The Fragmented Six (Six Chances)

The Fragmented Six (Six Chances)

by elmwynn

What would you do if your life, memories, and feelings were suddenly tied to another person?
Six people. One life.

A spoiled prince haunted by a ghost. A big city swindler with a knack for illusions. A cold soldier with a sharp eye. A pirate with a few screws loose. A chieftain’s bookish daughter with carefully bandaged hands. A peacekeeping agent with an eye for vengeance.

After simultaneously knocking on death’s door, these six find themselves psychically connected across national lines. Tensions rise between them and between their respective countries, which are recovering from a long war over the mysterious vitae—an energy source harvested and utilized in weapons and engines called conductors. Loyalty, memory, and sense of self blur as conspiracies encroach.

Assassination attempts, underground weapons dealings, border conflicts, tales of terrifying beasts, and a terrorist organization called ELPIS.

—Everything is connected. Nothing is coincidental. The spark has ignited…!

Part I: The Converging Six  [COMPLETE]
Part II: The Illusionary Six  [COMPLETE]
Part III: The Fragmented Six [COMPLETE]
Part IV: The Glorious Six [Coming 09.13]

In-depth blurbs for each part within.

Contains found family, magitech, parallel plotlines that converge, conspiracies, morally gray characters, Chekhov's guns, and a lot of character development.

