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This is not meant to be the first chapter of the fiction. This is only meant to aid readers after they've started reading. Please start at 0.1, 0.2: Prince, Swindler. 

Due to the complexity and parallel storylines involved in this series, plot aids have been provided to help alleviate confusion. These include a spoilerless plot overview.

Part 1 Plot Overview

Prince Olivier Chance has nearly been assassinated. Suspicion floods the royal hall, and it is believed a member of the royal guard is behind the attempt. Ophiuchian agents Gabrielle Law and Wtorek Izsak are sent over to investigate. All the while, Olive is haunted by a ghost of his sister who passed away six years prior.

Swindler Cadence Morello has been caught up in a deadly bar explosion. The bar belongs to the Foxman Family who shares close business relations with the Romano Family which she works beneath. She is tasked by the Romano Family’s Cavallo to investigate the reason behind the attack. In the backgound, a group of orphans rise up in the city.

First Lieutenant Werner Waltz is serving in the 212-Division of the Border Force at the Aquarian-Capricornian Border. Due to an issue involving territorial rights over a Vitae Resevoir that exists near the border, the countries of Aquarius and Capricorn have been involved in skirmishes for several weeks. Werner is given a mission by his Major Ersatz to meet up with an Ophiuchian negotiator as well as an Aquarian negotiator to manage the conflict peacefully. However, he is ordered to eliminate any Aquarian soldiers he finds along his journey there. In the background, Werner has discussions about a mysterious Watch with his major.

Maria Gloria-Fernandez is a strange pirate captain with a ship docked on the edges of Geminian Waters. She has recently raided a ship and has absorbed members of the ship onto her crew. She discovers a mysterious golden woman in one of the cargo shps of hte raided ship, In the background, there is a sea tale of a dangerous Golden Beast swirling around.

Atienna Imamu is the bookish daughter of the chieftain of the Imamu Tribe. Her country enjoys peaceful isolationism but it appears as if the tides are about to chang when she is poisioned. Internal conflict arises within her country as her poisoning is investigated. Meanwhile, she watches her younger brother become involved in something dangerous with her former teacher.

Jericho is a peace-keeper with an eye for vengeance. He is tasked with investigating the disappearance of a high-ranking peacekeeping agent who has disappeared in the Twin Cities of Gemini. He is partnered with eccentric Talib Al-Jarrah.

Appendix, Part I


Aries: a warm northern country ruled by a fair king and queen. Beneath the king and queen are feudal lords who are assigned states to govern and given certain duties in turn. The capital is New Ram City which is under the protection of the royal guards, personally selected Conductors chosen to protect the royal family

Ancestors: a group of nomads who helped found the country of Signum. The religion of Monadism centers around them.





Capricorn: a southern country of Signum that shares a border with Aquarius and the southern country of Argo. A highly militaristic country that values duty and service.

conductor: a device that channels vitae and allows manipulation of vitae particles.  It falls into several categories: weaponized, generator, and general. Licenses are required for individuals operating weaponized and generator conductors. Their creation is highly regulated by Ophiuchus.

Conductor: an individual who uses a conductor—often times, a weaponized conductor. They have obtained State Conducting Licenses via the State Conductor’s Exam. They fall into one of the following categories according to their conducting-type: Elementalist, Conjuror, Manipulator, Transmutationist, Projector. Those who utilize vitae in a fashion that does not fall into any of these categories are called Specialists. Additionally, they tend to be more adept at utilizing vitae either intraneously (vitae within themselves) or extraneously (vitae that is of the outside world). Those who conduct vitae intraneously tend to exhaust themselves more easily than those who use it extraneously. Transmutation of currency is outlawed, but transmutation of living things is approved and strictly regulated

Conjuror: a Conductor who falls into one of the five general conducting-type categories. Utilizing the vitae within themselves, they are able to craft physical objects. It requires a great deal of concentration and great knowledge of the physical properties of what is being conjured. Living things have not yet been recorded to have been conjured. Research on this topic is extremely outlawed. Conjuring currency is also outlawed.



