The Goblin Nation

The Goblin Nation

by Joshua Peralta

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

They should have fought back. They felt his disdain, but no one wanted to believed - believe that they were never loved. That they can just appease him again. Sacrifice their lives again. Conquered their enemies again. Built wonders for his majesty again. And when they finally accepted the truth, it brought them to their knees as his machines burned down their wonders and reduced them back into animals.

But there was still hope. The Stellars told of our survival. Our downfall was just the beginning. Our regression into animals was merely a delay. At the time, our people were split into different tribes. Before the doors to the infinite sea are open. There will be a child born to stand against his machines, born to challenge his majesty. And with a sword in one hand and a scepter on the other, that child - that hero, will lead his kingdom. The kingdom of goblins.

Sun, the goblin child born to save all of goblin kind. A former human from an unknown world died and reborn with little memory of his past. Join him as he takes on the world, make new friends, uncover the secret of his past, and lead the goblin kind out from the darkness.

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Joshua Peralta

Joshua Peralta

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Its Time for a Restart ago
Vol 1 Chapter 1: Newborn ago
Vol 1 Chapter 2:Hunger Strikes ago
Vol 1 Chapter 3: The Bear ago
Vol 1 Chapter 4: The Strong Ones ago
Vol 1 Chapter 5: The Mother ago
Vol 1 Chapter 6: Winter is Coming ago
Vol 1 Chapter 7: Jet Engines ago
Vol 1 Chapter 8: Close Call [Stick POV] ago
Vol 1 Chapter 9: The Dilemma [Smoke POV] ago
Vol 1 Chapter 10: What It Means To Be Strong [Rock POV] ago
Vol 1 Chapter 11: Lust [Cala POV] ago
Vol 1 Chapter 12: Recovery ago
Vol 2 Chapter 1: Revelation ago
Vol 2 Chapter 2: The Tutors ago
Vol 2 Chapter 3: A Stinky Solution ago
Vol 2 Chapter 4: Brains And Fawn ago
Vol 2 Chapter 5: Goat Me By Surprise ago
Vol 2 Chapter 6: Helping Hand ago
Vol 2 Chapter 7: Today A Reader, Tomorrow A Healer ago
Vol 2 Chapter 8: Storm Is Brewing ago
Vol 2 Chapter 9: The Three Beast ago
Vol 2 Chapter 10: Starving Tribe ago
Vol 2 Chapter 11: Over The Garden Wall ago
Vol 2 Chapter 12: Back At The Barnyard ago
Vol 2 Chapter 13: Bomber Man ago
Vol 2 Chapter 14: Red Cross ago
Vol 2 Chapter 15: Sun Eater ago
Vol 2 Chapter 16: Moving Forward ago
Vol 3 Chapter 1: Does The Black Moon Howl? ago
Vol 3 Chapter 2: Tip of the Sword ago
Vol 3 Chapter 3: Appeal to Authority ago
Vol 3 Chapter 4: Illuminated Manuscript ago
Vol 3 Chapter 5: House of the Rising Sun ago
Vol 3 Chapter 6: The Sun Stands Still ago
Vol 3 Chapter 7: Old Words New Faces ago
Vol 3 Chapter 8: Burning Love ago
Vol 3 Chapter 9: Cloud Nine ago
Vol 3 Chapter 10: Attack on Troll ago
Vol 3 Chapter 11: Lover Boy ago
