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Why, hello there! This is a magical, traveling, teleporting, vanishing author’s note that will appear and re-appear with announcements, part summaries, and extras (old covers, art, media). 

This page will contain spoilers, so proceed with caution!



Okay, so I decided to summarize the parts by actually writing in the characters' perspective. If it's clear and you like, hurray! If you don't, please feel free to tell me, haha, and I'll change it.

Part I • Part 1 Appendix | Part 1 Characters | Plot Aid

The synchronization begins.

♛(`д´) <( Olivier Chance. Just Olive. 16. Prince of Aries. Elementalist.

I’d wasted the last several years of my life hiding away in my aunt and uncle’s royal mansion and ignoring everyone around me. Thought there was no point in anything. People pitied me, hated me, thought I was a brat.

And they were right. Or so I thought at the time. I was too drowned in my own guilt and self-loathing and persecution-complex at the time to really care.

And why the self-loathing? Six years ago I accidentally let the terrorist organization ELPIS into our royal palace. I just wanted to help… I… ELPIS tore the place apart, destroyed the generator conductor, and killed…everyone. My parents, my sister, my friends. Everyone but me… Ever since then, I’ve been able to conduct without a conductor. And I’ve been able to see what I thought was the ghost of my dead sister who was the failed saint candidate of Aries.

I didn’t understand why I was still alive. And my sister’s ghost? Well, I thought she was just there to torture me for what I did.

Fast forward six years after the tragedy, I was nearly assassinated by a vitae flame arrow. Two peacekeepers Wtorek Izsak and Gabrielle Law whom I’ve known since Ithe Tragedy became involved. It was a whole mess with unneeded drama.

It got worse when I started hearing voices in my head, seeing things, feeling things. And then I came across this guy named Claire who was the prince of Sagittarius in disguise trying to get some aid for his country by weaseling his way to being my friend. Saints. He’s annoying.

The other five and I—after Maria did her usual air headed thing— eventually, finally ‘synchronized’ and discussed what was happening to us. The Anima-Vitae Hypothesis was thrown around a bit. And I introduced them to Lavi—they could actually see her. I.. Uhm.

Anyway, one of my new guards Trystan Carter was wrongly accused of being the assassin, so I worked with Claire to investigate it by going to my friend Marta’s conductor shop. She’d developed a new invention called the vitae-spectrophotometer that we used to prove Trystan’s Innocence. Which is when Claire pulled his reverse card. Saints. So annoying. Whatever.

Anyway…. My assassins decided to move forward—Werner can explain that part—and the other five and I worked to get me out of that mess. But then… Izsak… became involved. He’s… ELPIS? I guess. He tried to kill me. Said that I needed to die for being a True Conductor. To stop the ‘syzygy’? He was the one who got me thinking life was worth at trying to live after the Tragedy in the first place, so hearing him say that was… whatever. Not important.

Jericho came sweeping in at the last minute to the Twin Cities and saved me. Izsak and my assassins were arrested. And I finally decided that laying around feeling sorry for myself wasn’t doing anyone anything. So… I got myself together, got my bird, got my cloak, got Trystan, and left the royal palace life.

Right now, I want to take the State Conducting Exam so I can access higher-tier research materials to help figure out exactly what happened to my sister on the day of the Tragedy. To see if I can get her back to normal.)


¯\_(•̀ᴗ•́)_/¯♪ <( Cadence Morello, swindler of the Twin Cities of Gemini, at your service. Pianist too, by the way—thanks to the lovely Alma who taught me when I was a kid. Occasionally work for the Romanos who handle an underground modified conductor selling’ business. My catchphrase is ‘appearances are deceiving.’ Anyway, I got caught up on a hit at my pals’ [the Foxmans’] TwinStars Pub. Got knocked in one, was saved, started hearing voices. Didn’t catch a break. Was hired by Cavallo of the Romanos to find out who did the pub in, since stolen conductors were involved. Turns out a couple of street rats did it but for good reason.

A Romano executive named Verga had been tryin’ ta siphon off conductors from the Family and had been usin’ street kids by a gal named Matilda ta do the dirty deed. When they weren’t useful, he disposed of ‘em. ‘Course there was even more deception on his end than that. Turns out, he’d been doin’ it all under the Romano/Foxman name so the kids misdirected their revenge. He’s crazy as hell and also was workin’ with ELPIS ta deliver some sorta shipment for them? Dunno.

