Chance Ignition to Crimson Volition (Six Chances)

by elmerwynn

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Psychological Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Ruling Class Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead War and Military

Part 1 complete.

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 

Six people. One life.

In a post-war world where an energy source called vitae is coveted and harvested through weapons and engines called conductors, six people suddenly find themselves psychically connected across national lines.

A prince, a swindler, a soldier, a pirate, a chieftain's daughter, a peacekeeper. Feelings, memories, loyalties, self ― all are called into question. An assassination attempt, a border conflict, a missing peacekeeper, a shootout, a political upheaval ― how are these dots connected?

As these six individuals try to understand what is happening to them, they suddenly find themselves caught between the peace-keeping organization of Ophiuchus and a terrorist organization called ELPIS.

june 17: the story is completely finished but parts of it have been extensively rewritten, so i've decided to delete what was up so far and update it with the new changes. I'll update all the way to the part where I had last updated on the site and then will update one entire part a day.

note: atm, this story is currently being line-edited by an editor. after it is polished and receives a second round of beta-reads and edits, it will be published as an e-book and paperback around september-november. this story will be taken down after due to possible changes/variances. the sequel may or may not be posted in its place. long story short, this is basically the third draft. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
(1) 0.1, 0.2 : Prince, Swindler ago
(2) 0.3, 0.4 : Soldier, Pirate ago
(3) 0.5, 0.6: Chieftain Daughter, Peacekeeper ago
(4) 1.1: Chance Connection ago
(5) 1.2 : Morello Introduction ago
(6) 1.3: Waltz Target ago
(7) 1.4: Gloria Tango ago
(8) 1.5: Imamu Snip ago
(9) 1.6: Jericho Track ago
(10) 1.[]: Underground Doctor on the Battlefield ago
(11) 2.1: Chance Deflection ago
(12) 2.2: Morello Verse ago
(13) 2.3: Waltz Aim ago
(14): 2.4: Gloria Jive ago
(15) 2.5: Imamu Prune ago
(16) 2.6: Jericho Raid ago
(17) 2.[]: Boy in the Capital ago
(18) 3.1: Chance Detection ago
(19) 3.2: Morello Verse ago
(20) 3.3: Waltz Trigger ago
(21) 3.4: Gloria Waltz ago
(22) 3.5: Imamu Snap ago
(23) 3.6: Jericho Brutality ago
(24) 3.[]: Convergence ago
(25) 4.1: Chance Direction ago
(26) 4.2: Morello Bridge ago
(27) 4.3: Waltz Misfire ago
(28) 4.4: Gloria Twist ago
(29) 4.5: Imamu Aeriation ago
(30) 4.[]: Peacekeeper on the Verge ago
(31) 5.1: Chance Rejection ago
(32) 5.2: Morello Conclusion ago
(33) 5.3: Waltz Lock-on ago
(34) 5.4: GOLDEN BEAST ago
(35) 5.5: Imamu Cultivar ago
(36): Chance Ignition [PART 1 FINALE 1/3] ago
(37): Crimson Volition [PART 1 FINALE 2/3] ago
(38): Outsiders Looking In [Part 1 FINALE 3/3] ago

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Character driven story with an interesting world

Reviewed at: (28) 4.4: Gloria Twist

Author rewrote the novel and fixed most of my complaints so I updated the review. Old review in spoiler tags.


Writing syle is really good and I enjoyed reading descriptions and flow of the sentences. The story is well guided. Introductory chapters are pretty good, we get the feel for the characters immediatelly, progresses at a good pace and it's easy to follow even though there are six protagonists.


For me it was very readable. Maybe I would notice something misspeled/wrong word once per two chapters.


Story is well thought out. The world is logical and interesting. Vitae is a nice concept, I imagine it as a something between magic in standard fantasy and oil/electricity in our world. And author really thought about how it would affect the world, even though we are not told explicitly, we can see it in the background of how the world functions. Everything seems both believable, logical and strange because it's different from our world.


We have six very different characters. Some I hated, some loved and to some I was indifferent. But they were all craftily made, what they do and how they think makes perfect sense in the world. And their mutual interactions are pure gold. They all seem like a real-life people at this point.



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Interesting characters and interesting premise

Reviewed at: 1.1-2 : chance connection, ii

It has a slow start but the characters are what make it interesting. The way they interacting and their thoughts flowing into one another is interesting to readThere's a lot of build up and world building though so it might be better to read it all in one go 

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Complex cast of characters combine for an interesting tale

Reviewed at: (35) 3.[] : connecting piece // convergence

As the title and synopsis state, this story includes six main characters. They and the world they occupy are well written, but keeping track of everything going on will require some small effort by the reader.


Dialogue flows well with character and scene descriptions, of which there are many. Author clearly knows how to write in a more than acceptable manner.


Overall, grammar is good throughout. There are a number of minor mistakes, but barely enough to trouble even the most grammatically aware. Another editing sweep by the author will likely remove any remaining offenders.

Minor comments for author



The world is quite interesting, and features a number of distinct locales. The world building is enjoyable, as are the central concepts of the author's resource: Vitae. The use of the psychic element is also well done, and provides an opportunity for many engaging scenes. However, some additional exposition of the in-universe terms early on would be of benefit.