Updates M/M&R on a rotating schedule with occasional extra chapters.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Traveling Author's Note / Extras [Art, Cover, Media] ago
(1) Part I | 0.1, 0.2 : Prince, Swindler ago
(2) Part I | 0.3, 0.4 : Soldier, Pirate ago
(3) Part I | 0.5, 0.6: Chieftain Daughter, Peacekeeper ago
(4) Part I | 1.1: Chance Connection ago
(5) Part I | 1.2 : Morello Introduction ago
(6) Part I | 1.3: Waltz Target ago
(7) Part I | 1.4: Gloria Tango ago
(8) Part I | 1.5: Imamu Snip ago
(9) Part I | 1.6: Jericho Track ago
(10) Part I | 1.[]: Underground Doctor on the Battlefield ago
(11) Part I | 2.1: Chance Deflection ago
(12) Part I | 2.2: Morello Verse ago
(13) Part I | 2.3: Waltz Aim ago
(14): Part I | 2.4: Gloria Jive ago
(15) Part I | 2.5: Imamu Prune ago
(16) Part I | 2.6: Jericho Raid ago
(17) Part I | 2.[]: Boy in the Capital ago
(18) Part I | 3.1: Chance Detection ago
(19) Part I | 3.2: Morello Chorus ago
(20) Part I | 3.3: Waltz Trigger ago
(21) Part I | 3.4: Gloria Waltz ago
(22) Part I | 3.5: Imamu Snap ago
(23) Part I | 3.6: Jericho Brutality ago
(24) Part I | 3.[]: Convergence ago
(25) Part I | 4.1: Chance Direction ago
(26) Part I | 4.2: Morello Bridge ago
(27) Part I | 4.3: Waltz Misfire ago
(28) Part I | 4.4: Gloria Twist ago
(29) Part I | 4.5: Imamu Aeriation ago
(30) Part I | 4.[]: Peacekeeper on the Verge ago
(31) Part I | 5.1: Chance Rejection ago
(32) Part I | 5.2: Morello Conclusion ago
(33) Part I | 5.3: Waltz Lock-on ago
(34) Part I | 5.4: GOLDEN BEAST ago
(35) Part I | 5.5: Imamu Cultivar ago
(36) Part I | 6a: Chance Ignition ago
(37) Part I | 6b: Crimson Volition ago
(38) Part I | 6c: Outsiders Looking In • Part I End ago
(39) Part II | 7.0: A Broker's Concern (Malignità) ago
(40) Part II | 7.1: Olive's Bravery (Codardia) ago
(41) Part II | 7.2: Cadence's Family (Conoscenti) ago
(42) Part II | 7.3: Werner's Effficiency (Esitazione) ago
(43) Part II | 7.4: Maria's Hunt (Cacciatore) ago
(44) Part II | 7.5: Atienna's Journey (Soggiorno) ago
(45) Part II | 7.6: Jericho's Peace (Guerra) ago
(46) Part II | 7.[]: A Terrorist's Hate (Amore) ago
(47) Part II | 8.1: Cadence's Honor (Dishonore) ago
(48) Part II | 8.2: Olive’s Stagnation (Accelerazione) ago
(49) Part II | 8.3: Werner’s Diligence (Rilassamento) ago
(50) Part II | 8.4: Maria's Capture (Fuga) ago
(51) Part II | 8.5: Jericho's Reunion (Seperazione) ago
(52) Part II | 8.6: Atienna's Warmth (Refreddato) ago
(53) Part II | 8.[]: An Inheritor's Greed (Generosita) ago
(54) Part II | 9.1-1: Cadence's Stumble (Spirale) ago
(55) Part II | 9.1-2: Cadence's Love (Desiderio) ago
(56) Part II | 9.2: Olive's Naivety (Sapienza) ago
(57) Part II | 9.3: Werner's Stand (Crollo) ago
(58) Part II | 9.4: Maria's Tale (Storia) ago
(59) Part II | 9.5: Atienna’s Induction (Deduzione) ago
(60) Part II | 9.6: Jericho's (Lost) Raziocinio ago
(61) Part II | 9.[]-1 : A Soldier’s Promise (di un Amico), 1 ago
(62) Part II | 9.[]-2: A Soldier’s Promise (di un Amico), 2 ago
(63) Part II | 10.[]-1: A Brother’s Greed (Carità) ago
(64) Part II | 10.[]-2: A Brother's Wrath (Pazienza) ago
(65) Part II | 10.1: Olive's Dimming (Fiammata) ago
(66) Part II | 10.2: Cadence's Gambling (Fallacia) ago
(67) Part II | 10.3: Maria's Battling (Riposo) ago
(68) Part II | 10.4: Atienna's Questioning (Riposto) ago
(69) Part II | 10.5: Jericho's Cycling (Vendetta) ago
(70) Part II | 10.( ): The People of Sin City ago
(71) Part II | 11.1: Cadence's (Sincero) Deception ago
(72) Part II | 11.2: Werner's (Fidato) Command ago
(73) Part II | 11.3: Atienna's (Inverso) Heroism ago
(74) Part II | 11.4: Maria's (Primo) Defeat ago
(75) Part II | 11.5: Jericho's (Dicotomico) Hatred ago
(76) Part II : 11.[]: Francis's (Theta's) Singularity ago
(77) Part II | 11.6: Olive’s (Nascosto) Test ago
(78) Part II | 12.1: A Duet Between a Prince and Peacekeeper ago
(79) Part II | 12.2: A Duet Between a Soldier and Advisor ago
(80) Part II | 12.3: A Solo for a Beast ago
(81) Part II | 13a: Copper Cadence ago
(82) Part II | 13b: Solitary Maidens ago
(83) Part II | 13c: Outsiders Laughing Above • Part II End ago
(84) Part III | 14.1: Observer & Peacekeeper, 0000 Unusual Activity ago
(85) Part III | 14.2: Prince & Swindler, 0000 False Ignorance ago
(86) Part III | 14.3: Advisor & Pirate, 0000 Lost Connection ago
(87) Part III | 14.4: Soldier, 0000 Miscalculation ago
(88) Part III | 15.1: Advisor, 0001 Log Open ago
(89) Part III | 15.2: Combat Medic, 0705 Head Trauma ago
(90) Part III | 15.3: Lance Corporal, 0610 Enemy Encounter ago
(91) Part III | 15.4: Advisor, 0101 Distance Pain ago
(92) Part III | 15.5: Second Lieutenant, 0310 Captured ago
(93) Part III | 15.[]: Peacekeepers, 0700 Verschlimmbesserung ago
(94) Part III | 16.1: Captain, 0500 Insubordination ago
(95) Part III | 16.2: Private, 0405 No Honor ago
(96) Part III | 16.3: Swindler, 0707 Homebound ago
(97) Part III | 16.( ): ELPIS Leader & Crime Leader, 0007 Filial Affection ago
(98) Part III | 16.4: Brother, 0650 Filial Affliction (1) ago
(99) Part III | 16.5: Swindler, 0630 Filial Affliction (2) ago
(100) Part III | 16.6: Elementalist, 0100 Scorched Earth ago
(101) Part III | 16.[]: Peacekeepers, 0900 Sehnsucht ago
(102) Part III | 17.1: Prince, 0400 Mandate ago
(103) Part III | 17.2: Royal Guard, 0620 Guidance ago
(104) Part III | 17.3: Princes, 1100 Truce ago
(105) Part III | 17.4: Prince, 1700 No Longer Human ago
(106) Part III | 17.[]: Captain, 1930 Promotion ago
(107) Part III | 17.5: Private, 2200 Point of Contact ago
(108) Part III | 17.?: 「 」, – – – – ?????? ago
(109) Part III | 18.1: Second Lieutenant, 0900 Debt ago
(110) Part III | 18.⭑-1: Saint Candidate, ∞ Zugzwang ago
(111) Part III | 18.2: Pirate, 0600 Rally ago
(112) Part III | 18.3: Family, 1600 Fortress ago
(113) Part III | 18.4: Beasts, 1800 Raid ago
(114) Part III | 18.[]: Peacekeepers, 2350 Covert ago
(115) Part III | 18.⭑-2: Saint Candidate, ∞ Schadenfreude ago
(116) Part III | 19.1: Second Lieutenant, 0730 Riot ago
(117) Part III | 19.2: Doctor, 1130 Distance ago
(118) Part III | 19.3: Peacekeeper, 1500 Annihilation ago
(119) Part III | 19.4: ELPIS, 2315 Reason ago
(120) Part III | 19.5: Outsiders, 2400 Log Close ago
(121) Part III | 20.1: Swindler & Peacekeeper » Rhyme & Reason ago
(122) Part III | 20.2: Prince & Advisor » Death & Diplomacy ago
(123) Part III | 20.3: Pirate, Swindler, & Peacekeeper » Mercy, Greed, & Justice ago
(124) Part III | 20.4: Soldier » Duty/Lunacy ago
(125) Part III | 21a: Indigo Waltz [Part 3 Finale 1/3] ago
(126) Part III | 21b: Hidden Faults [Part 3 Finale 2/3] ago
(127) Part III | 21c: Outsiders Gathering Below [Part 3 Finale 3/3] ago

