Dark Wind, Icy Snow - (RyuTar, YinYuan) [BL]

Dark Wind, Icy Snow - (RyuTar, YinYuan) [BL]

by Sophia Carpersanti

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Born a fatherless bastard, Nox ZaiWin has always been seen as a pariah by those around him. It doesn’t matter how hard he has tried to make a name for himself, excelling both in combat and military strategy, climbing all the way to his present position as Calzai by sheer hard work and persistence.

His only goal? To be left alone so he can govern over his poor, ravaged Province in peace.

And so, yeah, the last thing he wanted, was to become some Celestial’s Chosen One.

And is that even a Celestial? Hasn’t the brat just murdered more than one-hundred of his men with a single scream? Aren’t Celestials supposed to be holly, pure beings, that abhor all forms of death and killing?

No other choice! No matter how sinful it may be, the brat must die.

Snow has lived most of his life locked in a dark room, explored and sold for his miraculous blood. There are a lot of things he does not understand about the outside world. But one thing is certain. He does not want to have anything to do with some scary dark monster. He wants to be free! And he’ll do whatever it takes to reach his goal.

And yet … Shit! Aren’t they stuck together now? Their life-lines intertwined?

Wait! If the dark monster wants him dead, that’s easy enough to solve. All he has to do is to successfully kill him first!

** Updates Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Thank you for reading! ♥ **

WARNING: This is BL novel, including Boy x Boy Romance. If you're not up to sailing such waters happily turn around and search for something else to read. :)

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Table of Contents
76 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
RTYY 001 - Prologue ago
RTYY 002 - Hurt and Confusion ago
RTYY 003 - Rattling Chains ago
RTYY 004 - The Scream of Death ago
RTYY 005 - A Horrible Box ago
RTYY 006 - The Demon General ago
RTYY 007 - The Bloody Brat that Knelt at His Feet ago
RTYY 008 - Pale Silver Wings ago
RTYY 009 - A Paper Bird ago
RTYY 010 - How About We Kill Him? ago
Author's Note: About Names and Language ... ago
RTYY 011 – A Common Name ago
RTYY 012 - An Impossible Command to Obey ago
RTYY 013 - A Bad Escape Attempt ago
RTYY 014 - The Dark Monster has a ... Face? ago
RTYY 015 - The Scary Animal Called a Horse ago
RTYY 016 - The Unbreakable Cycle ago
RTYY 017 - The Brat is a Freaking Menace! ago
RTYY 018 - A Stolen Happiness is Worse than no Happiness at All ago
RTYY 019 - Just Like That, his Heaviest Chain was Gone ago
RTYY 020 - The White-Haired Prince ago
RTYY 021 - The Wrong Hair Color ago
RTYY 022 - The Bright World Out There ago
RTYY 023 - A Splash of Fresh Water ago
RTYY 024 - Roasted Rabbit?! ago
RTYY 025 - Unable to Sleep ago
RTYY 26 - A Comfortable Place to Sleep ago
RTYY 27 - Summonings ago
RTYY 28 - The Rules of the Game ago
RTYY 029 - A Long March ago
RTYY 030 - Sleeping Accomodations? ago
RTYY 031 - A Forced Cold Bath ago
RTYY 032 - From Treetop to Treetop ago
RTYY 033 - A Fiery Gift ago
RTYY 034 - Drawing Lots ago
RTYY 035 - First Duel ago
RTYY 036 - First Death ago
RTYY 037 - First Victory ago
RTYY 038 - A Forest of Bamboo Trees ago
RTYY 039 - Won't you Lose this Fight? ago
RTYY 040 - A Deadly Fall ago
RTYY 041 - Bravery and Dignity ago
RTYY 042 - It's Only Fair ago
RTYY 043 - The Cruelty of Gentle People ago
RTYY 044 - Let the Hunt Begin ago
RTYY 045 - The Little One in the Bushes ago
RTYY 046 - Was This Your Prey?! ago
RTYY 047 - Practice makes it Perfect ago
RTYY 048 - A Gentle Girl's Request ago
RTYY 049 - Standing Against a Raging Fire ago
RTYY 050 - The Fury of Raging Fire ago
RTYY 51 - Two Little Hands to Help Him ago
RTYY 052 - The Hard Task of Getting Back on One's Feet ago
RTYY 053 - For You ago
RTYY 054 - A Comfortable Death ago
RTYY 055 - A Miraculous Cure ago
RTYY 056 - Returning from the Dead ago
RTYY 057 - Arc 4 - Wei - Road to Weiin ago
RTYY 058 - The Blue Diamond Inn ago
RTYY 059 - A Mere Man ago
RTYY 060 - A Freaking ... Kiss?! ago
RTYY 061 - A Long Dress ago
RTYY 062 - A Night in a Red Bedroom ago
RTYY 063 - Planning Ahead ago
RTYY 064 - To Touch what Must not be Touched ago
RTYY 065 - His Choice ago
RTYY 066 - Her Precious Child ago
RTYY 067 - His Loving Sand ago
RTYY 068 - Confronting One's Fears ago
RTYY 069 - A Mushroom Soup ago
RTYY 070 - Wei's Big Market ago
RTYY 071 - Prayer Hall ago
RTYY 072 - Some Kind of Holy Priestess ago
RTYY 073 - History and Legends ago
RTYY 074 - Unbreakable Bond ago
RTYY 075 - A Tien'Elhar's Daitai ago

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First off, credit for the LGBT representation, which I don't see a lot of on this site. The world of this story seems engaging, and there is some thought to the characters.

However, I am personally struggling with the sentence structure. There are a lot of run-on sentences filled with comma after comma. Many of the descriptive words are often repeated within the same paragraph (which is often just one or two very long sentences). The results are hard to follow, particularly when dealing with descriptions of magic/action. 

I've love to attempt this again after it's been polished a bit! 


There isn't too much to go off of at the time I'm writing this but from what I've read so far, this book is great and I hope it continues to be this way. The only thing that I've noticed as a problem is an over-use of pronouns, which makes it somewhat hard to understand who is doing what at times, this is only a minor issue and could be from not many names being given since this is the beginning of the story, along with a few seemingly missing words that's all the issues I've found.


this is one of the first stories i read on this site. it will always be one of my favorites. i know stories with lgbt representation arent treated nicely on this sitte but dont give up author. this is a very engaging story. good characters, gpod story, good relationship, good world building.

style is good but a bit weird at times but its probably teh genre. story is good. gramar is good. characters are great. youve written a lot so far and we were just about to get into things. dont give up. reviews have to be long. so i wantto encourage you and get your star rating up because yoyu desrve to be rated higher. dont give up author, dont give up. just reread the first couple of your chapters to get a feel for the story again becuase it is a really great story. not a lot of stories like this on royal road.

why do reviews have to be so long long long long. dont give up. good story and character. please come back. i want to see how it ends word filler word filler word filler word filler. i hope my review convinces you to return