Vol 3 Chapter 12: The Red Roof ago
Vol 3 Chapter 13: Only To Startle The Sun ago
Vol 4 Chapter 1: Better Days ago
Vol 4 Chapter 2: Run Boy Run ago
Vol 4 Chapter 3: No Better Feeling ago
Vol 4 Chapter 4: Cradle to the Grave ago
Vol 4 Chapter 5: I Am a Wayfaring Stranger ago
Vol 4 Chapter 6: Promises ago
Vol 4 Chapter 7: Wait A Minute ago
Vol 4 Chapter 8: Make A Move ago
Vol 4 Chapter 9: Makes No Sense ago
Vol 4 Chapter 10: Out Of The Black ago
Vol 4 Chapter 11: Flashbang ago
Vol 4 Chapter 12: Louder Than Words ago
Vol 4 Chapter 13: Bitter Fuck ago
Vol 4 Chapter 14: Hunting For You ago
Vol 4 Chapter 15: Power Headache ago
Vol 5 Chapter 1: On the Shoulders of Giants ago
Vol 5 Chapter 2: Rock n' Roll ago
Vol 5 Chapter 3: Cloud's Treasure ago
Vol 5 Chapter 4: Strike When The Iron is Hot ago
Vol 5 Chapter 5: The Final Doubt ago
Vol 5 Chapter 6: Supernova ago
Vol 5 Chapter 7: Bilbo Blade ago
Vol 5 Chapter 8: When The Sun Sets ago
Vol 5 Chapter 9: Walking on Water ago
Vol 5 Chapter 10: The Hole ago
Vol 6 Chapter 1: The Female Man ago
Vol 6 Chapter 2: Toad Harvesting ago
Vol 6 Chapter 3: Secret Tunnel ago
Vol 6 Chapter 4: The Legions ago
Vol 6 Chapter 5: The General's Questions ago
Vol 6 Chapter 6: Walking In The Dark ago
Vol 6 Chapter 7: Falling In The Dark ago
Vol 6 Chapter 8: When Love Bloomed ago
Vol 6 Chapter 9: Seperated ago
Vol 6 Chapter 10: Circumbinary ago
Vol 6 Chapter 11: Relight ago
Vol 6 Chapter 12: Lost Underground ago
Vol 6 Chapter 13: Seeking Power ago
Vol 6 Chapter 14: Red Rain ago
Vol 6 Chapter 15: The Crystal Cove ago
Vol 6 Chapter 16: The Bird Cage ago
Vol 6 Chapter 17: The Vidat Child Part 1 ago
Vol 6 Chapter 18: The Vidat Child Part 2 ago
Vol 6 Chapter 19: Staying Strong ago
Vol 6 Chapter 20: Professor Logue ago
Vol 7 Chapter 1: Spring Festival ago
Vol 7 Chapter 2: The Flames of War ago
Vol 7 Chapter 3: Hurt But Recovering ago
Vol 7 Chapter 4: Cossack's Death Touch ago
Vol 7 Chapter 5: A New Challenger Approaches ago
Vol 7 Chapter 6: The Unmovable Smoke ago
Vol 7 Chapter 7: Cossack's Comeback ago
Vol 7 Chapter 8: The Tribe Grows Stronger ago
Vol 7 Chapter 9: A Different Way of Life ago
Vol 7 Chapter 10: Reforming the Legion ago
Vol 7 Chapter 11: Shuja and Artio ago
Vol 7 Chapter 12: Learning New Tricks ago
Vol 7 Chapter 13: Family is fleeting, Trauma is Forever ago
Vol 8 Chapter 1: Finishing The Mission ago
Vol 8 Chapter 2: The Sisters ago
Vol 8 Chapter 3: A Child's Hero ago
Vol 8 Chapter 4: The Plea of the Western Herders ago
Vol 8 Chapter 5: Hookshot ago
Vol 8 Chapter 6: Hanging Around ago
Vol 8 Chapter 7: A Monster is Coming ago
Vol 8 Chapter 8: The Crows Descend ago
Vol 8 Chapter 9: Sword Versus Dagger ago
Vol 9 Chapter 1: The Walk ago
Vol 9 Chapter 2: The Attack Begins ago
Vol 9 Chapter 3: The Flying Sickles ago
Vol 9 Chapter 4: The Beast Within ago
Vol 9 Chapter 5: Fighting Against The Poet ago
Vol 9 Chapter 6: Smoke is Overwhelming ago