Elementalist: a Conductor who falls into one of the five general conducting-type categories. Elementalists who are able to wield vitae intraneously utilize the vitae within themselves to generate the elements at their disposal. Those who are able to wield vitae extraneously are able to manipulate the vitae particles found in specific elements of the natural outside world. The recorded elements that Elementalists are able to generate or manipulate are the following: fire, water, air, earth.

ELPIS: a terrorist organization formed from the remnants of what was the original country of Ophiuchus. Their leaders are distinguishable by a white snake-like tattoo. They are behind the Tragedy of Aries and other terrorist incidents. They hold a vehement hate for conductors and aim to…?


Foxman Brothers: a criminal organization that controls the docks of the Twin Cities. Their business centers on shipping out illegal goods beneath the radar. Heads: Allen Foxman, Carl Foxman, Francis Foxman. Members: Stefano. Associates: Morandi. They share friendly business relations with the Romano Family and ship out their modified conductors.


Gemini: a capitalistic country that thrived after the end of the War. Money flows out from its capital Twin Cities which is home to many underground, criminal organizations.







Manipulator: a Conductor who falls into one of the five general conducting-type categories. Manipulators utilize vitae strictly intraneously. They are able to inject their internal vitae into objects and manipulate the physical movements of those objects. Manipulation of living things is highly outlawed and highly dangerous to both the Manipulator and their victim.

Monadism: a religion centered around the Ancestors that helped to found the country of Signum.



Ophiuchus: presently a peace-keeping organization formed after the end of the War. Consisting of several specialized departments, they help maintain international balance and peace between the countries of Signum. They handle conductor licensing, international affairs, conducting law and regulations, and ELPIS investigations. A country’s internal issues are not something this group handles.




Projector: a Conductor who falls into one of the five general conducting-type categories. Projectors utilize vitae strictly intraneously. They expel the vitae out from themselves in a forceful surge of energy that can be highly destructive.  Projectors tend to occupy combat-oriented occupations.  



Reservoir War: sometimes called the vitae war. A long war that was fought over the many vitae reservoirs found in the country of Signum

Romano Family: a criminal organization headed by Ricardo Romano. They control the west half of the Twin Cities. They specialize in constructing modified conductors to sell on the blackmarket. Additional members: Verga, Cavallo. Associates: Cadence Morello. Shares friendly business relations with the Foxman brothers.


Saint candidate: individuals who are found to have attributes akin to the Ancestors. These individuals are revered in the religion of Monadism. Only one saint candidate exists at a time for each country.

Signum: a large continent consisting of twelve countries and one peace-keeping central state.

Specialist: a Conductor who does not fall into one of the five general conducting-type categories. Their ability to utilize vitae ranges with each manner of utilization vastly different from the next. There is still not much known about them as they consist of only 1% of the Conductor population.

State Conductor Exam: an examination hosted in Ophiuchus that individuals must take in order to become Licensed Conductors.

State Conducting License: required in order for an individual to use weaponized or generator conductors.


Transmutationist: a Conductor who falls in one of the five general conducting-type categories. Transmutationists tend to be versatile. Most are able to utilize vitae extraneously, but there are some Transmutationists who are able to utilize vitae intraneously. Transmutationists are able to directly manipulate the vitae particles within objects. Thus they are able to change the form of objects by breaking apart and rejoining the vitae particles. They tend to mostly find occupations in the medical field. Transmutation of currency is outlawed, but transmutation of living things is approved and strictly regulated





Virgo: a peaceful country that has a unique way of viewing vitae, nature, and conductors. Vitae is viewed as more than just an energy source. Following the War, this country folded away into isolation. It consists of 21 tribes headed by 21 chieftains.

Vitae: a source of luminescent energy harvested by the countries of Signum. It is composed of vitae particles. It is channeled through devices called conductors and can be used to power cities and to power weapons. It is split into categories: soft vitae which is living vitae and hard vitae which is non-living vitae.

Vitae Reservoirs: pools of hard vitae that are harvested to power the countries of Signum. A long war was fought over these things.

V-Type Test: a test used to determine what conducting-type a person has.






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