Each of the six main characters feels unique in their own way, and the author does a very good job of making them sound different during dialogue. There is also a great number of secondary characters that appear to be equally well written, though some readers may struggle to hold a clear picture of who each character is during the frequent POV shifts.


If you're looking for a story with a wide cast of interesting characters, in a well thought out fantasy world with a magic-like resource, definitely give this a try.

Michelle W
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Reviewed at: (38): Outsiders Looking In [Part 1 FINALE 3/3]

Hello people of the internet, if you are thinking about reading Chance Ignition to Crimson Volition you really should.

To quickly summarize my thoughts, this story had an interesting well thought out plot and delightful characters. There is a lot to keep track of in the story but it is worth the extra brain power.

From here on out I break down my thoughts on style, story, grammar, and character. I keep it pretty vague so don't worry about spoliers 


The desriptions are well done and they really paint a good picture of the world and scenes. The dialouge is intersting and fun. Pacing felt good.


The plot felt smooth and woven well together. Each sperate plotline of the main characters had importance to the overaching plot and the other plot lines. There were some good plot twists and I enjoyed watching everything unfold. It was clever. 

Also the world was well crafted. There were different cultures, which made it feel more realistic and complex. The energy system of vitae and conducters, made sense and was consistant. 


Grammar never got in the way of my reading. Throughout I noticed one maybe two grammar things, a very forgivable amount. I am not the best with grammar, so I could have missed things. Overall it was very good. 


This is probaly what impressed me most with this book. Having six main characters is a lot but they were balenced well, distinct, expirenced important character growth and were likeable. They all had interesting flaws and vaulable strengths. Part of what kept the pages turing was watching them interact with eachother, there were good dynamics and it was very entertaining. 

Side characters were also quite intersting and likeable. They played important roles in the story and it felt like they mattered. 


Overall this story was highly enjoyable. I laughed, I cried (almost), and I was excited to start every chapter. I couldn't find anything I thought was problematic with the story, so five stars all around. 

Go read.




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Due to my slow rate of reading, I figured this would be the perfect point to do my review without taking ages to catch up (sorry I'm so slow. Busy life lately and I hate it)


In a nutshell, though, this story is probably one of the most vividly written and descriptive works I've ever read. I've also learned quite a few words to add to my vocabulary as well as ways to be more descriptive by reading this story, so that's a lesson well received. 

Anyway, on to the important part,


Style - I gave it a 5 because everything blends well together. No descriptions feel too long or exaggerated, the pacing of the story keeps you interested without wondering if anything you read will be relevant later, and the usage of starting off with multiple character viewpoints back to back gives you a real picture of the world they live in and what's going on. 

The zodiac sign references are one of my favorite things about this story also! Sagittarius for life. 

Story - The only reason I gave it a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because the initial few chapters can be a bit jarring to start off with and get into. The first 3 chapters detail the viewpoints of 6 different people, of six different occupations, with two different viewpoints with each chapter. While everything afterwards quickly melds everything together, I think it would have been a better approach to focus on one character a chapter or maybe reveal different ones later on?


It's difficult for the average person to recall that many characters introduced through text without any visual representation, and people might begin to skim through if they were interested in one character and suddenly found themselves reading about another. 

You have to build up initial attachment before you switch characters, usually, especially if there's multiple like this. Most people can only focus on one major character at a time before transitioning to another.

Beyond that, though, the characters introduced ARE unique and distinctly different. So even if you didn't like or liked one character there's still 5 others for you to choose from!


Grammar - Literally nothing wrong here. This story could damn well be a professional novel. 

Character Score - A lot of what I wrote in regards to the story also kinda melded in with the character score too, so I won't repeat it. I will say, though, that there are 6 main characters. All of them are unique and distinct from each other and there's no sense of rehashed personality or experiences. It reminds me of a JRPG party in a sense where the main cast is diverse and unique.

There's high chances that you will like and be interest in at least ONE character. More likely you'll be interested in more than one. 

Werner is still my favorite. That debut chapter with him hit close to home. Soldier 4 Life. 

Favorited this story ^^ will continue to read it along with the plethora of others I have to catch up on. 

  • Overall Score

Wonderful worldbuilding, great characterization. As I'm reading I can imagine it as a popular anime (the character portraits probably helped there).

One teeny grammatic issue, a few times there's a period at the end of a spoken sentence where there should be a comma, but it's the only thing that stood out to me.

"Hi there," he said.  [Correct]

"Hi there." He said. [Incorrect]

"Hi there." His voice made her blush. [Correct]

If it's one continuous sentence/action then it's a comma. If the spoken sentence is finished and another action takes place, it's a period and a new sentence.

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The voice is succinct and descriptive, great prose!


It can be a bit jarring at first for the multiple viewpoints but is worth the read to see the payoff. Like the netflix series(Sense8), it has great character interactions.


There are some unneeded words but the author certainly knows their vocabulary.


Each character has their own personality and goals. I do agree with others in that it would help if the author described the characters.