always meant to walk. His goal? Nothing less than finding out why he and too many other unfortunate souls are barred from the wonderful world of the higher energies, and with any luck, fixing it.

Of course, life has a knack for interfering in even the humblest of plans, and Vane's lofty ideals were anything but humble; he was practically a walking bullseye for disaster. The funny thing about catastrophe, though, is that nobody can ever say what form it's going to take. That’s why, when it all went wrong for Vane, he'd gotten everything he'd ever wanted foisted onto him, and Everything else, too. Watch as a man so used to saying 'yes' to everyone above him finds himself stuck with the power to make reality itself say it back.

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For those not in the know, this is the same author that is writing The Abyssal Dungeon, one of the best dungeon core stories I've found to date. The premise of it is straightforward. There are four types of magic that humanity cultivates, and the protagonist has none of those. As an Empty, he heads a project to tap into a new plane of energy in the hope that it might be accessible by Empties. This, of course, goes terribly wrong and while he comes away with power, he picked up a passenger on the way as well.

This early on in the story, the majority of the focus is on setting the stage, filling out the world, and figuring out the power that he has. Early plot lines are laced in, but the adventure has yet to take off. The characters are well written and dialogues flow naturally. The one exception is Vane's new head partner, who speaks in gibberish that teeters just on the edge of meaning, but always knows when a "Thank." is appropriate. The magic system is interesting and Vane's new power is equal parts intriguing and disturbing, while not being overpowered by any means.

Overall, this makes for a solid lead-in for the story to follow. It starts slow, but with great potential to grow and an entertaining take on handling an eldritch power. If the author's prior work is anything to go by, they won't shy away from realistic depictions of powers while still maintaining a light core to the story. It's hard to recommend a story before it gets into the meat of the plot, but for fans of fantasy/sci-fi settings, I strongly recommend keeping an eye on this as the story develops.

  • Overall Score

I like the begining. A world o magic and technology where magicles person geting some strange power and eldritch passager. All with addition of some kind family\clan problems.

It is not clear enough where this will lead, but plot seems fairly fresh and written good enough for me.

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Pretty cool story. Not a lot of action at the moment, though the “setting things up” part is very good. The language is easy to read, while being descriptive and not too simple so as to bore you. The worldbuilding is nice, with a fresh mix of all the usual components done right. Characters are not too fleshed out, though this could be excused by the fact that there is not a lot to read at the moment, and we mostly see MC interacting with “his” powers and a single “friend” that is cryptic most of the time with a small smattering of other people.


All in all, I’d recommend you to check this story out, maybe read a couple of chapters and decide for yourself whether it’s your cup of tea or not.

Blorgh the muppet
  • Overall Score

very fun :)