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This chapter is now in first person. It now sounds okay at least to me. Commenters always give me a new perspective. My old meditation of codes may need to change later when I feel like it. I'm learning how to write better at least. :) 

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Chapter 28


Jedi Life


“What can I do for you?” the grizzly librarian asks a young teenager.

“Knowledge on how Jedi are to live outside of the temple,” the teenager responds stoically.

The man blankly stares at him for a moment.

“Is something the matter?” the teenager asks.

The man simple wanders off to a random librarian section while he mumbles, “It’s like the Jedi here teach the younglings nothin…”

The Jedi seems dumbfounded at his words, but patiently follows behind, although a bit late.

Soon, a book is presented to the Jedi.

Chronicles of Hilfin

The Jedi takes the book and moves to the side flipping through it.

“The world moves forward and it may seem like the galaxy’s advancement is great to an outsider’s view. However, the Force continues to push me in another direction. I want to travel down it, but it conflicts with the lifestyle I am on. In the end, the advice I give to future descendants is that, the Force is not limited by time. It’s better to say the world moves by the force. The Force is lightspeeds ahead of our civilisation. Don’t be bound by the world we live in.”

The Jedi’s mind feels little at reading this, not knowing what it’s supposed to mean.

The Librarian beside him clicks his tongue, but otherwise says nothing.

Soon, the Jedi leaves with the book in tow, leaving Cloud disappointed.


It's like there is a veil covering the boy's mind. When I first read that, my mind was blown.

Soon I move over to study something while no one is around. People come and go, but it has been extremely peacefully over these days.

My left eye roams the library not in any way affected by cloth donned to cover my dead right eye. Some Jedi even look at it with respect. A sense of elder-ness washes over me sometimes during my work.

I eventually walk through one of the broad passageways. Knowledge stored mounting far higher than my head resides beside me. There are no ladders and it seems to me the force is mostly used to acquire those so high up. The centre computer is used to locate the information though.

However, when I searched on the computer I failed to find Form VII.

I smirk, knowing there is sure to be other information missing. I wonder what the Jedi are hiding from the younger members of the order?

Perhaps Dark Tales of Jedi or a line between light and darkness.

I have authority here, but I’m sure it won’t last. It’s just to keep me here for the council's own reasons. I will have to leave eventually, but it’s fine. ‘I could always do it again, can’t I?’ The time loop makes things much more flexible.

The library is quiet, as I walk past colours shining in light blue. I pull out an electronic book labelled, Form VI NIman Way of Rancor.

Simple letters, but which hold a profound edge to it.

Opening the book, it writes in great lengths of the history of Form Six and how it was created. Form Six was inspired by the Beast Rancor. Contrary to popular belief in movies, Rancor’s were docile creatures. This form embodies all of the previous five forms.

It generally has no weakness, but also lacks distinctiveness. Individuals who practice this art use the force more, or use more than one lightsaber to bring out the strong point, that is all forms within it.

I trace areas which would prove helpful and how they transitioned each form into one move. In summary, if feels like a stronghold built upon a large beast. It moves slow, but always has a move to assist you, much like a stronghold having various armaments for different battles.

What it actually needs is for the beast to grow wings and I conclude that would be the Force. That way the form can manifold in strength by the product of ten or even higher.

After a few hours of studying it and committing it to memory, I grab another book.

It’s labelled, Form V Djem So and Shien Way of the Krayt Dragon. This Form is broken into two parts. Those who wanted the offensive might of previous forms will use Djem. I remember Vader used this to compensate for his lack of speed. Those who wanted the focus of defensive style, would use Shien. Although it wasn’t specified, I feel Ahsoka Tano used this form since the book provides images. The way the lightsaber is held and the certain footwork patterns depicted gives him an idea of its style.

The defensive form has offensive moves too, but just gives the wielder more flexibility in attacking and defending.

I soon go over all Forms recalling those who mastered certain forms.

Form I Shii-Cho Way of the Sarlacc

Form II Makashi Way of the Yslamari | Count Dooku

Form III Soresu Way of the Mynock | Obi Wan Kenobi

Form IV Ataru Way of the Hawkbat | Yoda, Qui Gon Jinn

Form V Djem So and Shien Way of the Krayt Dragon | Anakin Skywalker

Form VI NIman Way of Rancor | Kit Fisto, Darth Sidious (Palpatine)

Form VII Juyo And Vaapad Way of the Vornskr | Mace Windu

Form VII only gives a brief description of its history with no in-depth teachings. Likely because it's closer to the dark side.

I feel the Force speak to me to study the forms. For what reason, I do not know, but I won’t say no to free knowledge.

Time passes as I bury myself in in the electronic books. Suddenly, I’m is awoken by someone tapping my shoulder.

I reluctantly leave my book and glance up.

