The Fragmented Six (Six Chances)

by elmwynn

What would you do if your life, memories, and feelings were suddenly tied to another person?
Six people. One life.

A spoiled prince haunted by a ghost. A big city swindler with a knack for illusions. A cold soldier with a sharp eye. A pirate with a few screws loose. A chieftain’s bookish daughter with carefully bandaged hands. A peacekeeping agent with an eye for vengeance.

After simultaneously knocking on death’s door, these six find themselves psychically connected across national lines. Tensions rise between them and between their respective countries, which are recovering from a long war over the mysterious vitae—an energy source harvested and utilized in weapons and engines called conductors. Loyalty, memory, and sense of self blur as conspiracies encroach.

Assassination attempts, underground weapons dealings, border conflicts, tales of terrifying beasts, and a terrorist organization called ELPIS.

—Everything is connected. Nothing is coincidental. The spark has ignited…!

Part I: The Converging Six  [COMPLETE]
Part II: The Illusionary Six  [COMPLETE / (Deep editing)]
Part III: The Fragmented Six [ONGOING]

In-depth blurbs for each part within. Cover @adalhyde.

Contains found family, magitech, parallel plotlines that converge, conspiracies, morally gray characters, Chekhov's guns, and a lot of character development.

Updates M/M&R on a rotating schedule with occasional extra chapters.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Traveling Author's Note / Extras [Art, Cover, Media] ago
(1) Part I | 0.1, 0.2 : Prince, Swindler ago
(2) Part I | 0.3, 0.4 : Soldier, Pirate ago
(3) Part I | 0.5, 0.6: Chieftain Daughter, Peacekeeper ago
(4) Part I | 1.1: Chance Connection ago
(5) Part I | 1.2 : Morello Introduction ago
(6) Part I | 1.3: Waltz Target ago
(7) Part I | 1.4: Gloria Tango ago
(8) Part I | 1.5: Imamu Snip ago
(9) Part I | 1.6: Jericho Track ago
(10) Part I | 1.[]: Underground Doctor on the Battlefield ago
(11) Part I | 2.1: Chance Deflection ago
(12) Part I | 2.2: Morello Verse ago
(13) Part I | 2.3: Waltz Aim ago
(14): Part I | 2.4: Gloria Jive ago
(15) Part I | 2.5: Imamu Prune ago
(16) Part I | 2.6: Jericho Raid ago
(17) Part I | 2.[]: Boy in the Capital ago
(18) Part I | 3.1: Chance Detection ago
(19) Part I | 3.2: Morello Chorus ago
(20) Part I | 3.3: Waltz Trigger ago
(21) Part I | 3.4: Gloria Waltz ago
(22) Part I | 3.5: Imamu Snap ago
(23) Part I | 3.6: Jericho Brutality ago
(24) Part I | 3.[]: Convergence ago
(25) Part I | 4.1: Chance Direction ago
(26) Part I | 4.2: Morello Bridge ago
(27) Part I | 4.3: Waltz Misfire ago
(28) Part I | 4.4: Gloria Twist ago
(29) Part I | 4.5: Imamu Aeriation ago
(30) Part I | 4.[]: Peacekeeper on the Verge ago
(31) Part I | 5.1: Chance Rejection ago
(32) Part I | 5.2: Morello Conclusion ago
(33) Part I | 5.3: Waltz Lock-on ago
(34) Part I | 5.4: GOLDEN BEAST ago
(35) Part I | 5.5: Imamu Cultivar ago
(36) Part I | 6a: Chance Ignition ago
(37) Part I | 6b: Crimson Volition ago
(38) Part I | 6c: Outsiders Looking In • Part I End ago
(39) Part II | 7.0: A Broker's Concern (Malignità) ago
(40) Part II | 7.1: Olive's Bravery (Codardia) ago
(41) Part II | 7.2: Cadence's Family (Conoscenti) ago
(42) Part II | 7.3: Werner's Effficiency (Esitazione) ago
(43) Part II | 7.4: Maria's Hunt (Cacciatore) ago
(44) Part II | 7.5: Atienna's Journey (Soggiorno) ago
(45) Part II | 7.6: Jericho's Peace (Guerra) ago
(46) Part II | 7.[]: A Terrorist's Hate (Amore) ago
(47) Part II | 8.1: Cadence's Honor (Dishonore) ago
(48) Part II | 8.2: Olive’s Stagnation (Accelerazione) ago
(49) Part II | 8.3: Werner’s Diligence (Rilassamento) ago
(50) Part II | 8.4: Maria's Capture (Fuga) ago
(51) Part II | 8.5: Jericho's Reunion (Seperazione) ago
(52) Part II | 8.6: Atienna's Warmth (Refreddato) ago
(53) Part II | 8.[]: An Inheritor's Greed (Generosita) ago
(54) Part II | 9.1-1: Cadence's Stumble (Spirale) ago
(55) Part II | 9.1-2: Cadence's Love (Desiderio) ago
(56) Part II | 9.2: Olive's Naivety (Sapienza) ago
(57) Part II | 9.3: Werner's Stand (Crollo) ago
(58) Part II | 9.4: Maria's Tale (Storia) ago
(59) Part II | 9.5: Atienna’s Induction (Deduzione) ago
(60) Part II | 9.6: Jericho's (Lost) Raziocinio ago
(61) Part II | 9.[]-1 : A Soldier’s Promise (di un Amico), 1 ago
(62) Part II | 9.[]-2: A Soldier’s Promise (di un Amico), 2 ago