Vol 9 Chapter 7: A Shot In The Dark ago
Vol 9 Chapter 8: Behind the Armor ago
Vol 9 Chapter 9: The Hot Mantle ago
Vol 9 Chapter 10: Bonfire Festival ago
Vol 9 chapter 11: The Thread That Connects Them ago
Vol 9 Chapter 12: Final Goodbyes ago
Vol 10 Chapter 1: Returning Home ago
Vol 10 Chapter 2: Journey to the East ago
Vol 10 Chapter 3: The Silver Weapon ago
Vol 10 Chapter 4: Pagasa ago
Vol 10 Chapter 5: Becoming a King ago
Vol 10 Chapter 6: Veteran's Lament ago
Vol 10 Chapter 7: Pagasa Explores ago
Vol 10 Chapter 8: The Red Plateau And the Dawn of New Era ago
Vol 11 Chapter 1: One Year Later ago
Vol 11 Chapter 2: The Zackons Tribe ago
Vol 11 Chapter 3: Hunting the Beast ago
Vol 11 Chapter 4: Olhos' Declaration ago
Vol 11 Chapter 5: Olhos' Dreadful Form ago
Vol 11 Chapter 6: Battle Against Knight ago
Vol 11 Chapter 7: Battle Against The Night ago
Vol 11 Chapter 8: Dreams From The Adventures ago
Vol 11 Chapter 9: The City's Breath ago
Vol 12 Chapter 1: The King ago
Vol 12 Chapter 2: Set Sail to Everflow City ago
Vol 12 Chapter 3: The Pawns Panic ago
Vol 12 Chapter 4: The King Against The Sun ago
Vol 12 Chapter 5: The Plan Begins to Backfire ago
Vol 12 Chapter 6: The River Is Gone ago
Vol 12 Chapter 7: The Knight of the Underground Waters ago
Vol 12 Chapter 8: Rising Stakes ago
Vol 12 Chapter 9: Bishop The Showstopper ago
Vol 12 Chapter 10: Rock The Powerhouse ago
Vol 12 Chapter 11: Smoke And Krepkiy ago
Vol 12 Chapter 12: Then Dawn Came ago
Vol 12 Chapter 13: The Wolf and Little Red Archer ago
Vol 12 Chapter 14: Mother And Child ago
Vol 13 Chapter 1: A Golden Condottiero ago
Vol 13 Chapter 2: The Downfall ago
Vol 13 Chapter 3: The King's Assault ago
Vol 13 Chapter 4: Sun Versus King Round 2 ago
Vol 13 Chapter 5: King's Gift to the World ago
Vol 13 Chapter 6: Frest New Start ago
Vol 13 Chapter 7: Breaking the City's Heart ago
Vol 13 Chapter 8: Everflow City Surrenders ago
Vol 13 Chapter 9: The Highest Powers Part 1 ago
Vol 13 Chapter 10: The Highest Powers Part 2 ago
Vol 13 Chapter 11: Mari's Servant ago
Vol 13 Chapter 12: The Castle ago
Vol 13 Chapter 13: Life in the City ago
Vol 13 Chapter 14: The Courtiers ago
Vol 14 Chapter 1: Scoffing City ago
Vol 14 Chapter 2: Nobles Setting Sail ago
Vol 14 Chapter 3: Two Heirs ago
Vol 14 Chapter 4: The Holy Island ago
Vol 14 Chapter 5: The Orientation ago
Vol 14 Chapter 6: The Lost Lamb ago
Vol 14 Chapter 7: Belittle Me ago
Volume 14 Chapter 8: Mock Exam Begins ago
Vol 14 Chapter 9: Lesson in Trickery ago
Vol 14 Chapter 10: Rebuilding ago
Vol 14 Chapter 11: King's Playground ago
Vol 14 Chapter 12: Those in Power in a Dilemma ago
Vol 14 Chapter 13: Third Part of the Exam ago
Vol 14 Chapter 14: Naïve Little Sun ago
Vol 14 Chapter 15: Tragedy Has Arrived ago
Vol 14 Chapter 16: Cold Skin ago
Vol 14 Chapter 17: Cold Touch ago
Vol 14 Chapter 18: Lesson Learned ago
Vol 14 Chapter 19: Salt on the Wounds ago