Her name comes to my mind straight away.

“Juni?” I say.

She smiles, and says, “I didn’t know you were a Librarian?”

“Recently acquired the position,” I reply.

She still seems impressed. Obviously, technically someone would have trained for two decades in an ignorant Jedi’s eyes to earn the Council's approval.

I silently stare at her and she looks back at me curiously. Her eyes rove my attire with interest before moving over to my Helix blade, and finally my face. It seems she was in a hurry last time and didn't notice my uniqueness.

“Is there something you need?” I finally ask.

“Nothing. Although I am to take the Jedi Trials soon…” she says with a wry smile.

I raise an eyebrow, but then my heart becomes curious.

I quickly stop myself from asking a dumb question and organise my thoughts.

Soon I say without raising suspicion, “What parts of the Jedi Trial, are troublesome?”

She seems waiting for that question as she talks as if a dam is flooding out.

“Everything! I can barely do the telekinesis. The Force just doesn’t listen to me. Everyone is ahead of me. I work so hard, but achieve barely any results. I can’t decide on the best form to choose. I…I…” she shouts, before stopping in a huff, realising its poor manners.

She goes silent and I ponder her words.

A few seconds stretch out as I simply ask the Force what she needs. Not what I think. I can give her advice, but it’s unsuitable in a pressed time situation.

‘Listening,’ is all I hear.

“Sorry. I should go. I just met you after all,” she says suddenly, a bit embarrassed at her outburst.

“You need to listen,” I say softly.

She stops.

I decide not to be profound like the Force and add some explanation, “Listen to the Force first. Don’t get tangled in the many paths laid out before you.”

She looks shocked at my words.

There is only silence for a quite a while.

“So, can I…”

“Thanks Master, I’ll try my best,” she says before running off.

“go back to reading?” I finish saying.

“Seems so,” I mumble.

‘Well that’s one good deed done for today.’

I leisurely look through the new books in peace, completely forgetting about my job as a librarian.


I muse over the two codes while in my room.

Where there is no path, I FORGE ONE

There is no hatred, ONLY MY DEATH

The first code has opened up the path of healing on planet Junko, but has me stumped from delving deeper, so I leave it for now.

The second one I decide to break open.

Does hatred include more than one emotion?

Past experiences soon open up before me.

If I have pride, I hate others.

If I have greed, I hate I don’t have everything I desire.

If I have lust, I hate I am never satisfied.

If I’m envious, I hate others that they have more than me. I could be rich and still envy. Envious of simply happiness or peace.

If I have gluttony, I hate the feeling of emptiness.

If I have wrath, I needless to say, hate others, regardless of the reason. I enjoy pouring it out on others, even if it harms myself.

There are however, good versions pride, as there are for greed, lust and even wrath. It’s the foundation the desire is built upon. One man might build their pride on his knowledge and therefore look down on others. I muse that I have to be careful of this. It’s actually helpful to my path to be a Librarian. Even Sith aren’t prideful as they share their information to the worthy.

It is good to be wrathful on the enemies that bind me or I will stagnate.

Soon, I feel something. Hate. It rises and I find it peaceful swirl with my insights. It does feel stiff in some areas, but I soon become surprised. More secrets lay in my code.

For now, all I can discern is I hate this situation. It is what drives me to escape this loop. I hate the emotions that cause me pain. Not the hate on a specific person since that makes me weak. I then become a slave to a grudge the person probably doesn’t even know about. I am freed in death to that kind of hate.

I feel my body stir in energy and enjoy the refreshing feeling meditation brings before continuing.

I move from the seven sins I listed to others.

One is fear. I hate that I’m fearful. I hate that I’m sad. By saying it like this, I’m using the dark side against itself. As the two forces war against each other and it works in my favour. It makes me stronger.

Where does hatred come from though? Being Angry, being frustrated, being upset, being depressed, and being lonely, are all like seeds planted. If I grow them within myself, I will end up hating something. Whether myself, the world, or others.

I muse about going further down my meditation, but decide to stop. I’m still human after all and it feels taxing on my mind to learn all these sins. Essentially, the list is endless as all the dark emotions seem to form one river.

I suddenly pause in my meditation as a disturbance greets me.

I feel the anger. I feel the hate. I feel it’s directed somewhere, but the place eludes me. Emotions drift through me, but remained tamed under my insights. Not any Force User can stay this long listening.

I feel death and destruction and people’s despair. Amidst it all I feel a connection with the individual acting. Soon, it’s cut off as the task is done.

I wake up covered in cold sweat.

As I recognise the Jedi room I live in I calm down.

However, soon I get up and leave my room.

I quickly leave the Jedi Temple with a purpose, eventually returning to his ship, Ghost II.