(63) Part II | 10.[]-1: A Brother’s Greed (Carità) ago
(64) Part II | 10.[]-2: A Brother's Wrath (Pazienza) ago
(65) Part II | 10.1: Olive's Dimming (Fiammata) ago
(66) Part II | 10.2: Cadence's Gambling (Fallacia) ago
(67) Part II | 10.3: Maria's Battling (Riposo) ago
(68) Part II | 10.4: Atienna's Questioning (Riposto) ago
(69) Part II | 10.5: Jericho's Cycling (Vendetta) ago
(70) Part II | 10.( ): The People of Sin City ago
(71) Part II | 11.1: Cadence's (Sincero) Deception ago
(72) Part II | 11.2: Werner's (Fidato) Command ago
(73) Part II | 11.3: Atienna's (Inverso) Heroism ago
(74) Part II | 11.4: Maria's (Primo) Defeat ago
(75) Part II | 11.5: Jericho's (Dicotomico) Hatred ago
(76) Part II : 11.[]: Francis's (Theta's) Singularity ago
(77) Part II | 11.6: Olive’s (Nascosto) Test ago
(78) Part II | 12.1: A Duet Between a Prince and Peacekeeper ago
(79) Part II | 12.2: A Duet Between a Soldier and Advisor ago
(80) Part II | 12.3: A Solo for a Beast ago
(81) Part II | 13a: Copper Cadence ago
(82) Part II | 13b: Solitary Maidens ago
(83) Part II | 13c: Outsiders Laughing Above • Part II End ago
(84) Part III | 14.1: Observer & Peacekeeper, 0000 Unusual Activity ago
(85) Part III | 14.2: Prince & Swindler, 0000 False Ignorance ago
(86) Part III | 14.3: Advisor & Pirate, 0000 Lost Connection ago
(87) Part III | 14.4: Soldier, 0000 Miscalculation ago
(88) Part III | 15.1: Advisor, 0001 Log Open ago
(89) Part III | 15.2: Combat Medic, 0705 Head Trauma ago
(90) Part III | 15.3: Lance Corporal, 0610 Enemy Encounter ago
(91) Part III | 15.4: Advisor, 0101 Distance Pain ago
(92) Part III | 15.5: Second Lieutenant, 0310 Captured ago
(93) Part III | 15.[]: Peacekeepers, 0700 Verschlimmbesserung ago
(94) Part III | 16.1: Captain, 0500 Insubordination ago
(95) Part III | 16.2: Private, 0405 No Honor ago
(96) Part III | 16.3: Swindler, 0707 Homebound ago
(97) Part III | 16.( ): ELPIS Leader & Crime Leader, 0007 Filial Affection ago
(98) Part III | 16.4: Brother, 0650 Filial Affliction (1) ago
(99) Part III | 16.5: Swindler, 0630 Filial Affliction (2) ago
(100) Part III | 16.6: Elementalist, 0100 Scorched Earth ago
(101) Part III | 16.[]: Peacekeepers, 0900 Sehnsucht ago
(102) Part III | 17.1: Prince, 0400 Mandate ago
(103) Part III | 17.2: Royal Guard, 0620 Guidance ago
(104) Part III | 17.3: Princes, 1100 Truce ago
(105) Part III | 17.4: Prince, 1700 No Longer Human ago
(106) Part III | 17.[]: Captain, 1930 Promotion ago
(107) Part III | 17.5: Private, 2200 Point of Contact ago
(108) Part III | 17.?: 「 」, – – – – ?????? ago
(109) Part III | 18.1: Second Lieutenant, 0900 Debt ago
(110) Part III | 18.⭑-1: Saint Candidate, ∞ Zugzwang ago
(111) Part III | 18.2: Pirate, 0600 Rally ago
(112) Part III | 18.3: Family, 1600 Fortress ago
(113) Part III | 18.4: Beasts, 1800 Raid ago
(114) Part III | 18.[]: Peacekeepers, 2350 Covert ago
(115) Part III | 18.⭑-2: Saint Candidate, ∞ Schadenfreude ago
(116) Part III | 19.1: Second Lieutenant, 0730 Riot ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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This feels like a story that is less about the people in it and more about the world that they live in. The author seems to have a larger goal that is to create a world that is larger than the story itself. Perhaps this image is the result of the various characters that we encounter in the story. Or perhaps it is the effect of the beautiful world-building, I am uncertain.
However, one thing is quite clear. And that is that the author has put quite a lot of effort in detailing the background of the world and the history whose lingering effect we see in the present time within the novel. The politics of the current time has its roots in the previous wars and their resulting aftermath, as is true in the real world. 
The magic system also seems quite unique with the use of conductors and the vitae which is quite different from the usual mana route. With the existence of the Vitae reserves, the author has brilliantly built wars around them to etch rich history.
Talking about grammar, the story was wonderful to read. The characters, despite being quite numerous, were all quite different and interesting. They had their own goals and motivations and more independently of each other. Overall, this was quite a nice read.
Lewis Aldanis