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Potential is there, but I've got mixed feelings about it.

Reviewed at: Vol 4 Chapter 3: No Better Feeling

Review at vol 4 ch 3.

Story has excellent potential.   I really wanted to rate higher, but glaring grammatical and spelling errors stand in the way.  

The story was good enough for me to overlook those even reading up until volume 4.  The story is entertaining and seems like the author put a lot of time and attention into writing it.  Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any editing was done.  I would encourage any readers who are thinking of taking up this novel to do so, but to do so with the understanding this is a rough draft, likely the first draft.

If you're someone who can easily overlook spelling and grammar, then this will likely be a good read for you.

On the other hand, if you're someone who will get jolted out of the story when you come across a typo, please wait until it's edited more.


Good start Just Fix Inconsistencies

Reviewed at: Vol 4 Chapter 2: Run Boy Run

This isn't a bad take on the genre. Interesting elements but the intellectual changes in the "halfbreeds" are wildly inconsistent - sometimes they are half imbeciles with guttural thinking and at other times are almost "super goblins". Very jarring but easy to fix - explain how they get smarter and then keep them at a consistent level of conversation. 


This is the sort of story I kinda hate to leave a negative review of, cause there's a potential buried inside the shit storm for a quality story. I can tell it's there, somehow, even though it's buried in a rather large pile of shit. Basically story is riddled with flaws. From poor grammar, to poor literary techniques, to poor narration/description and characters.

1. Very poor grammar/sentance structure and spelling. It was glaring enough at times that I had issues following the meaning of a sentance, and was forced to often reread a sentance two or three times in an attempt to discern what was being said. Not only that but the point of view the audience has constantly changes... in addition to the tense being used changing. Sometimes the protagonist refers to himself as 'I'. "I saw this, I heard that" etc. Other times it's "Sun did this, Sun did that" and you actually can't tell whose seeing what, are we looking through the eyes of another character? Sometimes? Maybe? It certainly doesn't feel like birds-eye narration but it often reads like it is and it's absolutely glaring and hard to read. 

2. Somewhat related to one, the "flow" of both conversations and narration was very poor. I actually found I had an easier time heavily skim reading the content, as actually trying to read each sentance word for word was like wading through a bog in heavy mist. Hard work and just as likely to get you lost and confused as any further along.

3. While this review is early, only as of Vol. 2 Chapter 5, so far all introduced characters seem bland.

4. The first "big" conflict plays out in chapter 7... then again it's repeated from the perspective of one of the protagonists 'bros' in chapter 8.... then again in 9...... and.... AGAIN.... in 10.... Basically we spend 4 chapters seeing 4 duels that all basically boil down to the same thing. Gobbo punch Gobbo "you little shite I'll kill you" Repeat. For. 4. Chapters.

5. I felt like the "sexual content" was frankly uncessary, we get the setting, some women are raped and give birth to goblin kids, one of which is the protagonist. That okay I guess for the prologue event to the story, what I found gratuitous was the amont of time spent talking about feeding and breasts. I honestly fail to see what the first few chapters really contribute to the story.

Pro tip for all authors. Heavy gruesomeness in description and content =/= equal writing a 'good' or 'intense' or 'mature' story. Far from it. Some of the most haunting things i've read have only made passing reference, or left the audience to infer the events or things that occured to the characters in their stories or in the past. People often say "show don't tell" but never actually say how to do that in literature. Well, it's like normal life, it's allowing people to read between the lines. It's giving your audience the credit of assuming their smart enough to get the clues you drop in your story. 