Anyway, Verga found out that I knew, threatened me with the usual gun ta the head, told me ta bring the kids in so he could do an execution style thing and run off with his daughter with bags of money. Went along with it. I do like bein’ a live after all. The prince and Atienna gave me a lotta grief about that though and I figured that savin’ the kids had a decent cost-benefit turnaround. (Between you and me, Atienna can be so damn judgmental.).

Revealed Verga’s plot ta my bosses, the Foxmans, and the kids. Ended it in one whole shebang.

Oh yeah, while this deal was goin’ down, it turned out my childhood friend Nico Fabrizzio was involved in Werner’s end of things, but I’ll leave it ta him ta explain that. Not that I’m lazy. It’s just that he’s better with words, yeah?)


(ಠーಠ)ゞ<( First Lieutenant Werner Waltz, 212th Division of the Border Force. Projector. I was engaged in combat on the Aquarian-Capricornian border when an error led to my injury. Following this, I began to hear voices and halucinate. I did not let this impair my duty and accepted my superior [Major Erwin Ersatz’s] request for me to attend a diplomatic meeting between Aquarius and Capricorn hosted by Ophiuchus. He, however, ordered me to eliminate any Aquarian pockets I found along the way.

Upon finding an Aquarian group, I executed most but decided to take the Captain Dunya Kramer and several lower-ranked soldiers including a Nikita Knovak prisoner. We also discovered modified conductors in their ownership.

There was evidence that the captain was a partisan, however, and the major ordered me to execute her. I was taken over by Maria in that moment, and she freed the captive captain. The other five and I held our first synchronization meeting following this and put forth ground rules, expectations, and goals.

It was also around this time that I discovered Nico Fabrizzio, Cadence Morello’s childhood friend, was among the Aquarian captives. He had abandoned his occupation as an underground and sought to aid combatants on the battlefield. Morello and I reached a deal for me to release Nico in exchange for her speaking with the crime executives of the Twin Cities in supplying modified conductors to Capricorn. This was also when I detailed my experience with this synchronization to my second lieutent--my childhood friend--Gilbert Wolff who accompanied me on the operation.

Shortly after this, Ersatz joined us with a unit in tow. It was revealed that he was affiliated with ELPIS, and we engaged in combat. We were assisted by Ophiuchian agents who had been called down from the diplomatic meeting point by Nico Fabrizzio, and Ersatz was detained.

I will now explain Capricorn’s involvement in Chance’s situation.

The Watch was a specialized task force created near the end of the Reservoir War. It was meant to aid Capricorn in keeping an eye on the developments of these countries for military preparedness. The major had, however, taken advantage of the Watch and had ordered the Watch to attack Olivier to dissuade Aries from intervening in our border conflict. He ordered the Watch even further to complete their assassination of the prince. I informed the Ophiuchian agents of this, and this information was transferred to New Ram City.

Following this event, the Watch was disbanded and Ersatz was arrested. Nico Fabrizzio joined my unit as a combat medic as a part of the agreement between the crime families of the Twin Cities and the Capricornian Army.

My goal to serve Capricorn remains the same. However, I would like to find a way to cut off this connection.)


(◉ヮ◉)⊃╋━━ <(Captain Maria Gloria-Fernandez! I am an adventurer, yes? My crew and I were raiding this ship that belonged to a sailor named Morandi right off of the shores of Gemini! We were very excited to discover the treasures inside! But! To our amazement, one of the shipping containers contained a person inside!! She called herself Oros, yes? And she was quite interesting! She took an interest in my crew too! Which was fun.

It turns out that Oros was starting a mutiny onboard my ship. She said she was the Golden Beast—a very cool sea legend about a beast that eats people!—and she and my crew locked me up, yes?

But that’s alright. I am actually the Golden Beast! I created the legend with my childhood friend and quartermaster Conta back when we were at a Monadic orphanage. Oh, I forgot to mention, yes? I was a potential saint candidate before I was whisked away from the orphanage with Conta by a pirate wwho I am now seaking out! Anyway, Leona had several of my crew members who did not go along with her hostage, yes? So I tossed off the people who left me and welcomed in and rescued Morandi and his crew who did not leave and those who decided to remain by my side!