It opens up and I input the codes, before sitting silently. After some time, I confirms nothing is wrong here at least. I wonder what that vision meant? I feel a foreboding sensation. I only have two connections and one of them is dead in this timeline. Technically I could still feel a disturbance in the force, but this time it carried familiarity.

I start to think, as I steadily play with Master’s lightsaber, feeling its cool connection to me. Master’s will is gone and now it’s mine. However, since I didn’t claim it from the caves it doesn’t hold life like it did for Master. It’s simple a tool now. Will it change much on the battlefield?

My thoughts organise as I stare at MY lightsaber. Soon my thoughts organise and I head out.

I don’t go back to the Jedi Temple though. There are things that I need to get done.


“I’ll check,” the man says.

He starts entering a few details and minutes soon tick by.

I wait in silence.

“Is one these them?” he asks.

I glance over as nearly hundreds of images are displayed. Platinum hair and purple eyes, focused on females. It’s not too common, but still there seems to be quite a lot.

“None of them,” I say expressionlessly.

The informant seems surprised, but then asks, “Is she perhaps royalty?”

“No idea, but anything is possible,” I reply.

The man’s eyes seem to come into understanding.

“I wasn’t going to bring them up because of the recent events, but I’ll have to now,” he mutters.

My heart beat increases as I hears his words, but I don’t ask anything deeper until I sees the images.

“Is thi-“

My eyes lock on Amelia. A young girl, probably a few years younger than what I’m is used to, but it’s no mistaking her.

“Where is she?” I instantly asks.

He makes a troubled look and then says, “Credits for add-“

I wordlessly add the required amount.

“Her family is said to be wiped out. A Royal clan of Planet Kaloom. Some group of assailants, likely not enjoying their rule decided to rebel,” he says.

“Where is SHE?” I ask, as the dark side fluctuates.

“That…. Well who knows? She is presumed dead…” he says, but sensing Cloud’s aura shifting he hastily adds, “however, I heard there was a few people who overthrew the victors. So, you should ask them…”

My emotions slowly calm down as I receive the clue.

I soon leave the information broker, while considering the information provided.

Is it worth going to Kaloom to search? Or should I stay at the Jedi Temple?

Memories of Amelia on Kashyyyk resurface and my hardships with her.

My heart feels the sourness that I tried to destroy in my second code.


I swiftly make my decision, but decide to head back first and inform the Jedi Order. No need to destroy the bridge yet.

On my way back, people of different walks of life pass me by and I wonder of my place in this world. Amelia holds a special part of me.

‘Does she even effect my code? I feel no disturbance within though.’

Soon, I feel a hostile presence behind.

Force revolves within me in preparation of an attack. It doesn’t come and soon I’m is left confused.

Whatever, I have better things to do instead of chasing ghosts.

I quickly arrive back at the Jedi Temple. I inform the Librarian head. The man seems confused at cloud’s departure, but assures Cloud he will inform the High Council. He tries to get Cloud to wait for their response, but he doesn’t care.

‘I’m not bound by the Jedi Order.’

The Force almost bursts out in happiness at my thoughts, but I ignore it.

As I’m making my way outside, a girl swiftly appears around the corner. I stop and she briefly stumbles into me.

I glance down as Juni looks up.

My cold eyes briefly return to reality as I put on a warm smile.

“You shouldn’t keep running around corners. If you run into someone with evil intentions you could get hurt,” I say with a smile.

Her confusion at who I am is quickly replaced by familiarity.

“Don’t joke Master Cloud. Who would hurt me in the Jedi Temple? We are a righteous organisation,” she says without doubt.

“I see,” I say, while stepping away to leave her behind.

“Wait, Master!” she shouts.

I inwardly cringe at her words, but force my frustration down and stop.

“What?” I ask, not really caring for her explanation.

“Well, you see the Trials are tonight. I was hoping you would, well, look out for me?” she says shyly.

Seeing his expressionless face, she quickly adds, “I… I mean, it looks good on your record?”

My heart muses.

I don’t feel like wasting one second longer here, when he could find Amelia, however the Force pulsates in me.

‘There is a reward there for you,’ is more or less what I hear. If an instrument could talk, it’s how the force would sound in the physical world.

“Fine. When is it exactly?” I eventually ask.

She yips in happiness before replying, “In forty or so minutes…”

“Understood. I know where it is,” I say and walk away, my warm smile fading back to coldness.


A note from Kiro

Those people looking novels. 'A Time Traveler's Gudie to Feudal Japan' is refreshing. 

Defiance of the Fall

Also solo-leveling for manga version. Badass.

Way of the Devil - Modifier - mystery genre. 

Zombie fans, I would recommend RE-Survival. On website meteor strike. Or novels on my last note. If you want songs for novels, I'll add in comments some that I like, or add in next chapters note.

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