Falling in Love with The First King

by WinterFairy

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Romance Tragedy Female Lead Gender Bender Low Fantasy Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

He saw the title and read it outloud “The First King”? Then he turned it around to read the summary. The text made his heart beat faster. This sounded so interesting!

The summary told of a world where the strong survive and powerful thrive, filled with pillage, murder, drama, castles and dinosaurs. How fricking cool is that!? This makes one's blood boil with ambition and excitement! And it’s all in a medieval setting.

But the books ending was rotten... William took his anger out on the book but was paid back tenfold.When he realized it, it was too late: "What!? I'm reborn as a girl in this crazy world!? Book! You really want to see me suffer don't you!?".

Warning: Contains mentions of rape, family abuse and cruel scenes...

The version currently available is a first draft of the story. Which means the writing, spelling and some of the plot points will be improved once it's done. I'm still learning how to write, so please bear with me 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

There'll be uploads 3 times a week. Monday, wednessday and friday.

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/ Anne Winter /

Word Count (VII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A medieval world with dinosaurs!? ago
Chapter 2: Burning pages of revenge ago
Chapter 3: Being an unknown mass ago
Chapter 4: Don’t call me that name… ago
Chapter 5: Even tiny dinosaurs are scary! ago
Chapter 6: How many times will I be neglected!? ago
Chapter 7: Picked up by an old lady ago
Chapter 8: It’s a deal! ago
Chapter 9: The fate of Grettel’s husband ago
Chapter 10: My family is mine ago
Chapter 11: Chasing chickens ago
Chapter 12: Grettel’s secret… ago
Chapter 13: The lord’s newly adopted son ago
Chapter 14: Harvick’s new uncle ago
Chapter 15: Mother look! A big flying thing! ago
Chapter 16: A pained reunion ago
Chapter 17: To stay or not to stay? ago
Chapter 18: Healing broken pride and bones ago
Chapter 19: The great Harvest Feast ago
Chapter 20: Why care for the protagonist? ago
Chapter 21: Wild girls need to be tamed ago
Chapter 22: Self reflection and hangovers ago
Chapter 23: She won’t let go... ago
Chapter 24: Ice dipping with the boys ago
Chapter 25: Pelts and skins for uncle ago
Chapter 26: I believe dinosaurs can fly ago
Chapter 27: Adoring the rich and pure ago
Chapter 28: Let the swans guide you... ago
Chapter 29: Is our lord a heathen!? ago
Chapter 30: The sword in silver and gold ago
Chapter 31: When it’s too late… ago
Chapter 32: Sound the horns! ago
Chapter 33: Beauty is power ago
Chapter 34: If you want mud angels ago
Chapter 35: The end of summer... ago
Chapter 36: What could be saved ago
Chapter 37: The hero and... ago
Chapter 38: The witch ago
Chapter 39: Wishing that the bruises stayed ago
Chapter 40: A deadly game of cat and mouse ago
Chapter 41: Changing the target ago
Chapter 42: Why do you ignore me? ago
Chapter 43: Losing my brother... ago
Chapter 44: Say hello to your old enemy ago
Chapter 45: A frightening surprise ago
Chapter 46: Surrender ago
Chapter 47: There’s a path in the lake ago
Chapter 48: Blessed by my hero! ago
Chapter 49: Skills for the future ago
Chapter 50: Oh! The murder ago
Chapter 51: A sermon that shapes the world ago
Chapter 52: Deformed lips ago
Chapter 53: Finding a new pastime ago
Chapter 54: The Bartcove’s ancestors ago
Chapter 55: What lurks in the dark ago
Chapter 56: You wanted me to fail! ago

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As for 35 chapter its a story about child in medieval world, very realistic (no magic in mode of life). A very good story but i hope that autor will not delay with growing up MC becouse much more possibilities when a character can actually do something (like about 12-14 year old) there will begin the adventure and the possible disclosure of the plot why he ended up there, waiting for this until the 100th chapter is not at a price.

  • Overall Score

Good writing, but the protagonist not taking the initiative to change their situation is getting old fast. 

I don’t mean this critically, you’re a good writer, I just get frustrated when a protagonist doesn’t take initiative