The voice is succinct and descriptive, great prose!


It can be a bit jarring at first for the multiple viewpoints but is worth the read to see the payoff. Like the netflix series(Sense8), it has great character interactions.


There are some unneeded words but the author certainly knows their vocabulary.


Each character has their own personality and goals. I do agree with others in that it would help if the author described the characters.


This is it.


This is the one. 


Incredible world-building, with cultures and settings that bring the story to life. 


Characters each speak with their own, unique voice. They are built, and shaped by those around them and connected to them. Fantastic. 


Action is superb. Thrilling, suspenseful. 


I highly recommend this to most people, the exception being those that come here for blatant wish-fulfilment or murder-hobos. 


The characters here are smart, geniuses even in their small, respective domains, but they are flawed as well. Thay must struggle to overcome those flaws, and they sometimes fail. 


Complex cast of characters combine for an interesting tale

Reviewed at: (35) 3.[] : connecting piece // convergence

As the title and synopsis state, this story includes six main characters. They and the world they occupy are well written, but keeping track of everything going on will require some small effort by the reader.


Dialogue flows well with character and scene descriptions, of which there are many. Author clearly knows how to write in a more than acceptable manner.


Overall, grammar is good throughout. There are a number of minor mistakes, but barely enough to trouble even the most grammatically aware. Another editing sweep by the author will likely remove any remaining offenders.

Minor comments for author



The world is quite interesting, and features a number of distinct locales. The world building is enjoyable, as are the central concepts of the author's resource: Vitae. The use of the psychic element is also well done, and provides an opportunity for many engaging scenes. However, some additional exposition of the in-universe terms early on would be of benefit.


Each of the six main characters feels unique in their own way, and the author does a very good job of making them sound different during dialogue. There is also a great number of secondary characters that appear to be equally well written, though some readers may struggle to hold a clear picture of who each character is during the frequent POV shifts.


If you're looking for a story with a wide cast of interesting characters, in a well thought out fantasy world with a magic-like resource, definitely give this a try.


Wonderful worldbuilding, great characterization. As I'm reading I can imagine it as a popular anime (the character portraits probably helped there).

One teeny grammatic issue, a few times there's a period at the end of a spoken sentence where there should be a comma, but it's the only thing that stood out to me.

"Hi there," he said.  [Correct]

"Hi there." He said. [Incorrect]

"Hi there." His voice made her blush. [Correct]

If it's one continuous sentence/action then it's a comma. If the spoken sentence is finished and another action takes place, it's a period and a new sentence.