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Character driven story with an interesting world

Reviewed at: (28) 4.4: Gloria Twist

Author rewrote the novel and fixed most of my complaints so I updated the review. Old review in spoiler tags.


Writing syle is really good and I enjoyed reading descriptions and flow of the sentences. The story is well guided. Introductory chapters are pretty good, we get the feel for the characters immediatelly, progresses at a good pace and it's easy to follow even though there are six protagonists.


For me it was very readable. Maybe I would notice something misspeled/wrong word once per two chapters.


Story is well thought out. The world is logical and interesting. Vitae is a nice concept, I imagine it as a something between magic in standard fantasy and oil/electricity in our world. And author really thought about how it would affect the world, even though we are not told explicitly, we can see it in the background of how the world functions. Everything seems both believable, logical and strange because it's different from our world.


We have six very different characters. Some I hated, some loved and to some I was indifferent. But they were all craftily made, what they do and how they think makes perfect sense in the world. And their mutual interactions are pure gold. They all seem like a real-life people at this point.




Impressive world-building and great characters

Reviewed at: (5) Part I | 1.2 : Morello Introduction

This book was a surprising find. It introduces six very unique characters in a way that brings you right into the part of the world they inhabit. The way the characters are introduced and the setting in general reminds me of a classic fantasy JRPG or anime. We have a range of character types including a soldier, a pirate and even a mob enforcer. Some characters interested me more than others but that is always the case when there are many to choose from. I think everyone will have their own favourites.

The world building is impressive to say the least. It feels as though the author spent a lot of time developing it. The Zodiac themed setting really does give me Final Fantasy vibes with a dash of Avatar: The Last Airbender in regards to the magic known as Vitae. These are two of my favourite things so this story is right up my alley.