Then Oros and I had a nice conversation where she revealed that she was… Leona, a missing peacekeeping agent, yes? And I showed her mercy because she was strong… although she says that she was showing me mercy? Because I am this thing called a ‘True Conductor’?

Oh, yes, while all of this was happening, I was able to meet six interesting people! It was very fun talking to them and they gave me… a lot to think about? Yes, a lot to think about!

I am trying to increase my understanding now! I want to be able to understand like Atienna and Cadence, yes? Because I really dislike it when people leave!)


(❀ง∂ᴗ∂)ง <( Hello. I am Atienna Imamu. My father was chieftain for the Imamu Tribe of Virgo. Virgo itself had withdrawn into isolation following the Reservoir War. However, discussions regarding Virgo’s place in the world and whether it should leave that isolation was… very common. I reserved my own opinions, because at the time I believed that both sides were equally right and wrong. That everything was truly subjective. I averted my eyes from the pain of choice. Because my mother had suffered the consequence of choice.

My connection with the others began after I was poisoned. My poisoning itself was used as an unpleasant… political maneuver for parties vying for and against having Virgo leave isolation. I disliked being at the center of attention but I felt as if I understood where everyone was coming from… Until my brother Bachiru became involved in a politically violent scheme guided by my former teacher Usian.

After seeing the other five making a choice so easily (and after Maria employed her unusual words of wisdom…), I decided that it was time for me to stop averting my eyes. I dissuaded my brother from his politically violent actions and then I confronted Usian at our Great Tree—which is when he startlingly revealed he had been working hand-in-hand with ELPIS. I had known that he was behind my poisioning and was pulling the strings from behind the scenes, but this came as a surprise. I brought him down then, and with that Virgo began it’s slow saunter towards leaving isolation….

While my father stepped down from the political realm, I took a step forward. I wished to follow in my mother’s footsteps. Whether this is better than staying in place is still… a mystery, don’t you think?)


💼(ㅍ-ㅍ)b <(Hello. I will introduce myself because it is customary. I am Ophiuchian Peacekeeping Agent Jericho. Conducting-type: Specialist. Purpose: eliminate the terrorist organization ELPIS.

I connected with the others after being pushed down very long stairs. No, it did not hurt. But I started hearing the other five after.

I was assigned to investigate a missing peacekeeper case. Leona, future head of the ELPIS Investigation Department of Ophiuchus.

I was introduced to peacekeepers Wtorek Izsak[strange] and Gabrielle Law[always tired]. My associate— correction: my partner— for this case was Talib Al-Jarrah [even ‘stranger’]. A Manipulator. We headed to the Twin Cities where Leona was last reported being seen. There, I crossed paths with Cadence and false ELPIS members. Further investigation led me to cross paths with the ELPIS Leader Omicron. We battled. I was injured which was when I became fully synchronized with the others. We discussed many things. It was ‘enjoyable’.

When I awoke, I travelled to New Ram City to rescue Olivier from the ELPIS converted Wtorek Izsak.

I defeated Wtorek with Gabrielle’s assistance and he was arrested. When I returned to Ophiuchus, Talib revealed he was a part of an ‘inner circle’ along with Ferris Hart, Alice Kingsley [my psychiatrist], Wtorek Izsak[formerly], Wtorek Elizabeth, and others. I was invited. As customary, I accepted.

I am now interested in Wtorek Izsak’s condition and how it is connected to ELPIS. I am starting to apply more ‘vigorously. to the ELPIS Department of Ophiuchus. Because, as Atienna has revealed to the others, I was indoctrinated into ELPIS at a young age.)

At the end, Claire is revealed to be a True Conductor too. And Leona looks on with a mysterious person at the captured Wtorek Izsak. ELPIS begins to move and searches for their shipment from Verga.

Part II • Part 2 Appendix | Part 2 Characters | Plot Aid

ELPIS reveals itself.



(ಠ - ಠ;)ゞ

(ง∂ᴗ∂;)ง *✲゚



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Themes and songs for fun featuring music I feel like should be more well-known and with lyrics that fit the characters/themes of each part.

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