Slamming them over the head with gratuitious R rated content is not always beneficial. 


The story starts out good but afterwards there is no progress. You wait and wait but nothing that matters really happens. The ineractions are akward the fight with their enemy and in the next chapter it's as if the forgot that they have an enemy.

I don't know if the author just wants to show how bad the goblins speak but always having this broken language is annonying.


Goblin action packed romance drama story

Reviewed at: Vol 7 Chapter 11: Shuja and Artio

The title says it all.

The story is decent and it has everything I said in the title.

I'm not a huge fan of every character having a solid backstory and a romantic relationship, but it seems to be fine as long as the story keeps progressing. 

No HUGE Grammer issues - as in its completely serviceable and the author puts enough time into his writing that I felt like I should continue reading.

I feel like I get less of what the mc thinks and much more of what other characters think of him now than in the beginning. No MAJOR character death yet and the fight scenes seem a bit confusing to follow, but the endings have no unexpected twists. No random power that mc had but was hiding. No random gift to get op. 

What is a bit off putting if I think about it is that the regular goblins seemed like idiots with no cognitive capacity in the beginning,  but now have complex feelings and thoughts. All of this without evolution, just 'civilized language'. 

All in all, worth reading if you want a happy and righteous mc built for leadership. The powerups are a bit predictable and there is bit too much backstory and flashback for me, but the story moves fast enough for it to be okay. There is a very small amount of profanity and almost next to no sexual content, but the tags probably need to be there for some snowflakes.


 As of wirting this, this story has less than 3*'s.  I'm not certain why.  It's certainly not a perfect story, but it's still good.


The MC's pre-reincarnated backstory is very odd.  I'm not certain I understand it.  I think it really has more to do with his 'nice guy' personality than anything, so until more is revealed, I'm not considering it a big deal.


There's a big world out there, and we're only getting really tiny glimpses of it, as only the MC's mother really has anything to offer in that regards.  We learn a small amount about other Goblins, but everything is mostly on our newborn MC.  And like most portrayals of them, Goblins are pretty horrible creatures.


There have been a decent number of 'MC is a monster' stories lately, and I think this one deserves a chance.


A solid work but can be improved in polish

Reviewed at: Vol 3 Chapter 1: Does The Black Moon Howl?

This is one of those stories that you want to enjoy. The premise is fun and the plot promises alot of interesting activties. 

Unfortunately, the story in its current version is plagued by a confusing setting,  questionable characthers, and stilted flow. 

We are introduced to a goblin village where rape, starvation, casual death, and other attributes of a tribulistic village are clearly presented. However, the nature of this village quickly comes into question as idea more attributed to medieval fiedoms are introduced such as retainers, forts, and hygiene (including showers). Furthermore, the main characther who from birth demonstrates tactical skills, combat experience, and reading/writing comprehension is not treated like a god or witch but rather a slightly smarter child. This alludes to a lack of respect/fear for the mystical which does not make sense in such a pre-modern society. All up the environment seems to shift to suit the story rather then the environment being set and the story adapting to it.

This plot over setting first is also reflected in the characthers most prominantely the goblin chief and the MC's mother. The author took on a difficult characther type/relationship by using an imprisoned rape victim as the mother. Such a painful background normally presents an extreme characther but it quite muted here. Her engagements are 'awkward' not painful or depressing. Alternatively the Goblin Chief greedy mindset does not make sense with his behaviour. He is constantly worried about threats but leaves them alone even when perfect opportunities present themselves. 

The stilted flow has been discussed alot by previous reviewers. Its a difficult problem that alot of books face and in this case it seems the author has decide to just focus on getting things down on paper. It make sense but it does emphaises a first draft feel. 

If you have read this far into this review  please understand that I am not trying to put down the author work. Joshua has done a great job writing so much in only 16 months and what I have read despite my critiques has been incredibly enjoyable. Whilst I cannot say this work is a masterpiece it is solid work.