Not all stories I try peak my interest enough to continue with, but this one definitely has. The clean prose really puts you in the character's heads allowing it to play out with a cinematic flair. Where the story is heading I'm not sure but curious to find out how the connection between these characters plays out and the purpose behind it.



Reviewed at: (38): Outsiders Looking In [Part 1 FINALE 3/3]

Hello people of the internet, if you are thinking about reading Chance Ignition to Crimson Volition you really should.

To quickly summarize my thoughts, this story had an interesting well thought out plot and delightful characters. There is a lot to keep track of in the story but it is worth the extra brain power.

From here on out I break down my thoughts on style, story, grammar, and character. I keep it pretty vague so don't worry about spoliers 


The desriptions are well done and they really paint a good picture of the world and scenes. The dialouge is intersting and fun. Pacing felt good.


The plot felt smooth and woven well together. Each sperate plotline of the main characters had importance to the overaching plot and the other plot lines. There were some good plot twists and I enjoyed watching everything unfold. It was clever. 

Also the world was well crafted. There were different cultures, which made it feel more realistic and complex. The energy system of vitae and conducters, made sense and was consistant. 


Grammar never got in the way of my reading. Throughout I noticed one maybe two grammar things, a very forgivable amount. I am not the best with grammar, so I could have missed things. Overall it was very good. 


This is probaly what impressed me most with this book. Having six main characters is a lot but they were balenced well, distinct, expirenced important character growth and were likeable. They all had interesting flaws and vaulable strengths. Part of what kept the pages turing was watching them interact with eachother, there were good dynamics and it was very entertaining. 

Side characters were also quite intersting and likeable. They played important roles in the story and it felt like they mattered. 


Overall this story was highly enjoyable. I laughed, I cried (almost), and I was excited to start every chapter. I couldn't find anything I thought was problematic with the story, so five stars all around. 

Go read.





Leaving a review now since it popped on trending. 

Overall/Story- This is a very unique story, and I've never seen anything like it on this site. The hook is really good, and the synopsis intrigued me right away. The story unravels story, leaving little hints about a greater mystery for people to solve. 

Style/Grammar: Each chapter is written in a different style unique to each character. When I open a chapter, I can tell who is narrating it right away without looking at the chapter title.

Character- I am a sucker for complicated and intricate character development. I admire the author's ability to seamlessly weave small character details through the thoughts the characters share. These bleeding thoughts were also an ingenious way to help readers make connections and differentiate between the characters' voices. I thought all of the characters' personalities meshed well together. While I was annoyed with a few of the characters' actions, I am glad that they remained true to themself in the end. Although I have my favorites (Werner and Jericho), I thought Wynn does a fantastic job of presenting the characters to the readers in a way that compels them to want to read further.  

Some small caveats: there were a lot of charaters introduced in the beginning so it was a bit hard to keep up at first but everything's smoothed out so far. The parallel storylines might be a difficult to follow for casual readers but they do intertwine in the end.

Also the author is friendly and engaging


The unique thing about the authors style is that it changes depending on the characters pov, which is quite the feat with the host of detailed characters. 

The overall story is great, particularly how the different characters are linked and interact with each other, with each fulfilling a role in the group. The world building is incredibly detailed and deep with unique mannerisms and architecture to each country.

I haven't noticed any obvious grammer mistakes, and the characters are my favourite part of the story, particularly Jericho and Werner so I recommend you give it a go


Y'all are sleeping on this book! Complex story and complex characters tied together with psychological bow. I loved the little extras after chapters and the recaps helped to keep track of everything. Werner and cadence are  my favorite 


Excellent characters, worldbuilding, and plot. My favorite character is definitely Cadence right now; her character development in book 2 was really well done. Every main character is compelling and well developed despite the large cast; a lot of the side characters like Alice, the Foxman brothers, and others are also really fun. Looking forward to the rest of the shenanigans in book 3. Thx for writing!!


Overall 4.5/5: There aren’t many stories like this one on Royal Road. In fact, there aren’t many stories like this out there that I’ve read.  Six people, connected mentally somehow, across several kingdoms.  The premise reminds me of The Way of Kings but the connection is literal, this time.  Each person’s story is intriguing, and I’m excited to keep reading. I’m taking off the .5 because there are just so many names and places to keep track of in this story.

Style 5/5:  The thing that I appreciate the most is that there are so many different tones (six to be exact). Each main character has their own quirks and perspectives, and you can see and hear that as they are interacting with their world. Even the way they respond to their new connection says a lot about who they are.  Honestly, this is incredibly well written.

Story 4.5/5: This is a challenging story idea to pull off. Jumping from six different storylines and six different perspectives in the first few chapters is a challenge, but this author pulls it off and manages to connect each story. Honestly, I’m very impressed.  This is a page-turner if I’ve ever seen one. There is SO MUCH depth to the world (the magic system is in the background of each person's life, and it seems well-thought out and consistent), and I can tell that there are more mysteries to discover. All that said, I’m taking off a .5 rating because I worry that the author is taking on a little too much.  As mentioned earlier, there are just so many characters and places to keep track of…

Grammar 5/5: Very well edited. I couldn’t find any mistakes here.

Character 5/5:  All of these characters are interesting in their own way, and they all feel real. Just the fact that they all almost die in the beginning gives a sense of the plot and intrigue surrounding them and makes me invested in each one of their stories.


Overall: 5/5 - I'm going to go ahead and give you all a TL;DR now, so you don't need to read this long review. I've been reading this since around 800ish pages in, and I created an account to reivew this! That should tell you how good this is. This is right up there with Worm for me in terms of sheer worldbuilding prowess and fantastic character development. Read this!

Style: 5/5 - This would be the lowest point for me at a 4/5, but watching the author's prose increasinlgy get better as the story goes on has been so satisfying. Right now, she (?) strikes an insane balance between poetic writing without feeling too purple, and not feeling too clinical or overly descriptive. The dialogue has gotten increasingly tight, and there are absolutely zero infodumps through them. Fantastic!

Grammar: 5/5 - My shortest section, I really couldn't find anything glaring. The author is editing the story as she posts it, so she'll probably find the little things as she goes.

Story - Holy shit. I won't spoil anything, but the evolution from relatively seperate stories about people with connected minds to psychological war drama is nothing short of outstanding. The way this author brings everything together is a talent in of itself. The world is never dumped onto the reader, and instead, gradually built along and increases in scale with each part. 

But now, onto the best point...

Characters: 5/5 - I would rate this a 7/5 if I could. So, not only can this author juggle a giant fictional world, but she can also juggle 6 characters. 6! And she can make them have incredible character arcs on top of that. Even the charcters I didn't exactly "love" in the beginning, I love now. They've all got such incredible stories, and Werner's story in the current part has been nothing short of incredible. Great job, author! 


First off, I'd like to say that I'm not a crier. At all. But Six Chances has made me sob, have chills, and turn from lurker, into a commenter, into one of the author's (self-named) most avid fans. This review is long over-due, but well worth it since the latest chapter just pushed me over the brink.

I love the characters - I say this with a mildly concerning tone. Werner and Olive, especially, have all of my heart and more (not to say that Cadence, Maria, Jericho, and Atienna don't deserve it too!). They're so vividly real, and it makes you root for them and want to hug them at the same time. That, and how the author develops the side characters magnificently, is where Six Chances shines.

The background is about Signum, a planet of peacekeepers, Conductors, magitech that makes sense and a whole lot of political intricacy. There are Saint Canditates that make you simultaneously cower in fear and laugh at their eccentricities, characters who you grow to hate and love,

I don't think I have the best judgement when it comes to these things (since I'm not a professional author/reviewer) but it wouldn't be a stretch to say that SC is one of the best fictions on RR. The characters, the background - on my follows list, when my followed fictions update, Six Chances in the first link I click on.

And the plot. Don't get me started on the plot. Everything's so interlinked and connected to the point where theorizing gives me a headache (doesn't stop me from doing it, though).

Please read it, boost it on TWF, and read it again.

And if you encounter me on one of the comment sections, please say hi so we can fangirl together.

Give a shot - you won't regret it, I promise you.